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Ashkenazi Jews are not Khazar

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Many people in the alt-right say that “the Ashkenazi Jews are Khazar”. This is not true. This is based on an autobiography by a Jew who thought that if Europeans thought the Jews were European, they wouldn’t want to kill them. This is also based on one study, where all the rest of the literature says they derive from the Levant and the Middle East. I will go through the myth and then tell the truth of the origins of the Ashkenazi Jews.

In this research paper by Eran Elhaik, he says that the rise of European Jewry is explained by the rise of Judeo-Khazars. Though contribution of Khazar genetics can only be estimated by empirically, but the absence of genome-wide data precluded the Khazar hypothesis. The findings by Elhaik, he says, support the Khazarian hypothesis and it represents the European Jewish genome as an amalgamation of Caucasus, European and Semitic ancestry.

Razib Khan has this to say about it:

In general I have to say that the historical framework of the paper is very skeletal, verging on incoherent (at least to me).

Setting aside the historical fuzziness of the paper, the major issue I have is that though the methods are totally kosher, so to speak, the data you put into them strongly shape your outcomes. Dienekes and Maju both anticipated my own key concern. The “Middle Eastern” aspect of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry might in fact be most well represented by populations in the zone of the northern Fertile Crescent and Eastern Anatolia; rather near or overlapping with the homelands of several of the Caucasian populations used in the above study as a proxy for Khazars. Additionally, modern Palestinians (the HGDP data set) are used as a reference to the Middle Eastern ancestors of Jews. I now believe that the Arabian contribution to the ancestry of Levantine and Iraqi Muslim population which dates to after the 7th century, and differentiates Muslim Arabs from their local non-Muslim Arab* co-ethnics, is significant. Perhaps on the same order of Germanic ancestry in modern England which dates to the 6th century and later. In plainer language the Caucasian component that is being detected in this paper may simply be a indigenous Middle Eastern ancestral element which has now been somewhat displaced northward in its modal frequency due to the expansion of the Arabs, and later the admixture of some Sub-Saharan admixture among Muslim Arabs.

Finally, despite the fact that I praise the author’s utilization of a wide array of contemporary statistical genetic methods, one can’t just do away with a thick and sturdy historical framework and reasonable questions derived from this superstructure.

And Dr. Kevin Macdonald’s thoughts on the matter:

The new findings were seen as support for the idea that there was significant admixture with non-Jews in Greco-Roman times. This is based on the clustering of the European/Syrian Jews and the fact that these groups have been separated since ancient times. The authors argue that the data are consistent with historical accounts of proselytism and large-scale conversions to Judaism in ancient times. When I reviewed the historical data in A People That Shall Dwell Alone (Ch. 4, pp. 62-78), I ended up rejecting this theory, coming down on the side of historians who doubted how important conversion really was. One thing that convinced me was that there was a lot of evidence for biases against converts. For example, once they converted they were regarded as very undesirable marriage partners and that a pure Jewish genealogy was a very big asset in the marriage market. Families keep their genealogies for generations, and there is a lot of evidence for hostility toward converts. Contrary to Atzmon et al., conversion is not required to explain the large numbers of Jews in the ancient world.

Though, this theory, before this one singular study came out, was first put forth by Arthur Koestler in his book The Thirteenth Tribe. He became interested in the founding of the Hungarian empire, and how the Khazars were at the center of that. He then makes a huge jump in logic to say that all of European Jewry are descended from those from Khazaria who then converted to Judaism.

This theory was quickly latched on to by the alt-right when it first was published and used as ammunition to say that the Jews weren’t the rightful bearers of Canaan (modern-day Israel/Palestine). However, we know that Jewish populations are more closely related to each other than to outside populations:

Livshits, Sokal and Kobylianskyt investigated the genetic affinities of Jewish populations. They concluded that Jewish populations are more like one another than they are to non-Jews and that pairs of Jewish populations from different locations are more alike than pairs of non-Jewish populations. They maintained that the most economical explanation of their findings is that the modern Jewish population throughout the world was derived from a common original gene pool which underwent few changes during the dispersion of the Jewish people. They also reported that it was highly likely that the common origin of the Jewish populations was more recent than that of the non-Jews.

Which, if Ashkenazi Jew were Khazar, we wouldn’t see this coming up in genetic testing.

Even the world’s foremost researchers on the Jews like Dr. Kevin Macdonald and Dr. David Duke say that the Khazar Hypothesis is long refuted.

