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HBD and Sports: Football

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In my first post in this series, I talked about HBD and Baseball. With the Super Bowl being tomorrow, I figured I’d talk about HBD and how it fits in to football.

According to TIDES (The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports), in 2014, the racial mix of the NFL was 68.7 percent black, 28.6 percent white, “Latinos” at .7 percent, Asian at 1.1 percent and Pacific Islanders at .9 percent. International players made up the last 1 percent.

That’s basically the reverse ethnicity for baseball which is 75 percent white, 23 percent black and 2 percent Asian in 2014. As you see, when we start talking about sports with more athleticism involved, the number of blacks increases. With a more timing-based sport, such as baseball, they will be a lower portion of the racial mix in baseball, seeing as timing based (reaction time) sports are geared more towards people with high IQs, seeing as there is a high correlation between IQ and reaction time.

Blacks are over-represented in the NFL due to evolutionary selection pressures in the sub-Saharan desert. Africans have longer limbs, can sprint for longer distances and have higher stamina. This works out with what they had to do in Sub-Saharan Africa. They had to chase food, chuck spears etc.

Those longer limbs help them get them more space from defenders, allowing them to catch the ball at the highest point. Evolution also gave an advantage for jumping as well.


The above chart gives a racial breakdown of positions by race in the NFL, and what I will be referencing for the rest of this article.

The Center position (the one who snaps the ball to the QB) is majority white. That position requires the use of type I muscle fibers. Those fibers, which use oxygen to fire, which takes longer to get going, can go for a longer period of time before tiring out. The force per contraction of the muscle is spread out over time. So because those fibers take longer to get going, the white Center has a physiological advantage, on average, over black Centers. Their muscle fiber typing helps them

Conversely, for the speed positions (RB, WR, somewhat CB), those fibers fire without oxygen (so they fire anaerobically), they fire extremely quickly, and also tire out just as fast as they fire off. Because the muscle generates so much force in such a small period of time, this is better for those positions that take near pure speed, agility and quickness (there is a difference). Agility is defined as the ability to be quick and graceful. Speed is defined as the rate at which someone or something is able to move or operate. Quickness is defined as a high rate of movement or performance.

This is why CB is majority black. It takes an extreme amount of athleticism to be able to do what CBs do. They need to be quick off the snap, stay with the WR and then be able to react quickly for an interception or a tackle.

DE is another position that is majority black. That position is used to pressure the QB into throwing the ball before he’s ready. DEs also have longer limbs, which is helpful when attempting to maneuver around the Tackle to get to the QB. This is another position where those fast twitch muscle fibers come in handy.

DTs need to be at least 260 pounds. They need to be quick off the ball and have good vision to see above and around the Offensive Tackles. This is where the height advantage of blacks is again useful. Their longer limbs also has theme excel at this position.

Fullbacks are equally white and black. You need to be a big body to be able to block, you don’t need to be too quick, but be able to exert force for a small amount of time so you can block the defender who’s attempting to tackle the RB or another player who has the ball.

Guards, again are equally black and white. The same intangibles that hold for Centers also hold true for guards. All players on the offensive line are pretty damn big, long limbs again is a positive trait for those positions, with blacks obviously having the advantage there. But as I noted with Centers, they need to be able to hold a block, so the slow twitch muscle fibers of the white players help them there. The type II fibers of blacks also help on the offensive line, as their muscle fibers allow them to exert more force in a shorter amount of time, pushing back the defender so the one with the ball has a lane to get through.

Kickers are all white. This makes sense. Again, as this whole post is basically about, this comes down to differing amounts of type I muscle fibers between the races. Punters are needed to kick a ball, at times over 55 yards. This is where those slow twitch muscle fibers come in handy, and the reason why there are no black kickers.

Linebackers are majority black. They are called “the QBs of the defense”. You can see this where the MLB (the one who is the “QB” of the defense) directing calls and sometimes calling audibles. It doesn’t give a breakdown of Middle and Outside linebackers by race, but I’d assume that more MLBs are white, and more OLBs are black. The OLBs use their speed and agility to attempt a sack on the QB while the MLB needs to know where the ball is at all times.

Long snappers are all white. The long snapper is a Center who snaps the ball more than 15 yards during punts and 7 to 8 yards during field goals and extra point attempts.

