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IQ, socioeconomic status, success in life and criminality

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Lower IQ people can’t work in the same jobs, or do the jobs they can get better than lower IQ people. This is a huge part of the reason why blacks talk about ‘oppression’ because they are too dumb to see that they are the reason for their downfall so they blame it on imaginary forces such as ‘white privilege’ or ‘white supremacy’. They don’t even know that 1) whites are the majority in this country and, therefore, have a majority of the jobs and 2) lower IQ people don’t succeed as much or do as better than higher IQ people.

To begin, IQ, along with height are 2 of the most heritable things for humans. IQ is malleable in children, seeing as the heritability of IQ is 22 percent at age 5, 40 percent at age 7, and 82 percent at age 18. So IQ is malleable in children when they are younger so you can change their IQ through the environment, but as they age to adulthood, to quote Jensen, their genes ‘turn on’ and fall to the average for that racial grouping. So in effect, the environment does nothing for IQ in adulthood as it did in childhood. Some people say that IQ is 100 percent environmental, and that is a really stupid position to hold as, through sub-tests and seeing the g loading in them, we can see that the most g loaded tests are highly heritable. People who say that IQ is 100 percent environmental are intellectually dishonest and are true ideologues.

Let’s talk about IQ in relation to job potential. Job performance can be measured in a lot of different ways. Sometimes through how many units per day per hour someone produces, or structured ratings by supervisors or peers or sometimes by analyses of a work sample. With that being said, the correlation between IQ and job performance is .4, with the correlation being higher on for more complex jobs. (pg 72)  It is known that the higher someone’s IQ is, the better they perform at jobs and are better than people who have a lower IQ at that same job. They may be able to memorize more things, be more productive in the workplace or just have better motivation due to being more intelligent and knowing that his skills are being applied correctly in the workplace.

With the above being said, can you think of how that relates to blacks and how they cry oppression that whites hold them down because of ‘white supremacy’? It’s completely nonsensical and sounds completely baseless to anyone with a brain. Now that we know that IQ is highly heritable and is modestly correlated with job success, let’s see what it looks like in regards to getting a job and job applications.

According to The Bell Curve by Charles Murray and Richard Herrnstein, IQ tests are a better predictor of job success than compared to a job interview. They state that, while it may be surprising to many, IQ tests are a better predictor of job performance than any other single measure. This conclusion is drawn from a meta-analysis on the different predictors of job performance which are: (pg 80 and 81):

Predictor                                                                                Validity Predicting Job Performance

Cognitive test score .53
Biographical data .37
Reference checks .26
Education .22
Interview .14
College Grades .11
Interest .10
Age -.01

Source: Hunter and Hunter 1984

As you can see, the job interviews correlation is extremely low. That means that the relationship between the two are not highly correlated, meaning the relationship between them don’t have a good relationship. The cognitive test score (IQ test) is correlated at .53 with job performance. In social sciences, that is a pretty high correlation. A .6 correlation in social sciences is said to be a very high correlation. Think about how blacks act and then think about how they may act at a job interview. With that correlation, .14, being so low, it’s safe to say that they will not get a job based on that job interview. Even education has an extremely low correlation. Yes, your IQ is a great predictor of college success, but according to the table, which was found in a study of 23,000 civilian employees at 3 levels of mental ability (high, medium and low) using supervisor ratings as the measure of performance which also extended out to job tenures of 20 years or more, we see that the correlations that we believe are a good predictor of job success don’t have as high of correlations as we thought they did. We see that cognitive test scores are the best predictor of job success from that table, so with that being said, is it really ‘white supremacy’ or ‘white privilege’ being used to hold down blacks?