In Ted Sallis’ article on the Occidental ObserverMore Jewish Genetics: The “Weak Khazar Hypothesis” he cites a study which says that there may be a minute component in the Ashkenazi Jewish genome which is Khazar, which that part is from a North Caucaus population. Though, that might just be showing genetic similarity and not that some of the Ashkenazi Jewish genome derives from those populations.

David Duke even accepted the Khazar theory as true for years as he admits, however, he says that it wasn’t until he thought of the hypothesis both scientifically and logically that his doubts on the theory became aroused.

He says that Koestler, who he didn’t know was a communist Jew, bragged in a Jewish magazine that he made the hypothesis to fight anti-semitism. He believed, and cited the Gospels as evidence, that if he could get Europeans to believe they are related by blood to Jews, that anti-semitism would be lessened. Dr. Duke then goes through many studies which show that, in fact, the Khazar hypothesis is long discredited.

In my own articles on this website, I have written about the origins of Ashkenazi Jews.

Jews migrated from the Levant to Rome and mated with beautiful Roman women which (partly) gave them their current intelligence.

A few thousand years ago, male Jews migrated from the Middle East and mated with beautiful Roman women who then converted to Judaism. The four major founders of the Ashkenazi Jew population have ancestry in prehistoric Europe, and not the Caucus or the Near East. The four minor founders share a deep European ancestry. So with genetic testing, we can see that the majority of the Ashkenazi population didn’t have its origins in the Caucus or Levant, but through assimilation of Roman women who converted to Judaism.

Male Jews migrated from the Levant to Rome during Greco-Roman times, which mass conversions led to 6 million Roman women who then began to practice Judaism. The genetic proximity of Ashkenazi Jews and Syrian Jews to Northern Italians, Sardinians and French populations suggest that there is non-Semitic ancestry in Ashkenazi Jews. The findings also say that any theories of Ashkenazi Jews having ancestry in Khazaria or from Slavs are incompatible with genetic studies. The close genetic similarity of Ashkenazi Jews and Southern Europeans has been noted in many studies.

So we have male Jews from the Levant who trekked to Rome around Greco-Roman times. They took beautiful Roman women as wives, who then converted to Judaism.

These two new studies from within the past few years again corrobarate that Ashkenazi Jews are not Khazarian, but derive from the same four founder populations; ancient European women and are not descended from Turkish populations.

Blogger Diversity is Chaos believes so. He says:

Persian Jews converted Turks to Judaism to create the rump of what would become today’s Jewish population, DNA research has revealed. The fascinating insight, which shows that most Ashkenazi Jews descend from Turkey, was made possible by state-of-the-art computer modelling and genetic techniques. The project, led by Israeli-born Dr Eran Elhaik, even pinpointed Iskenaz, Eskenaz and Ashanaz – three Turkish villages an ancient Silk Road route which still exist today – as part of the original Ashkenazi homeland.

As shown above, this is wrong. No idea why he wrote this article the other day, seeing as this debate has been put to rest for years.

He said that the word Ashkenaz likely derives from Ashguza, the ancient Assyrian and Babylonian term for Iron Age Eurasian steppeland people known as Scythians.

No. It is Biblical:

from modern Hebrew, from Ashkenaz, son of Japheth, one of the sons of Noah (Gen. 10:3).

Concurrent analysis of Yiddish suggests that it was originally a Slavic languagewhich the researchers think was developed by Jewish tradesmen travelling along the Silk Roads linking China and Europe 1,200 years ago.

The prevalent view claims Yiddish has a German origin, whereas the opposing view suggests a Slavic origin with strong Iranian and weak Turkic substrata,” they say. “One of the major difficulties in deciding was the unknown geographical origin of Yiddish speaking Ashkenazic Jews,” they say, but their analysis “demonstrates that Greeks, Romans, Iranians, and Turks exhibit the highest genetic similarity with Ashkenazic Jews”.

They show genetic similarity to those populations due to population migration. I have touched on and already linked to the origins of the Roman component in the Ashkenazi Jewish genome, and the same applies for those other populations. Genetic similarity does not mean that those populations were a founder population, or even that there is ancestry from those peoples.

Yiddish and modern German are both derived from the same source, which is Middle High German. Why, if they were Khazar, would it be derived from Middle High German? Why would the Ashkenazic travelers speak Old French, Hebrew and Aramaic? Yiddish is an amalgamation of languages with an extremely heavy German component. As the Jews traveled, they picked up new languages and began to integrate them into their language and eventually Yiddish formed.