The NT position is all black. A NT is the middle man on the defensive line in a 3-4 defense (3 down linemen, 4 linebackers as opposed to a 4-3 defense with 4 down linemen and 3 linebackers). The position is called “nose tackle” because the linemen lines up over the nose of the ball. The NT is usually the biggest player on the defense and pushes through the line to get to the QB to put pressure on him.

The same things that apply to punters, also apply to kickers.

Just what I was waiting for. QB. 65 white QBs compared to 14 black QBs. Why? Because the QB is, on average, the most intelligent player in the offense. He needs to remember calls, plays, audibles, needs to be calm under pressure and be analytical in where the ball is placed when there is a defender right on top of his receiver. Most all of the good QBs in the NFL are white. Those QBs in the NFL who are black, mostly are running QBs. That gets one dimensional over time, and the defense can better cue in to what the QB is doing so it gets stopped more often. The QB position is a proxy, IMO, for racial differences in intelligence because intelligence is a pretty big factor in regards to the QB position. To be able to think slightly into the future on where you need to throw the ball so your receiver can get to the ball away from the defender, to changing plays when you see a defensive alignment that doesn’t look right with the offensive alignment you already have called, the QB needs to be a highly intelligent person. Most black QBs are only liked because they make the game more exciting by 1) keeping the defense on their toes and 2) they break off huge runs when all players are covered and there is no one to tackle the QB.

Running backs are majority black. They need agility, quickness and speed to be able to shake defenders. Long limbs also help with covering more ground per step. This is why those players, such as Chris Johnson, had a 40 time of 4.24 seconds. Those with the fast twitch fibers are West African descended while those blacks with slow twitch fibers are East African descended. Most power backs are white in the NFL, which again comes back to slow twitch muscle fibers. They are usually stronger than those speed backs.

Safetys are majority black. As is the case with CB, safetys need the athleticism, long limbs, speed, quickness, agility and vision to be able to anticipate where the ball is, and then they need to be able to have the speed and agility to get to where the ball is on time, before a member of the opposing team has a chance to get to the ball.

Tackles, again are basically even, the same things apply for Guards and Centers.

Tight end is another position that’s about even. You need a bigger body to be able to position yourself better than the defender that’s covering you. Along with that bigger body comes longer limbs to be able to catch the ball at its highest point so the defender can’t tip or intercept the ball. You have some tightends, such as Vernon Davis, who are tall and have good speed. But he’s a rarity in tight ends in the NFL. The tightend is usually another blocker for the QB, so he needs the slow twitch muscle fibers. As I have alluded to above, the slow twitch muscle fibers have tightends able to hold blocks for a longer amount of time.

Finally, wide receiver is majority black. The same things as the other skill positions (RB, TE, QB), you need to have a big body to catch the ball at its highest point. They also need speed, quickness and agility to be able to get separation from the defender. You have some wide receivers who are short, but extremely fast like Washington Redskins receiver Desean Jackson, with a 4.35 40 time.

In this study by Wagner and Heyward, they note that biological differences exist between blacks and whites. They reviewed the literature on the differences between blacks and whites in fat free body mass (water, mineral and protein) fat patterning and body dimensions and proportions. Blacks, in general, have greater bone mineral density and body protein content than do whites, resulting in lower fat-free bone density. They also note racial differences in the differences of subcutaneous body fat, which is the body fat that’s just below the skin, as opposed to visceral body fat which is found in the peritoneal cavity, which can be measured with calipers to give a rough estimate of total body fat adiposity. The conclusion reached in the study was that differences in FFB (fat free body) was statistically significant between blacks and whites. They also have a greater BMC (bone mineral content) and BMD (bone mineral density) than do whites. They also argue that for a given BMI (body mass index), blacks might have less adiposity because they tend to be more mesomorphic. Researchers push for the development of racial-specific equations to better see differences in FFB.

The two races also differ in the width of hips, which less wide hips are better for more speed production in comparison to whites who have wider hips on average.

Differences in body type (somatype) are also linked to race. As I noted above, blacks skew more towards mesomorphy. Whites do as well, but it’s more prevalent in blacks. Endomorphs skew more towards Asians and whites. Ectomorphs skew more towards Asian populations.

In conclusion, football proves HBD right as well. The racial mix of differing positions, as well as strengths and weaknesses with them, show the reasons for certain races performing better than other races in certain positions. Innate physiological differences in blacks and whites show why there are racial disparities in all sports. Because of lower average fat mass in blacks, this allows for more speed because there is less body fat to weigh them down, on average. Somatypes also, roughly correlate with race.