Now let’s get on to success in life. I pretty much covered that above, but let’s get more in-depth. According to Linda Gottfredson, the correlation for scores that are averaged has a correlation with job performance at .90. (pg 106) IQ is correlated with increased income, increased wealth, economic growth, livability in a US state, cooperation and life expectancy. IQ correlates negatively with socially undesirable outcomes such as crime, welfare dependence, and illegitimacy. Why people deny IQ having anything to do in life is crazy. All you need to do is look at your local down and out people and see how they act and how that comes to their ability to find and keep a job. You don’t even need to see these correlations and information to see this in real life, all you have to do is observe your surroundings and draw your own conclusions and if you are intellectual, you will see these things and draw the correct conclusions on the matter that don’t involve ‘white supremacy’ or ‘white privilege’.

Now let’s get to crime and how it is correlated with IQ. According to Arthur Jensen in The g FACTOR The Science of Mental Ability, IQ has a well-established correlation between a number of social variables such as poverty, crime, illegitimacy and chronic welfare status. He also states that verbal test scores are somewhat highly correlated with delinquent and criminal behavior than are nonverbal (spatial) suggests that other cognitive factors, in addition to g are most likely responsible for the correlation of IQ with the most common forms of antisocial behavior. (pg 294) Lower IQ is also known to be correlated with a lack of abstract thought and thinking into the future. Thinking of blacks, with an average IQ of 85 (Rushton and Jensen say that some data says 78) we can see how criminality is correlated with low IQ and how  blacks have, on average the lowest IQ and commit the most crimes per capita in America. People may point to that data and say “Whites commit the most crime in America”, and while true, they don’t think of per capita rates as well as the population percentage in the country, which is 63 percent white and 13 percent black. That is what really matters.

The average IQ for a criminal is 84 in America right by the average IQ for blacks in America which is 85. That can not be a coincidence. We see how much crime they commit and how it has an effect on American life in regards to how the media portrays them as Saints in a crusade against ‘white supremacy’ and ‘white privilege’. We see that the problem in the black community isn’t whites “holding them down”, it’s due to their own biology, which they don’t have the average IQ to grasp that it’s them and not the people they blame for their downfalls.

Skin color is also correlated at .92 with IQ in a study of IQ and the countries populations. Skin color was used as a proxy for ancestry and the correlation was .92 for skin color and the rho was .91.

A correlation is a mutual relationship between 2 things. So if the correlation was 1.00, then that would mean there is a relationship between the 2 things being tested. With that number, .92 being so close to the perfect correlation of 1.00, it’s safe to say, that the darker someone’s skin is, the less intelligent they are. You may point me to some outliers, but that is perfectly explained by the relationship not having a perfect correlation. If the correlation were perfect, then that would mean every dark-skinned person’s IQ would be low, but that’s not the case so you get some people who don’t fall into that category.

Rho is a population coefficient or the population Pearson correlation coefficient. It’s a measure of a linear correlation (dependence) between two variables, X and Y, giving a value of +1 and -1 inclusive where 1 is a total positive correlation, 0 is no correlation, and −1 is a total negative correlation. It is widely used in the sciences as a measure of the degree of linear dependence between two variables.

In Rushton’s last paper before his death, he wrote that melanin has been linked to behaviors in species. He conceptualized skin color as a multi-generational adaptation to differences in climate over the past 70,000 years. He proposed life history theory (formerly known as r K selection theory) to explain the covariation found between human and non-human pigmentation and variables such as birth rate, infant mortality, longevity, the rate of HIV/AIDs and violent crime.

So we can see that the darker someone’s skin is, the more likely all of the above variables are to be seen in those with darker skin pigmentation. We can see that skin color DOES matter and anyone who says otherwise has no idea what they are talking about.

So the people harping on about how skin color doesn’t matter, it does and as you can see through this whole post, with IQ being THE best predictor of success in life, we can see how skin color matters as well.

In conclusion, what white SJWs and blacks say in regards to blacks being held down by the rich white men in America is clearly hogwash as I have shown to you in this thread. The black community will not succeed until segregation is put back into place. During segregation, they actually “succeeded” in their own lives because there was a clear separation of whites and blacks. Today, the single mother rate in the black community is 72 percent. 50 years ago it was 24 percent and in the 20s, it was 5 percent. The downfall of the black community is not white people.