To conclude, those who still believe and push the Khazar hypothesis are ideologically blinded. They let their bias cloud their judgement to the facts. Just because one singular study came out that says the Jews are Khazar is meaningless…. Since all other studies have shown that Jews, all Jews no matter where they live in the world, show affinities with the Middle East. Even the world’s foremost scholars on the Jewish people say that the Khazar hypothesis is wrong. One study on this doesn’t show that “all Jews descend from Khazars”, as we have to take a look at all studies as a whole and see where they point. All studies do not point to an origin like this, so it’s safe to say that this one study be thrown in the trash where it belongs. It’s intellectually dishonest to believe the Khazar hypothesis when it has been discredited time and time again by the newest genomic studies.


In Defense of Jason Richwine

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I came across two articles today, one from The Atlantic and the other from Both have attacked Jason Richwine’s dissertation in which he calls for a change to the US immigration policy to turn away low IQ immigrants and only accept high IQ ones. I agree fully with this (if it’s completely controlled, of course). This would drop crime as well as save us more money in welfare and other government programs that low IQ peoples take.

By 2050, 9 out of 10 people in the US will be obese or overweight and by 2020 80 percent of US men will be obese or overweight. This is due, in part, to an influx of those with lower IQs from South of the Border. Jason Richwine’s argument for testing immigrants will, in turn, lower obesity rates in America.

Dr. James Thompson noted how continued mass immigration from the South of the Border would decrease IQ, this is a real and pressing issue. A country is only as good as its majority population and by allowing all of these low IQ people into the country, our country will transform into theirs, which is ironic since that’s the exact thing they’re running away from. You cannot run away from genetics. The overall ‘Hispanic’-white gap is 10.2 points or .72 SDs. That will lower the average IQ of the country even more, and in turn, give us all a lowered quality of life. The average IQ of Mexico is 88 (Lynn and Vanhanen, 2002) so by allowing unfettered mass immigration without checking average IQs to see if they’ll be of any use to us as a country will lead to eventual irreversible effects if this isn’t stopped soon.

The first article I’ll look at is the one from The Atlantic:

Let’s start with the fact that there is no such thing as a direct test of general mental ability. What IQ tests measure directly is the test-taker’s display of particular cognitive skills: size of vocabulary, degree of reading comprehension, facility with analogies, and so on. Any conclusions about general mental ability are inferences drawn from the test-taker’s relative mastery of those various skills.

IQ tests test g or the general intelligence factor which encompasses all mental abilities. I guess the author of this piece has never heard of Raven’s Progressive Matrices. It’s a ‘culture free’ IQ test where the test is based on pattern recognition. No bias there.

Even then, if they don’t speak English and speak Spanish, they can get tests in their native language which are not biased. Gottfredson (1994) and 51 other eminent intelligence researchers signed a 25 point statement in which one of the statements was:

Intelligence tests are not culturally biased against American blacks or other native-born, English-speaking peoples in the U.S. Rather, IQ scores predict equally accurately for all such Americans, regardless of race and social class. Individuals who do not understand English well can be given either a nonverbal test or one in their native language.

They will be given the nonverbal test (RPM, see below) or one in their native language, which still test the same underlying concept of the general intelligence factor.

They found that being raised by high-SES (socioeconomic status) parents led to an IQ boost of between 12 and 16 points – a huge improvement that testifies to the powerful influence that upbringing can have.

False. See below.

A study of twins by psychologist Eric Turkheimer and colleagues that similarly tracked parents’ education, occupation, and income yielded especially striking results. Specifically, they found that the “heritability” of IQ – the degree to which IQ variations can be explained by genes – varies dramatically by socioeconomic class. Heritability among high-SES (socioeconomic status) kids was 0.72; in other words, genetic factors accounted for 72 percent of the variations in IQ, while shared environment accounted for only 15 percent. For low-SES kids, on the other hand, the relative influence of genes and environment was inverted: Estimated heritability was only 0.10, while shared environment explained 58 percent of IQ variations.

Turkheimer was right that he did find gene x environment interactions that made genetic influences weaker and shared environment stronger for those from poorer homes in comparison to those from more affluent homes. Though most studies show no interaction effects, or interactions vary significantly.

Other studies have shown that heritabilities are the same both within as well as between white and black samples. That led Jensen to label this the ‘default hypothesis’. Researchers analyzed full and half siblings from the NLSY on three Peabody Achievement Tests. 161 black full siblings, 106 pairs of black half siblings, 314 pairs of full white siblings and 53 pairs of white half-siblings. with measures in math and reading. The best fitting model for all of the data was by which the sources of the sources of the differences between those within race and the differences between races were the same, at 50 percent genetic and environmental. The combined model (50/50) best explains it, whereas the culture-only and genetics-only models are inadequate.

IQ tests are good measures of innate intelligence–if all other factors are held steady.