We know and accept physical differences between the races that lead to over or underrepresentation in sports, but once someone brings up intelligence differences, you get shunned. So we all have the ability to be as intelligent as any other individual? Blacks have this innate advantage to be good at sports, but whites and Asians don’t get to say they are more intelligent on average?

Football is one of the 4 major sports in America that proves HBD.


Black Crime, Black Physical Attractiveness and Testosterone

touched on black crime a bit a few months ago. I will now go more in depth on reasons for black crime.

First, what is the caused of all crime, no matter the race?

People have always said that parental socialization was the cause of black crime. But, genetic confounding was never considered in those studies. Kevin Beaver et al found in an analysis of adoptees that once genetic confounds were properly controlled, the effects of parenting on criminal justice measures were nonsignificant. That’s weird. I thought parental socialization was the cause of a kid turning out bad or good.

What is the cause of rape?

In a 37 year nationwide study in Sweden, it was found that sex offending runs in families. They reported strong evidence of familial clustering of sex offenses, mostly accounted for by genes and NOT shared environmental influences (ie, the same thing happening to both people in the family, therefore being the environmental cause of rape).

It’s of course genetics. We know that there is huge variation between individuals of the same race/ethnicity, how about between races? It also follows Rushton’s Rule of Three, Asians on top, whites intermediate and blacks on the bottom.

There are testosterone differences between blacks and whites. On top of those testosterone differences, men who stay and raise children have, on average, lower testosterone. This was noted in the West, but non-Western samples gave differing numbers.  The study was conducted in two East African populations from Tanzania, Hadza foragers and Datoga pastoralists. They predicted that high levels of paternal care by the Hadza fathers would be associated with lower testosterone and that no difference would be found in non-fathers and fathers of Datoga men, who provide direct paternal care. The measurements in both populations confirmed the hypothesis, as well as adding further support that decreased testosterone leads to more paternal care.

What does that have to do with crime? Not having a father is detrimental to a young child, studies have shown in the UK that those from broken homes are more likely to commit crime than those from stable families. Also, seven out of ten offenders come from broken homes.

In this paper by Steven Ruggles, he says that analysis confirms that the high incidence of black Americans of single parenthood and children residing without their parents is not a recent phenomenon. Data shows that from 1880 through 1960, black children were two to three times more likely to reside without one or both children than white parents. This directly goes in the face of what liberals say is the cause of the demise of the black family structure. Ever since blacks have been free from slavery has this begun to happen.

Why did black father rates jump so much after the Civil Rights Movement?

I have my own theories.

Today, the black single mother rate is at 72 percent. In 1965, 24 percent of black infants were born without a father. What is the cause for that?

Blacks weren’t allowed to marry whites, and the CRA changed that. So with them being legally allowed to court white women, they obviously shied away from attempting to court black women. We can see that the trends show huge changes in 50 years. The cause is desegregation obviously, but what exactly is that environmental cause? Being able to court white women.

So with those men who DO stay around to raise children who show a decrease in testosterone, it’s extremely safe to say that those men who leave, regardless of race, have higher testosterone than those men who stay. This is reflected in racial single parent stats that show, again as for many more variables, Rushton’s Rule of Three.

What is wrong with black women? How come when segregation got lifted, black single motherhood rose exponentially?

Satoshi Kanazawa knows why. He noted in this study on why black women are not as attractive as other races, that women, on average are more physically attractive than men. EXCEPT BLACK WOMEN. The data shows black women as not being statistically different from the average, and far less attractive than whites, Asians and Native American women.

The cause is higher testosterone. Kanazawa says that the cause for this is due to the mean BMI of black women being 28.5 among black women and 26.1 among non-black women. Though he says that’s not the reason why black women are less physically attractive. Black women have lower levels of intellect net of BMI. Even the racial differences in intelligence don’t account for these differences. Black women are STILL less physically attractive, net of BMI and intelligence. Kanazawa says: “Net of intelligence, black men are significantly more physically attractive than nonblack men.”

Why is that? He says the reason is testosterone. He ends up concluding that testosterone differences are the only cause for these differences. With blacks having the highest testosterone out of all the races, black women obviously have higher rates of testosterone than white women. Those women with higher levels of testosterone have more masculine features, therefore making them less attractive.