“Differences in brain structure development may explain test score gap for poor children” Maybe not….

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Summary: They would have to explain why whites in poorer families score higher than blacks in all other income brackets except blacks in families making over 200,000 dollars per year, which even then blacks only score 3 points higher in the 200,000 dollar plus per year income bracket. They say that frontal and temporal lobes are smaller in poorer children, which whites have bigger frontal and temporal lobes on average as well as having more activity in the frontal lobes, which is thought to be the seat of intelligence. Blacks having smaller brains than whites on average explains the size differences between the differences in the different parts of the brain mentioned.

Low-income children had atypical structural brain development and lower standardized test scores, with as much as an estimated 20 percent in the achievement gap explained by development lags in the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain, according to an article published online by JAMA Pediatrics.

If true, only 20 percent of the achievement gap affected by poverty. I doubt it seeing as poor whites in families making less than 20,000 dollars a year still have 180 points over blacks in the same income bracket and blacks in families making more than 200,000 dollars per year have a 981 score, only 3 points higher than whites in families making less than 20,000 dollars per year. Whites in families making less than 20,000 dollars per year still outperform all negro families in all other income brackets except in negro families making over 200,000 dollars per year by only 3 points. Not even worth talking about.

20 percent of the achievement gap is apparently explained by developmental lags in the front and temporal lobes of the brain. Blacks have a smaller PFC (prefrontal cortex) which may explain it.

Socioeconomic disparities in school readiness and academic performance are well documented but little is known about the mechanisms underlying the influence of poverty on children’s learning and achievement.

It’s well documented that even in poor whites and poor blacks, poor whites are still on average more intelligent and have higher standardized test scores than do blacks.

Seth D. Pollak, Ph.D., of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and colleagues analyzed magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans of 389 typically developing children and adolescents ages 4 to 22 with complete sociodemographic and neuroimaging data. The authors measured children’s scores on cognitive and academic achievement tests and brain tissue, including gray matter of the total brain, frontal lobe, temporal lobe and hippocampus.

I wonder what the breakdown was. Will revise when the full paper comes out. Hippocampal differences are also explained by whites having larger brains than blacks as well as the other parts they state.

The authors found regional gray matter volumes in the brains of children below 150 percent of the federal poverty level to be 3 to 4 percentage points below the developmental norm, while the gap was larger at 8 to 10 percentage points for children below the federal poverty level. On average, children from low-income households scored four to seven points lower on standardized tests, according to the results. The authors estimate as much as 20 percent of the gap in test scores could be explained by developmental lags in the frontal and temporal lobes.

On frontal lobes from this Rushton paper decimating Gould’s garbage *Mismeasure of Man*, which also states they have smaller frontal lobes than whites:

“Bean also reported that the 103 Negro brains were less convoluted than were 49 White brains and that Whites had a proportionately larger genus to splenium ratio (front to back part of corpus callosum), implying that Whites may have more activity in the frontal lobes which were thought to be the seat of intelligence. Consider the following statistically significant comparisons (sexes combined) from recently conducted studies using the four techniques mentioned above. Using brain mass at autopsy, Ho et al. (1990) summarized data for 1,261 individuals. They reported a mean brain weight of 1,323 grams for White Americans and 1,223 grams for Black Americans. Using endocranial volume, Beals et al. (1984) analyzed about 20,000 skulls from around the world and found that East Asians, Europeans, and Africans averaged cranial volumes of 1,415, 1,362, and 1,268 cm3 respectively. Using external head measurements from a stratified random sample of 6,325 U.S. Army personnel, Rushton (1992) found that Asian Americans, European Americans, and African Americans averaged 1,416, 1,380, and 1,359 cm3, respectively. Using external head measures from tens of thousands of men and women from around the world collated by the International Labour Office, Rushton (1994) found that Asians, Europeans, and Africans averaged 1,308, 1,297, and 1,241 cm3, respectively. Finally, an MRI study in Britain found that people of African and of Caribbean background averaged a smaller brain volume than did those of European background (Harvey et al., 1994). Contrary to most purely environmental theories, racial differences in brain size show up early in life. Data from the U.S. National Collaborative Perinatal Project on 19,000 Black children and 17,000 White children showed that Black children had a smaller head perimeter at birth and, although Black children were born shorter in stature and lighter in weight than White children, by age 7 ‘catch-up growth’ led Black children to be larger in body size than White children. However, Blacks remained smaller in head perimeter (Broman et al., 1987). Further, head perimeter at birth, 1 year, 4 years, and 7 years correlated with IQ scores at age 7 in both Black and White children (r = 0.13 to 0.24).”