This is wrong. IQ tests are fine all around the world. RPM is one of the best out there and correlates with g between .8 and .9.

But if IQ tests are being used to compare individuals of wildly different backgrounds, then the variable of innate intelligence is not being tested in isolation. Instead, the scores will reflect some impossible-to-sort-out combination of ability and differences in opportunities and motivations. Let’s take a look at why that might be the case.

Intelligence – g – is the same across every population in the world.

Comparisons of IQ scores across ethnic groups, cultures, countries, or time periods founder on this basic problem: The cognitive skills that IQ tests assess are not used or valued to the same extent in all times and places

This is why they get re-standardized.

Indeed, the widespread usefulness of these skills is emphatically not the norm in human history. After all, IQ tests put great stress on reading ability and vocabulary, yet writing was invented only about 6,000 years ago – rather late in the day given that anatomically modern humans have been around for over 100,000 years. And as recently as two hundred years ago, only about 15 percent of people could read or write at all.

Doesn’t matter. See Raven’s Progressive Matrices above. The general intelligence factor is the same in all populations around the world. There are ways to give intelligence tests, such as RPM, to those who don’t read or write.

More generally, IQ tests reward the possession of abstract theoretical knowledge and a facility for formal analytical rigor.

Abstract thought is linked with intelligence. Those with higher IQs are more analytical than those with lower IQs.

To grasp how culturally contingent our current conception of intelligence is, just imagine how well you might do on an IQ test devised by Amazonian hunter-gatherers or medieval European peasants.

I touched on this in my refutation of Robert Sternberg. The concept of does not change over time. The more intelligent you are, the better chance you’ll have to survive in those places.

Such skills are used more intensively in the most advanced economies than they are in the rest of the world. And within advanced societies, they are put to much greater use by the managers and professionals of the socioeconomic elite than by everybody else. As a result, American kids generally will have better opportunities to develop these skills than kids in, say, Mexico or Guatemala. And in America, the children of college-educated parents will have much better opportunities than working-class kids.

Those skills are used much more in advanced economies because of higher average innate intelligence. The children of college-educated parents have much better opportunities than working-class kids because intelligence is strongly linked to socioeconomics status.

Among the strongest evidence that IQ tests are testing not just innate ability, but the extent to which that innate ability has been put to work developing specific skills, is the remarkable “Flynn effect”: In the United States and many other countries, raw IQ scores have been rising about three points a decade. This rise is far too rapid to have a genetic cause. The best explanation for what’s going on is that increasing social complexity is expanding the use of the cognitive skills in question – and thus improving the opportunities for honing those skills.

Let’s say Flynn is right. The average black now is as intelligent as the average white in 1945. That’s supposed to show that the race difference in IQ is environmentally caused because there hasn’t been that much genetic change in the white population and the IQ has allegedly gone up 15 points. So, you can have a 15 point difference created by just an environmental change, no one knows why. Some think better nutrition or malnourished brain, etc. That’s also a fallacy. Just because a change in one group over time is due to an environmental change, doesn’t mean, or even make it probable, that a difference between 2 groups at the same time is due to an environmental change. The Flynn Effect make’s that highly unlikely and here’s why.

The Flynn Effect, assuming it’s real, has been acting completely uniformly in every population. Any country you ask, the rate of increase is 3 per decade. That means it’s an environmental factor that affects whites and blacks the same way as well as the whole world. And as a result of this uniform environmental factor, you have a difference in IQ that’s being preserved. That would suggest that the response on the parts of blacks and whites is due to some non-environment factors, a genetic factor, which is making the difference in IQ remain constant as the Flynn Effect goes into effect.

What makes it even more unlikely, in the last 60 years, their environments have become very similar since segregation. These differences don’t exist now, they go to the same schools by court order, same TV shows, same movies, basically same environment for both, and yet, that increasing similarity in the environment, the Flynn Effect, the IQ gap has remained intact. Which means whatever counts for the gap is genetic and not environmental. The more and more similar the environment, the less and less of the difference can be due to the environment and the more and more it must be due to genes. So this 15 point gap surviving these changes in the environment, seems more and more likely to be genetic in origin.

So because this ‘Effect’ is the same across all populations and the gap didn’t close, that means it’s genetic. If the gap persisted even when IQs were rising 3 points per year, the B-W gap has still persisted, proving that it’s genetic.