Previous research has suggested that perceived attractiveness and personality are affected by the race such that White faces are more attractive but less masculine than Black faces. Such studies, however, have been based on very small stimulus sets. The current study investigated perceived attractiveness and personality for 600 Black, White and mixed-race faces. Many of the investigated personality traits were correlated with race when rated by White participants. Attractiveness specifically was greater for Black male faces than White male faces and among mixed-race faces. Blackness correlated with increased attractiveness. A reverse pattern was found for female faces with Whiteness being associated with attractiveness. The results are discussed in terms of the sexual dimorphism demonstrated in skin color. (Lewis 2010)

That’s the same as was noted in the Kanazawa paper. Darker-skinned males were more attractive, lighter-skinned women were more attractive.

Rushton wrote, in his last paper before his death, that skin color as a multi-generational adaptation to differences in climate over the past 70,000 years. He proposed life history theory (formerly known as r K selection theory) to explain the covariation found between human and non-human pigmentation and variables such as birth rate, infant mortality, longevity, the rate of HIV/AIDs and violent crime.

Dark skin is correlated with these things because of evolution.

High testosterone is linked to crimes of violence and sex. Men who gave saliva samples in prison were shown to violate more rules in prison, especially rules involving overt confrontation. Dabbs et al say: “the variety of rule violations suggests the behavior of high testosterone individuals reflects intractability, unmanageability, and lack of docility as well as aggression and violence.” Higher testosterone levels were associated with more violent crimes, parole board decisions against release, and more prison rule violations. This same thing was noticed in women, high-testosterone women had more crimes of unprovoked violence, increased number of prior charges, and decisions against parole.

For chronic adult offenders, the average IQ is 85, 1 SD below the mean of 100. Why do criminals have low IQ? Lack of abstract thought for one. Those with low IQ have a lack of ability to think of what their actions will do. Along with the lack of ability to delay gratification, paired with high testosterone and low IQ, that is the cause for higher than average crime in the black community in America.

Men with lower intelligence may be more likely to resort to evolutionarily familiar means of competition for resources and mating opportunities, and not to fully comprehend the consequences of their criminal behavior.

Even just a few points of IQ matter to criminality. There is a lot of data on the link between crime and low IQ. Who just so happens to have the lowest IQ in America on average?

It was noted in this study that states with lower IQs have more property crime and violent crime.

The sons of fathers with criminal records tend to have lower IQs than sons of fathers with no criminal history.

High testosterone lowers IQ.

Increased intelligence is also linked to lower sex drive. I would reason that as shown above, those with higher IQs will be able to resist natural urges better than those with lower IQs. This shows in NLSY data with lower IQ people having more kids, higher IQ people fewer kids.

All of this data piles up, and the only thing that jumps out, is that lower IQ people have more testosterone, lower IQ people commit more crimes, therefore, high testosterone and low IQ is the cause of black criminality.

Refuting Afrocentrism Part 1: Olmecs Were Africans?

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All over the Internet, you may have seen ‘Beethoven is black’, with an accompanying picture. Or that Mozart was black, or Hannibal from Carthage or other historic figures from antiquity were African Negroids. We all know it’s not true. Afrocentrists just take things that agree with their viewpoint, and warp anything they can in an attempt to say that “they were African”. There are tons of these lies going around the internet, with enough people who believe in Afrocentrism religiously, convinced that the white man hid knowledge of past African greatness. This will be a series of posts on Refuting Afrocentrism, with each successive piece focusing on a different part of the Afrocentric narrative.

I’ve had an interest in Mesoamerican history since I was a kid. I was reading adult level books when I was 10 years old. I got this book, The Mayan Prophecies: Unlocking the Secrets of a Lost Civilizationwhich talked a lot about Maya history, as well as where they came from. It’s an extremely interesting book, which goes through the history of the Maya, their astrology, mathematics, agriculture, building methods and so on. It said nothing about the Maya being African. That’s because it’s just Afrocentric rubbish.

Recent new evidence has said that the Olmecs and the Maya were easy to differentiate in the Classic Period (250 to 900 AD, which was their Golden Age) because they had language and culture distinct from the Olmecs. It’s said that while the Olmecs were building La Venta in Mexico, the Maya were living in loosely associated nomadic groups to the east and southeast. That holds that the Maya developed from the Olmec, but Ceibal is 2 centuries older than La Venta. Though, the researcher says that there was a flow of ideas and culture between the two locations and that through those interactions, a new society developed. He says from 1000 to 700 BC that that La Venta and Ceibal were freely trading ideas, technology, culture, and maybe even people.

