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What’s the Cause of the Cucking of Europe?

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We all wonder, why are most European men allowing what’s happening at the moment in Europe. Why, for instance, did hundreds of men not intervene during the sexual assaults in Cologne on New Years? There are both genetic and social reasons for these phenomena that are currently happening in the European Homeland. Causes include genetic pacification, the Bystander Effect, BPA in plastics and of course, the media and propaganda towards people.

Genetic Pacification

From this paper by Frost and Harpending (2015), we see that between the 5th and 11th centuries, genetic pacification was impeded by the nature of law enforcement, the beliefs in a man’s right to settle personal disputes as he saw fit, and the Church’s opposition to the death penalty.

The impediments on genetic pacification began to dissolve by the 11th century when the Church and State decided that the wicked should be punished so that the good may live in peace. By the late Middle Ages, Courts were imposing the death penalty on .5 to 1 percent of men each generation, with just as many dying at the scene of the crime or in prison awaiting trial.

The murder rate plummeted between the 14th and 20th centuries. Most murders during that time were committed due to jealousy, intoxication or stress. The decline is attributed to longer punishments and the effects of cultural conditioning, but may also be caused by the new cultural environment selecting against propensities for violence.

I theorize that due to the culling of .5 to 1 percent of the violent European men up to the late Middle Ages is the cause of the people with ‘no fight in them’, so to speak. By culling the part of the population that has propensities for violence, you’re only left with those with low testosterone, therefore, less propensity to act when situations arise (such as Cologne). Due to the culling of part of the violent population, this caused the murder rate to drop from the 14th to 20th centuries, as well as leaving most that were left, unable to act under certain circumstances.

Clearly, without the culling of those individuals with a propensity for violence, we are left with what we have in Europe today: men with no heart, no fight in them to protect their women against invading peoples. But there are more reasons for this other than genetic pacification.

BPA in Plastics

Being hugely interested in nutrition, I also know of this nice little tidbit about plastics. The chemical BPA was discovered to act as an artificial estrogen in the 1930s. Since BPA has been in our plastics for over 100 years, this, along with genetic pacification, also explains another part of this puzzle on why Europe is so cucked.

The consumption of fluids in plastics with the chemical BPA shows a decrease in testosterone for men. In a study from China, men who worked in a chemical plant showed lower levels of testosterone than men who worked in a tap water plant.  What was noted, was that those men who worked in a chemical plant had lower levels of free testosterone, which this form of test is thought to have the greatest effect on the body (most test is not free, but bound to a protein in the body).

Testosterone does begin to decline at around age 30 at around 1 percent per year (I have read other sources that say that it begins to decline at around age 25 at a rate of 2 percent per year), but this does not explain the cause of low testosterone in males. The effects of BPA do, though. It’s been noted that the past 20 years have seen a decrease in male testosterone.

I advise all of you (women included, there are many deleterious effects of BPA on the mother as well as the baby prenatally), to discontinue use of plastics with BPA in them.

The Bystander Effect

I have seen many people wonder “why did so many men in Cologne just stand around and watch women get sexually assaulted and not intervene?”

The cause is simply answered with some basic psychology.

Rushton (1978), noted that those in rural areas gave help more often than those in more urban areas. He noted that as helping behavior decreased, the urban population increased. He goes in depth in his book Altruism, Socialization and Society on this subject, with numerous examples.

One example I remember from the book is that they had subjects in a room. The room then started filling with smoke. Those who were in there alone almost immediately phoned 911. Those who were in the room with more than themselves waited until the whole room was filled with smoke to act. When an event happens and there are more than a few individuals present, they start thinking “oh he will do something, I’ll just watch”. This effect is then seen in others who think the same things. There is an inverse relationship between the number of people in any given situation and the help they will give. The fewer people there are, the more likely one is to help. The more people there are, the less likely one is to help due to them thinking the next person will.

The bystander effect was first discovered in 1964 by social psychologists Bibb Latané and John Darley. A woman named Kitty Genovese was murdered outside of her apartment. Bystanders who witnessed the event did not do anything to help her. Latané and Darley attributed the effect to diffusion of responsibility and social influences. In the case of Genovese’s murder, each bystander concluded by the inaction of others witnessing the event that their own help was not needed.

There were thousands upon thousands of people who witnessed the events of Cologne. Along with genetic pacification, along with BPA in plastics combined with the bystander effect, all of these variables made it so that there would be no action, due largely in part to this bystander effect.

Socialization from Media

Finally, we have the media’s involvement with the cucking of Europe.

The media can be a very powerful tool to influence behavior in the populace. To quote Rushton from the paper Effects of Prosocial Television and Film Material on The Behavior of Viewers

The chapter includes that television’s strongest effects result from altering (a) a person’s internalized norms of appropriate behavior or (b) a person’s direct emotional response to stimuli. These two concepts are elaborated and each of the four prosocial categories (altruism, friendliness, self-control, and diminishing fears) is presented in the chapter. In this chapter, it is indicated that television has the power to affect the social behavior of viewers in a positive, prosocial direction.

If television has that much effect on people’s behavior and emotional response in prosocial behaviors, of course, the reverse will have the opposite effect. Constantly telling European men that “all whites are evil, and some only ‘less bad than others'”, has yet another effect on the psyche of the European male. Being told you’re constantly worthless and the cause of all of the problems in the world will lead to men beginning to think that, which is in and of itself a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Through the use of predictive programming, they can alter one’s perception of the world by putting in what seems to be innocent things, but subconsciously affect the mind in a negative way. Those exposed constantly to the effects of predictive programming by the media will then begin to believe what they say due to being bombarded with its messages of worthlessness every day.

It’s noted in the discussion of this paper that:

First, the mass media can attract and direct attention to problems, or in ways which can favor those people in power, and correlatively, divert attention from rival individuals or groups. Second, the mass media can confer status and confirm legitimacy. Third, in some circumstances, the media can be a channel for persuasion and mobilization. Fourth, the mass media can help to bring certain kinds of publics into being and maintain them. Fifth, the media is a vehicle for psychic rewards and gratifications. They can divert and amuse and they can flatter. In general, mass media are very cost effective as a means of communication in society; they are also fast, flexible and easy to control.

The causes of the problems happening right now in Europe are due to both social and genetic factors. The reason for the cucking of Europe is due to the culling of the most aggressive men in the late Middle Ages, BPA in plastic, along with the bystander effect and finally, the anti-white media who tells European men they are useless.

I wonder, what if anything can be done to solve this problem and get Europe their fire back to protect the homeland from invasion. To stop drinking from plastics with BPA in them is a good start. To stop watching anti-white media that tells you’re worthless is a great start. To actually act when you see an event go down and not assume that the next man will intervene is a good start.

I wonder what it will take for Europe to finally get its fire back?