That is why the Flynn Effect is irrelevant. This “Effect”, has been a slight upward trend in IQ, around 3 points per decade, which, in my opinion, has to do with the advent of better nutrition and an industrialized society. The rise in IQ started around 1880, almost perfectly coinciding with the industrial revolution in America. Along with a more industrialized society, it’s possible to give most citizens in the country good enough nutrition to where they are not iodine deficient (adding iodine to our salt boosted Americans IQs), as well as being deficient in zinc, iron, protein and certain B vitamins which the effects of not getting enough leads to the brain not growing to its full potential, which in turn leads to a lower IQ.

One more point on the Flynn Effect. The Flynn Effect does not occur on g, as it is not a Jensen Effect. Rushton defines Jensen Effect as follows:

Significant correlations occurring between g-factor loadings and other variables have been dubbed “The Jensen eff€ect”.

Thus the secular increase in test scores (the “Lynn±Flynn e€ffect”) is not a “Jensen e€ffect” nor is this the first time the discriminating power of the Jensen eff€ect has been shown.

The Flynn effect is acutely embarrassing to those who leap from IQ score differences to claims of genetic differences in intelligence.

Not at all, since it’s easily explainable by better nutrition since the beginning of the industrial revolution. It’s also not even on so why this gets discussed is beyond me.

Specifically, it is based on the ahistorical and ethnocentric assumption of a fixed relationship between the development of certain cognitive skills and raw mental ability. In truth, the skills associated with intelligence have changed over time–and unevenly through social space–as society evolves.

The relationship exists and there is a strong correlation between cognitive skills and raw mental ability. More intelligent people have better functioning societies than less intelligent people. This is an objective fact.

But contrary to the counsel of despair from hereditarians like Richwine, those deficits aren’t hard-wired. Progress in reducing achievement gaps will certainly not be easy, but a full review of the IQ evidence shows that it is possible. And it will be aided by policies, like immigration reform, that encourage the full integration of Hispanics into the American economic and cultural mainstream.

Jason Richwine is correct. Progress in achievement gaps will not close, barring the continued dysgenesis that America is facing. Immigration reform will not change anything. They don’t want to assimilate; they want to come and leech off of our Welfare State. The denial of genetics and scholastic achievement won’t be able to be held for long. In this study in which Robert Plomin was one of the researchers, it was found that 60 percent of the difference  between individual 16-year-old students in the UK could be attributed to genetic factors. We know that IQ is linked to academic achievement and since that’s heritable as well, we will soon see that race and ethnic differences in IQ and academic achievement are, without a shadow of a doubt, are real and do not exist because of any economic deprivation or some other kind of non-biologic factors.

For the second article, from, in which she only says one correct thing in it and it’s:

Here’s a little pet theory of mine I’d like to throw out, just for the hell of it.  I think humans prefer lighter skin and hair and eye colors because those tend to be the result of recessive genes.  A man with darker tones who has a child with a woman of lighter tones will almost always see his genes expressed in the children.  Dark tones tend to be dominant.  The preference for lighter skin is a natural paternity test.

This is called sexual selection, which is natural selection which arises for selection of traits in the opposite sex. Selecting for certain traits which the opposite sex found appealing, for example, is how long hair got sexually selected for outside of Africa along with selection for hair, eye, and skin color. Selecting for these traits had them become more prevalent and they eventually stayed due to intense selection for them.

For example, Eurasian women got selected for beauty and Eurasian men who got selected for intelligence as men had to be more intelligent in order to hunt for food. Conversely, African women gathered and hunted for food and became slightly more intelligent than African men who became the more attractive sex (Fuerle, 2008).

But other than this she is wrong.

You know what IS linked very strongly to lower IQs?


The idea is not even the slightest bit controversial.  Children who are starved, especially in the earliest years of life, perform very poorly on IQ tests compared to peers who received adequate nutrition.  Like, really poorly.  IQ’s down around 60 (100 is average).

Let’s look at this world hunger map, shall we?


Oh well now, would you look at that.  Looks like it’s mostly black and Hispanic folks who are starving.   And all those white folks are living life to the hilt, with full bellies and bright futures.

Must be a coincidence.

It’s not a coincidence. There is no coincidence that if you superimpose an IQ map over the world hunger map, that a super majority of the low IQ countries would have bad nutrition and be starving, whereas those higher IQ populations would have better nutrition and, therefore, higher IQs and lack of malnutrition and starvation. There are environmental factors involved in this, which I have gone through in my article IQ, Nutrition, Disease and Parasitic Load. Yes, those environmental variables decrease IQ; but in the case of Africa, if their full genotypic IQ were expressed in their phenotype, they would have an average IQ of 80, 9 points away from the lowest average European country which is Serbia at 89. They would then be able to have better functioning societies and not have to rely on outside aid. Though, their low IQs are the cause of evolution, those factors only cause about 10 points of difference (depending which of the variables I mentioned exist in those areas).