From this study on Maya genetics, you can see that it says the closest group to the Maya were the Arhuacs, the first recorded Caribbean inhabitants. They are not genetically close to the Mesoamerican Zapotec, Mixe and Mixtec, who generally cluster together. The Mixe are only related to the Maya on a linguistic basis. DRB1*0407 and DRB1*0802 alleles are found in 50% of Mayans, they’re also found in other Amerindians, but the Maya’s high frequencies may be because of a founder effect from the Mesoamerican-Caribbean population. They described Maya-specific HLA haplotypes (which are involved in inflammation as well as other immune system activities). Some HLA genes have many possible variations, allowing each person’s immune system different protections against certain diseases. Language and genes do not completely correlate in microgeographical studies.

Significant genetic input from outside is not noticed in Meso and South American Amerindians according to the genetic analyses; while all world populations (including Africans, Europeans, Asians, Australians, Polynesians, North American Na-Dene Indians and Eskimos) are genetically related. Meso and South American Amerindians tend to remain isolated in the neighbour joining analyses.”

This further proves another point that I read. That Mesoamericans are the furthest genetically from Africans, because of no genetic mixing between any populations with Mesoamericans, allowing their DNA to go from distinct East Asian (because Native Americans are descended from Siberians who crossed the Bering Land Bridge 12,000 years ago, since they evolved completely separated from Africa, no gene flow from anywhere else in the world got to the Mesoamericans, and over thousands of years they developed to be a genetically distinct group), to their own distinct genetic clade.

This is attributed to isolation from the rest of the world, as well as faster evolution. That is another reason why I believe the once great Mesoamericans are how they are today, because 1) because the Spanish killed off all of the high-status people, who were more intelligent, as well as disease killing them off. The slave population they had would have been more immune to the diseases. 2) Faster evolution. With evolution in a hot climate for tens of thousands of years, in comparison to where they first evolved when they were still genetically similar to East Asians, it obviously changed their genetics to make them distinct from East Asians, but not enough to get rid of the intellect they had already due to the Ice Age evolution. Anyway, I’m digressing, that will be for a future post.

Now to see Olmec genetics (Mexican Mazatecan Indians), who are pretty similar to the Maya, as noted above.

Findings were indirect evidence of Olmec/Maya relatedness, further supporting the theory that the Olmecs were the precursor to the Maya. Again, language and genetics do not correlate in the microgeographic area, a significant genetic output is not noticed at all in Mesoamerican populations while all other world populations (Africans, Europeans, Asians, Australians, Polynesians, North American Na-Dene Indians and Eskimos) are genetically related. As I said above, Mesoamericans are so genetically distinct due to faster evolution as well as no gene mixing between regions, which, over time, caused their DNA to mutate to the clade they have today. Both Central and South American Indians are genetically distinct from the rest of the world.

So we can see that all Mesoamerican populations are mostly similar to each other, except the Maya who are pretty unique, most likely due to the founder effect from the Caribbean.

The name ‘Olmec’ is a Nahuatl word meaning ‘the Rubber People’ Nahuatl is an Aztec language. They extracted latex from rubber trees. The Olmecs were thought to have died out around 400 BC.

Now that we have a good background on the Olmec and Maya connection, as well as Maya and Olmec genetics, let’s see what this Afrocentric Olmec theory is about.

The theory of Olmecs being Africans was first developed by Ivan van Sertima in the 70s. He wrote a book called They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America (Journal of African Civilizations).  He first developed the theory from seeing the giant stone heads the Olmecs made, which look distinctly Negroid in appearance, as seen in the picture below.


Sure, from direct outward appearance, I can see how people would believe how the head looks like that of a negroid, but genetics tells us a different story.

Van Sertima claims that Mali seafarers reached Mesoamerica, and had consistent contact with the Olmecs, trading ideas and culture with them.

As I said above, most Mesoamerican populations are related to each other, with having no admixture from other parts of the world that all other populations have. So, if the Malinese people did have contact with them, we would find some of their DNA in Mesoamerican peoples today. We obviously know how ‘Hispanics’ came to be today, Spaniards mixing with the ‘Natives’. So, if we have Spaniards mating with ‘Natives’, and Mali supposedly had contact with Mesoamerica, then logic would dictate that genetic testing would find African blood in Mesoamerican populations.