On temporal lobes, from the scientist that Rushton cited above:

“The size of the pole of the temporal lobe is less in the Negro than in the white, and less in the Negro female than in the Negro male…The shape of the pole of the temporal lobe is different in the two races, being slightly more slender in the Negro, and almost the same size in the two races antero-posteriorly. The differences are not only absolute but are also relative to the to the weight and size of the entire cerebral hemispheres.”

.”Development in these brain regions appears sensitive to the child’s environment and nurturance. These observations suggest that interventions aimed at improving children’s environments may also alter the link between childhood poverty and deficits in cognition and academic achievement,” the study concludes.

“Appears sensitive”. I doubt it. See the table on test scores and income above.

In a related editorial, Joan L. Luby, M.D., of the Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, writes: “Building on a well-established body of behavioral data and a smaller but expanding body of neuroimaging data, Hair et al provide even more powerful evidence of the tangible detrimental effects of growing up in poverty on brain development and related academic outcomes in childhood. … In developmental science and medicine, it is not often that aspects of a public health problem’s etiology and solution become clearly elucidated. It is even less common that feasible and cost-effective solutions to such problems are discovered and within reach. Based on this, scientific literature on the damaging effects of poverty on child brain development and the efficacy of early parenting interventions to support more optimal adaptive outcomes represent a rare roadmap to preserving and supporting our society’s most important legacy, the developing brain. This unassailable body of evidence taken as a whole is now actionable for public policy.”

I’m assuming they have never seen the SAT score gaps and how whites in families making less than 20,000 dollars a year score the same as blacks in families making over 200,000 dollars a year.


It’s well-known that IQ is the best predictor of success in life. Blacks have a lower a lower average IQ, and smaller brains than whites and Asians which explains the achievement test score gaps. I would like to see a study that separates rich blacks, rich whites and poor blacks and poor whites with controls and see how they differ. I’m assuming it’ll be the same as the SAT score gaps which I have linked above.

The difference in brain size between blacks and whites perfectly describe what is being shown above. More blacks live in poverty because they have lower IQ. IQ is correlated with poverty, crime, illegitimacy, and chronic welfare status. G, or general intelligence, is highly correlated with most things in life. Excerpt from THE g FACTOR The Science of Mental Ability by Arthur Jensen:

The well-established correlation of IQ and similar cognitive measures with a number of social variables, such as poverty, crime, illegitimacy, and chronic welfare status, makes it almost a certainty that g itself is the major cognitive component in the relationship. However, I have not found a study that directly addresses the extent to which just g itself, rather than IQ or other highly gloaded measures, is related to social variables. The repeated finding that verbal test scores are somewhat more highly correlated with delinquent and criminal behavior than are nonverbal performance tests (generally loaded on the spatial factor) suggests that other cognitive factors in addition to g are probably responsible for the correlation of IQ with these most common forms of antisocial behavior. pg 294

In conclusion, they need to have studies that have poor whites and poor blacks, rich blacks and rich whites, rich whites and poor blacks, poor whites and rich blacks and controls to see what the differences really are, and we know there will be differences between the above-mentioned groups, and that poor whites still perform better academically than poor blacks.