Let’s look at this map of food insecurity in the United States:


Highest rates of food insecurity:




Lowest rates of food insecurity:

North Dakota



Gosh, I wonder where all the black and Hispanic people are?  North Dakota, right?

According to the USDA, in a report titled Household Food Security in the United States in 2011, black and Hispanic families are more than twice as likely to experience food insecurity as white families (p. 11).

White                    11.4% of families food insecure

Black                      25.1%

Hispanic               26.2%

Gosh, I wonder where black and ‘Hispanic’ people are? Mississippi, Texas, and Arkansas right? What is the cause of the food insecurity? Lower intelligence. What is lower intelligence highly correlated with? Obesity.

If you keep in mind the fact that obesity (especially as the result of heavily processed, nutrient deficient junk foods) is also a form of malnutrition, it seems to me that there is an entirely different explanation for why certain racial groups might tend to perform lower on IQ tests.

Sure it is. A big cause for obesity is lowered intelligence (Kanazawa 2007). What he found was that those studies that concluded that obesity causes lowered intelligence only observed cross-sectional studies. Longitudinal studies that looked into the link between obesity and intelligence found that those who had low IQs since childhood then became obese later in life and that obesity does not lead to low IQ.  The average IQ for an individual suffering from PWS is 65 (Butler, Lee and Whitman 2006, p. 13), so that is one reason they have a tendency to be obese. He states that those with IQs below 74 gained 5.19 BMI points, whereas those with IQs over above 126 gained 3.73 BMI points in 22 years, which is a statistically significant difference. Also noted, was that those at age 7 who had IQs above 125 had a 13.5 percent chance of being obese at age 51, whereas those with IQs below 74 at age 7 had a 31.9 percent chance of being obese. This clearly shows that those obese individuals who score low on IQ tests, more often than not, are obese because of their intelligence. The lack of ability to delay gratification is also correlated with low IQ (Mischel and Metzner, 1982).

Becoming obese is largely in part related to environmental factors, but there are correlates with obesity and genetic factors, as well as racial and ethnic differences in obesity, which are due, in part, to environmental as well as genetic factors. All of these factors fall back to a) lower intelligence, b) differing physiology and c) differing nutritional habits. Lower IQ is the main reason, though, for these differences which manifest itself as differences in scores of cognitive ability. Those with lower scores than have higher chances of having negative effects in life, such as low SES, higher chance of becoming obese and so on.

Correlation is not causation.

This is the liberals word phrase they use when they cannot contest data and know it so use the same old boring phrase. When you get the same result over and over using the scientific method, then it’s safe to say that the same results and conclusions that get brought up time and time again are real and cannot be explained away by the correlation does not mean causation line.

And furthermore, I haven’t read Richwine’s dissertation, nor do I plan to, so I don’t know if he offered any tentative explanations for his findings.

Didn’t even read it and is giving a critique of it. How does that work?

It looks to me like Richwine is a gigantic racist asshole, because he is using his findings to try and limit the opportunities for Hispanic people to come to the United States, because dumb spics.

Lower IQ people commit more crimes than do higher IQ people. This phenomenon is well-noted that those with lower intelligence commit crime, as the average IQ of a criminal in America, is 85, whereas the average IQ for a juvenile is 92. The average juvenile IQ is higher because more often than not, those who are habitual offenders in childhood become habitual offenders in adulthood, and at adulthood IQ drops from childhood where the environment was able to artificially boost their IQs.

What if I’m right?  What if IQ differences are traceable to malnutrition?  That would indicate a whole different set of interventions and policies than just turn them away.

You are part right, but that won’t put any big dent in any genetic/phenotypic IQ differences and still, mass immigration from South of the Border still wouldn’t be OK in the first place.

In shutting down the conversation about race and IQ, Harvard students are explicitly saying they don’t WANT to find a reason behind low performance on IQ tests amongst certain racial groups.  They don’t CARE why some groups are not reaching their full human potential.  They don’t give ONE SINGLE FUCK about anyone other than themselves. It could be as simple as making certain children have access to proper food and nutrition.

I at least give her credit for acknowledging the biological reality of race and the reality of IQ. But she thinks that malnutrition plays too big a part in the ethnic IQ gap than it does in reality.

As I have covered here before, people will do anything they can to deny the validity of IQ tests. However, their explanations cut it.

People who attempt to deny biological differences in intelligence because they strongly predict positive life outcomes will do anything to deny their validity. But that doesn’t change how strong a predictor they are in regards to predicting both positive and negative successes in life.