But, as I noted earlier in this article, Mesoamericans are genetically distinct from all populations. We can see here that neighbor-joining analyses were done by putting together many worldwide and American populations. Both analyses show that Meso and South Amerindians are not related to the Na-Dene, because they came in one of the 3 migrations out of Siberia into the Americas. They are also not related to the Eskimos. Mesoamericans also do not show any relatedness with Polynesians, Australoids (discarding a massive Pacific colonization), Caucasians or African blacks. Genetic evidence also suggests that people moved from South America to North America into Siberia.

So why are there clear negroid features on the Olmec heads? Because they were obviously modeled after the Olmecs themselves. We know that the shapes of people’s noses comes from the climate that their ancestors evolved in. It has to do with temperature and moisture in the air. In areas where it’s extremely dry and has a lot of heat, a larger mucous area is required to moisten inspired (breathe in; inhale) air, which is why a more flat and narrow nose is needed. Olmecs and West African-descended peoples have short, flat noses because they lived in wet and tropical areas, whereas Nubians and Egyptians have longer and thinner noses due to living in the desert.

Here are some peoples who are said to be descended from Olmecs. There are pictures of statues as well as modern day people who look like them.

The Olmec statue heads are clearly of the indigenous peoples in the area, and not of West African Negroids.

Because of that one man’s theory, you have all of these Afrocentrists, with absolutely no understanding of genetics or human migration, who write these articles saying that any and all peoples and old/ancient cultures were negroid based on shoddy evidence and only physical appearance as well as cockamamie theories.

I’m pretty sure I have given way more evidence than is needed that the Olemcs were NOT negroids, but alas, you still have people who parrot this clearly refuted and untrue things, because they have absolutely no grasp on humanity in antiquity and will take any type of ‘theory’ that fits their warped worldview.

My brother told me a few years ago “If you’re looking for something, you’re going to find it”. Well, this is a perfect example of that.

In conclusion, because of genetic testing, as well as evolutionary factors which explain the ‘negroid-looking statues’, as well as most Mesoamerican populations being similar with each other completely debunk any and all notions of the Olmecs, and all Mesoamericans for that matter, to be African negroids.

Ethnicity and Obesity Rates

1400 words

Figured I would take some time to talk about some Racial-Ethnic Disparities in obesity, and for as of right now (while the populations still show differentiation, it will be way different for all ethnic groups in 20 years with 9 out of 10 people being obese or overweight, and I would assume it would show the same levels of it in all populations), the ethnic-racial differences in the pattern as they apply to HBD.

To quote from the Food, Research and Action Clinic, which just did an overview of studies from the last year on the percentage, as well as racial-ethnic disparities on obesity:

Recent national data show that 82.0 percent of Black women and 77.2 percent of Hispanic women are overweight or obese compared to 63.2 percent of White women (Ogden et al., 2014).

Women as a whole are more likely to carry more fat mass than men, especially in their hips and around their waste, as estrogen distributes fat more around hips and the lower body, as it’s better for childbearing.

In addition, over half of Black women are obese (versus 37.1 percent of Black men and 32.8 percent of White women) (Ogden et al., 2014). Extreme obesity continues to be higher among women (8.3 percent) than men (4.4 percent), especially among Black women who have more than double the rates of extreme obesity as White and Hispanic women (16.4 percent versus 7.4 percent and 7.6 percent) (Ogden et al., 2014).

Black women have a higher rate of super obesity (over 40 percent BMI) due to EBT and other programs where they are able to buy high fat, high carb foods, which obviously leads to more weight gain. Double the fact that they are women and genetically predisposed to carry more fat than men, and you have your answer.

There is also a genetic component, which I will get in to later.

Rates of overweight or obesity are higher for Hispanic men (78.6 percent) compared to Black men (69.2 percent) and White men (71.4 percent) (Ogden et al., 2014).

Definite genetics at play here, with Hispanic men having a higher rate than black or Hispanic men. Studies show that Hispanics have fat-hoarding genes left over from their ancestors, genes that were required to  live through cycles of feast and famine, which obviously have deleterious effects today. (Type 2 Diabetes goes hand in hand with obesity, which I will cover in a future post.)

This also goes to people who say that there are no genetic causalities for obesity, sure kcal in and kcal out are king, but it’s ignorant to think that there are no genetic causes for obesity.

There is a gene that is associated with waist circumference, as well as insulin resistance. Asian Americans have that, which also is a cause for obesity. Also, that same MCR4 sequence has been linked to binge eating.

Now to talk about some genes associated with obesity in African Americans.