Dailymail: Mixed-race relationships are making us taller and smarter: Children born to genetically diverse parents are more intelligent than their ancestors.

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The Dailymail came out with an article today about how mixed race relationships are making us taller and smarter. It also says that children born to genetically diverse parents are more diverse. While this is true, they fail to realize certain other things when it comes to mixed race relationships/mixed race kids.

A study has found humans today are taller and more intelligent than their ancestors, and the cause has been linked to the rise in more genetically diverse populations.

Wrong. People are taller and more intelligent today because of better nutrition. That has NO link to genetically diverse populations. Of course they’re more intelligent than their ancestors. Back in 1945, only 70 years ago, in America the average white IQ was 85. We are smarter than out ancestors back then, is it genetic diversity? No, it’s not.

Miscegenation lowers IQ in the white but highers it for the black. It’s a net loss for whites to miscegenate but a net gain for a lower race to miscegenate with whites. People don’t realize the host of problems that come with being mixed-race which I will explain later in this post.

And those born to parents from different races and cultures also tend to have higher levels of education.

I don’t know where they got their information from so I can’t quite comment on this part of the article. I’m assuming it’s in the paper, but I can only find the abstract, not the PDF. With some anecdotal examples, I know some mixed race black and whites with a white mother, they both were high achievers in high-school as well as in sports. The brother plays for the NFL while the sister plays pro women’s basketball in Europe. That’s just one anecdote, though, I live in a small rich town so of course we would have a few outliers. I wouldn’t use that as a basis to say emphatically that yes, mixed race kids do tend to have higher levels of education. We know that Asians have a higher level of education slightly more than whites who have a level of education way more than blacks. As said in the Minnesota Transracial Adoption Study, mixed black and white kids have a better prenatal environment.

According to Rushton and Jensen in THIRTY YEARS OF RESEARCH ON RACE DIFFERENCES IN COGNITIVE ABILITY, at the end of the study the researchers came to the conclusion that in their breakdowns of the children at age 17, that the mother’s IQ was the single best predictor of the adopted child’s IQ when all other variables are accounted for, but then go on to say:

“the social environment maintains a dominant role in determining the average IQ level of Black and interracial children and that both social and genetic variables contribute to individual variations among them” [pg 259]

Levin and Lynn (1994) then disputed Weinberg et al’s conclusion with a hereditarian alternative. That the average IQ and school achievement scores of the black children directly reflected their amount of African ancestry. At both age 7 and 17, the adopted children with 2 black parents had lower average IQs and worse school achievement tests than those with one black parent and one white parent. So right here, in the MTAS, it shows that mixed-race people DO score better than just blacks, which is attributed to their white ancestry. Weinberg et al responds to their claims with this:

Waldman, Weinberg, and Scarr (1994) responded to Levin (1994) and Lynn (1994) with further regression analyses that indicated the children’s preadoptive experience was confounded with racial ancestry, and so an unambiguous interpretation of the results was not possible. [pg 259]

So we have evidence of mixed race children being better with IQ as well as school achievement tests than full black children. That’s all I’ll say on this matter for now until this full paper comes out.

Where few instances of this occur in a person’s genes, it indicated greater genetic diversity in their heritage and the two sides of their family are unlikely to be distantly related.

Sure, that’s right. But I don’t believe it’s worth the downsides to doing it.

The team found that greater genetic diversity is linked to increased height. It is also associated with better cognitive skills, as well as higher levels of education.

Funnily enough, they just described mono-racial children. As I said earlier, miscegenation lowers IQ, so along with that, it would lower education levels as well.

The only traits they found to be affected by genetic diversity are height and the ability to think quickly.