Those who attempt to deny any differences between races, like Chanda Chisala (I know you can see this Chanda, still waiting for a response to the criticism of your horrible article that “redneck genes” are the cause for the black-white IQ gap), who are wrong in their premises on the cause as well as how to fix the gap. They will do anything to attempt to explain away a gap which is, at least, 50 percent genetic in origin.

The attack on Jason Richwine is because, of course, he’s right. They don’t want to admit he is right so they do whatever they can to discredit his argument, by calling him a ‘racist’. But that doesn’t negate his data, and as seen above, any arguments against Richwine’s dissertation are unfounded.

Germany is going to begin IQ testing their immigrants, why can’t we?

The Weston A. Price Foundation and Nutritional Myths

1350 words

There is a ‘foundation’ called the Weston A. Price Foundation. They push heavily questionable data, along with not updating their material when refuted or new studies come out. It was started in 1999 by Sally Fallon and nutritionist Mary Enig (Ph.D.). The Price Foundation advocates drinking raw milk, yet they have been criticized by the FDA for saying this.

Dr. Weston A. Price was a well-respected dentist from Cleveland. His son died from tooth decay which got him interested in the causes for tooth decay in modern populations. In 1939, he wrote Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. He and his wife traveled around the world and conducted various studies on modern populations living in isolated areas and compared them to those of the same country of origin in modern populations.

The countries he conducted studies  in include: isolated and modernized Swiss, isolated and modernized Gaelics, isolated and modernized Eskimos primitive and modernized North American Indians, isolated and modernized Melanesians isolated and modernized Polynesians, isolated and modernized African tribes, isolated and modernized Australian Aborigines, Isolated and modernized Torres Strait islanders, isolated and modernized New Zealand Maori, ancient civilizations of Peru, isolated and modernized Peruvian Indian. He found that despite having no forms of dental hygiene that they had better dental crests and a lower, almost non-existent case of cavities in their population. He states that primitive people lived longer, but, this is not the case.

In private, Dr. Price told his family to eat a vegetarian diet. That has its problems as well. Since the average American doesn’t know how to correctly supplement certain vitamins and minerals, this will lead to nutrient deficiencies and eventually, less ability to fight off disease.

Though, the type of ‘science’ that the Price Foundation pushes will lead you to sickness and even, maybe, eventual death. They tell people to consume raw milk (this site is affiliated with the Price Foundation). They recommend diets high in saturated fats and no fruits and vegetables for children. However, it’s been very well-established that lack of those aforementioned foods leads to an increase in cancer in adulthood.

The WAPF recommends people to eat high amounts of saturated fat, which is the type of fat found in animals. Using data taken from the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) study done in 38 countries from 1979-1981, Kestelhoot, Lessafire and Joossens (1991) discovered that per person supply of fat from dairy products and lard cancer mortality were significantly correlated with total, breast, prostate, colorectal and lung cancer. Their findings support the concept of the role of saturated fat in the elevation of cancer risk.

A prominent name for the WAPF is Dr. Joseph Mercola, doctor of osteopathic medicine. The FDA has issued an order to Dr. Mercola to stop his illegal claims. He’s a snake oil salesman, just like the rest of the WAPF and those affiliated with them. Back in 2009, Dr. Mercola made unsubstantiated scientific claims about the nature of the H1N1 (Swine Flu) virus. It’s clear that Mercola, though he does have actual information on his website, is just getting paid by the WAPF to be just a name and put forth false claims so people will believe him since he has the title of “Doctor”.

They even make claims with some serious implications for babies if parents follow their advice. They recommend that a baby be given a blend of cow’s milk with heavy cream and oil and another blend of cow’s liver, beef broth, whey protein and various other oils. However, this type of diet for a newborn infant is extremely dangerous. Infants deficient in iron can begin to have a whole slew of health problems including anemia and damage to intelligence, behavior and motor functioning. Putting a baby on this diet will lead to lifelong problems that will not reverse even with a correct amount of iron. Lack of iron is correlated with diminished intelligence in children, but in children aged 5 and up it is possible to reverse the effect with increased supplementation of iron. The cause for the irreversibility of intelligence in those younger than five years of age is due to that being one of the most critical time for brain development where the brain needs all of the right amount of vitamins and nutrients it can get.