In a study published back in 2013, researchers were looking for obesity genes in African Americans. The study, which involved more than 70,000 men and women of African descent, they were able to identify 3 SNPs that were associated with obesity and BMI in the sample population. What was also found, was that those same genetic sequences also heighten rates of obesity in peoples with no African ancestry, all of the genetic variants associated with obesity were also found in European populations. The same genes found in African populations did the same in European populations, and vice versa.


The map shown above shows obesity rates among black adults. Of course, where blacks are most prevalent, the southeast shows higher concentrations of obesity, of course, environmental factors are at play here (with ‘soul food’ being super high in fat and carbs, which make you hungry sooner).


This map shows the obesity rate of whites in America. Notice how most of the concentration of obese whites is in the southeast of America, which correlates with the lower IQ average of those states as seen in the map of IQ by State.


The above map shows obesity rates for Hispanics in America, again, matching up to where the majority of Hispanics in America are, furthering the causality of low IQ (see map).

Notice how there is no Asian obesity map? That’s because of their higher average IQ. Asian countries have some of the lowest prevalence of obesity and being overweight worldwide. Though, that is changing with a more ‘Americanized’ Asia, us bringing our shit lifestyle habits to other countries will increase the overall prevalence of obesity in the world, as well as America.


You can see the average IQ scores by State that it roughly matches up with all 3 maps. It’s not a coincidence. Lower IQ people don’t grasp what they are doing to their bodies by eating so much, leading to higher rates of obesity. I have already touched on how high fat diets slow microglia, which eats neuron connections in the brain, which is, yet again, another cause for lower  IQ in obese/overweight people.

On top of some genetic reasons for obesity and predisposing populations to obesity, there are also environmental effects which cause differing levels in the populations. Socioeconomic status has a say as well (which is one of the only times this is applicable).

With differing levels of government assistance in groups, the more people who get government assistance are, for the most part, on the left side of the Bell Curve, which in turn means that they have a higher chance of being obese or overweight, due to low intellect. Low intelligence is correlated with abstract thought, so the low IQ person won’t be able to see what they are doing to their bodies in the now as well as into the future. That is the relationship between IQ and obesity.

Kanazawa also found, looking at a nationally representative sample of white Britons, (n=10,000), that IQ measured in childhood predicts obesity by age 51. (I will make a longer post on IQ and obesity in the future.)

Also, in a study that came out last month, when diets make us overweight/obese, it prompts normally active cells in our brain called ‘microglia’ to stop moving around so much and actually consume pathways to our neurons, which of course can sap intellect.

Percent of population on Food Stamps by Race:
White: 8.6%
Black: 43.8%
Hispanic: 17%

As you can see here, blacks have the highest rate of receiving food stamps in the country. The above quote is taken from the link.

It doesn’t follow the obesity trends of 67.3% for whites, 75.6% for blacks, and 77.9% for Hispanics, genetic factors take care of the rest for Hispanics to show their numbers in the obesity statistics. Obviously, we are being bombarded with tons of ads a day, telling us to eat all of this unhealthy food, and who is more likely to be home and not at work? Blacks and Hispanics. So that propaganda from the TV effects them more, to eat this or drink that, and they give in, due to their low IQ (which I have linked 2 Kanazawa studies to show reasons why).

In a meta-analysis of 140,525 people, they found the heritability of BMI was .75 to .82. So we can see that heritability of BMI is pretty large.

The causes for race/ethnic differences in obesity are partly genetic and partly environmental (socioeconomic), one would reason, in equal environments, that we would see Hispanics take the top spot, with blacks following behind and finally whites.

The greater your IQ, the lower your weight. Researchers found that people with a BMI of 20 or less were able to recall 56 percent of words in a vocabulary test while those with a BMI over 30 could only recall 44 percent. This directly goes hand in hand with my other link about microglia.

In this study, the cohort members who became obese had low IQ, as expected. Obese cohort members showed no excess decline in IQ, they instead had lower IQ since childhood. Further proving the low IQ/obesity correlation.

By 2020, 75 percent of Americans will be obese or overweight and by 2020, 80 percent of men are going to be overweight or obese. Now, the cause of these trends going up are due to more illegal/legal immigration from the south of the border. Though, without that, we would still be on our way to being a super obese country, because of the dysgenic effects in all populations, which cause a drop in IQ, which causes a gain in weight. Not to mention the propaganda that gets put to kids to want to eat sugary, unhealthy things.