Yes. “Height” doesn’t really have to do with genetic diversity. Intelligence is negatively affected, if it’s not a white mother. White mother’s have a better prenatal environment than minority mother’s which leads to a higher IQ, as well as the white mother’s IQ being one of the best tells for a child as I said earlier in the piece. “Ability to think quickly” is directly linked to cognitive ability.

However, genetic diversity had no effect on factors such as high blood pressure or cholesterol levels, which affect a person’s chances of developing heart disease, diabetes and other complex conditions.

Wrong. Let’s take a mixed race black and white. Blacks have a higher propensity to have hypertension (elevated blood pressure), diabetes and heart disease. That’ll obviously be passed on to a mixed race kid.

The findings suggest that over time, evolution is favouring people with increased stature and sharper thinking skills but does not impact on their propensity for developing a serious illness.

But it’s not mixed race people who this is talking about, it’s mono-racial people. Talking about the propensity for developing serious illness, it’s true that mixed race people are more heterozygous than non-mixed, but the small boost to disease immunity isn’t worth the slew of health effects.


In Brazil, there’s evidence that ancestry is becoming independent from skin color due to so much mixing. Rio de Janeiro is one of the most dangerous cities in the world with its murder rate. The article, of course, doesn’t mention that, nor does it mention this.

For years now, the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro has made just about every short list for the world’s most violent and dangerous cities. Plagued by violent gun crime, assassinations and drug-trafficking, nearly 50,000 people have died of crime-related violence in Rio between 1978 and 2000.

The city’s crime problem was put on display once again this year for the entire world to see during the annual Carnaval celebration in Rio. Despite the deployment of nearly 10,000 police officers, the festivities were still marred by unusally high instances of robbery, assault and violence. Crime has been an embarrassment for Rio, placing the city’s bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympics in jeopardy.  Source

Let’s get to some health problems that plague mixed race kids, which along with for instance the dangers of so much mixing as seen in places like Rio De Janerio, that this article didn’t mention.

Mixedrace children suffer from more health problems

A study on Black-White mixes in agreement found that ”When it comes to engaging in risky/anti-social adolescent behavior, however, mixed race adolescents are stark outliers compared to both blacks and whites.” This holds true despite being raised in similar environments to mono-racial children.

The more people of different backgrounds who produce offspring = the more types that are harder to match. Multiracial patients have uncommon profiles and since there can be many possible racial and ethnic combinations in multiracial societies, finding a match can still be extremely difficult.

If you become ill with a blood cancer or other disease that requires a stem cell transplant, here’s an uncomfortable fact: Your race matters. Diversity is a strength in much of life, [citation needed!] but it’s a curse when finding a stem cell donor match.

Why things like this weren’t put into the article and only one side was shown, the “good side” of mixing races, beats me. Oh, yea, they have an agenda they’re pushing and want all of us to believe that there are no racial differences.

It’s funny. Far leftists will adamantly say that race doesn’t exist or IQ isn’t real or that IQ tests are biased, yet when things come out that are “positive” for minorities, these same people who were saying so much that those things don’t exist, they all of a sudden start to say things like that. I thought race doesn’t exist, why would they point to examples like this? Things like that boggle my mind how you can say somethings like that so much but then switch up your tune when the opposite is shown to be proven. We need to recognize racial differences.

Without doing so, we will lose our country. I hope we realize this soon before it’s too late and we lost the land we call home. I have hope though that a paradigm shift is coming soon and it will be a rude awakening to those cultural Marxists. The lies they spread in the name of “equality” and “egalitarianism” are simply lies to any intelligent person willing to educate themselves and always ask questions no matter what they’re told. Everyone should always ask questions. That’s how you learn and how you to not become like the mindless drones who just repeat like a parrot what they’re taught.

Always ask questions, especially about issues such as this. The fact that the author of this article didn’t even put one mention of the negatives of being mixed race shows that there is an ideological bias behind the piece and that they don’t want you to know any more than what they’re telling you.