The WAPF is about as unscientific as you can get. They push old and outdated studies which only conform to their agenda. However, they do have good intentions. What Dr. Price saw when he visited the isolated peoples was that they had good dental hygiene despite not taking care of their teeth. This then inspired the two women who then started the WAPF. The WAPF may have been started with good intentions based on Dr. Price’s data, but it’s archaic in comparison to the type of data we have today. The diet pushed by the WAPF will lead to health implications and eventual death due to heart attack, cancer or some other type of disease correlated with high saturated fat intake. Most people become blind and have tunnel vision with their beliefs. No matter how many times they’re shown that they’re wrong and here is why they still hold on to their beliefs. It leads to artery clogging, which then does not allow correct blood flow which leads to heart attack or stroke and eventual death. These claims need to be thrown in the trash as soon as they come out, because due to the lack of nutritional information on the average American, they will see the word “Organization” and “.org” and think it’s a reputable place for information, where if you listen to it you will suffer severe health consequences.

Most people become blind and have tunnel vision with their beliefs. No matter how many times they’re shown that they’re wrong and here is why they still hold on to their beliefs. People don’t like to hear that they are wrong. When people are presented with contrary information, they gather support for their beliefs with “paradoxical enthusiasm”.This is because people have become so invested in their worldview that when provided contradictory evidence they lack the self-esteem to admit they were wrong and change their view. There is also something called “the backfire effect“, in which correcting of a wrong perception actually increases misperceptions. 

The tunnel vision that people with huge misconceptions have, in this case nutrition, leads to them attempting to find anything they can to substantiate their claims, even if they’re objectively false. To take nutritional advice from one who is not a registered dietician (like Andrew Anglin and his pushing for the Paleo Diet, even when refuted on the clear false pretenses he makes in regards to his ‘articles’ like Europeans not evolving to eat tropical fruits and is therefore not natural [citation needed]. This also goes hand-in-hand with his look at the table showing the X/A ratio between Europeans, Africans, the Pan Ancestor and Bonobos, which he took to say that the African genome is closer to that of bonobos which is clearly untrue). Don’t follow what these ‘health gurus’ say because they are not up to date on the newest information and push shoddy and outdated ‘nutritional information’ to the average American who doesn’t know any better about nutrition.

This organization is dangerous to the health of those who give heed to their claims which are not based in science. It is dangerous to young infants whose parents believe their scientific double-talk. It is dangerous to those who drink raw milk and eat an excess of saturated fat which increases cancer rates. They have legitimate doctors who write in favor of them, yet one of the better-known names has been given statements by the FDA to stop illegal claims. The WAPF is full of snake oil salesman who want nothing more than to make a profit off of the nutritional ignorance of the average American. Get nutritional information from a verified source, not a place that denies science like the WAPF.

Differential K Theory, GFP, and the Evolution of Conscientousness

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There is a link between higher IQ and higher ability to be more conscientiousness, which is then linked to the GFP or General Factor of Personality. Two meta-factors were identified beyond the Big Five Personality Traits and were described as ‘Plasticity’ and ‘Stability’ (Deyoung et al, 2002). To quote from the paper:

Stability subsumes Conscientiousness, Emotional Stability (the reverse of
Neuroticism), and Agreeableness, and refers to the extent to which
an individual is consistent in motivation, mood, and social interac-
tions. Plasticity encompasses Extraversion and Openness to experi-
ence, and refers to the extent to which a person actively searches
for new and rewarding experiences, both intellectual and social.

Why did this evolve, especially so closely with high intellect? It evolved due to conscientiousness, which is defined as being thorough, careful, and vigilant.That, coincidentally enough, being needed to survive the harsh winters of Northern Europe and Siberia. Higher conscientiousness was is also another reason for the formation of European societies. With being able to be more conscientious, this, along with genetic pacification, is yet another cause for the cucking of Europe.

When our ancestors trekked out of Africa and into Siberia and Northern Europe, they needed differing abilities than those peoples who stayed in the more tropic climates. Those in the tropics, for the most part, could just lounge around all day. With food being readily available, there was really no pressing need to “save” or “partition” their findings (as Africa is full of mostly a hunter-gatherer societies). Conversely, in Europe and Asia, with harsh conditions in regards to their environment, which made food less plentiful than in the tropics, this meant that more cooperation was needed. Due to more cooperation being needed to survive, planning ahead (abstract thought) evolved to better help cope with the harsh environment.

The aforementioned factors in Europe and Asia then led to the higher rates of altruism seen today. Ancient Europeans needed to be thorough, vigilant and careful. Whether they needed to be careful with food storage, how much to eat, whether or not to help someone, etc, it’s clear that conscientiousness evolved with higher intelligence. Since higher intelligence is correlated with those three things involving conscientiousness, they evolved hand in hand, as selection only selects for good traits and discards the ones that aren’t useful.

These two environments that the three races evolved in then set the stage for what’s going on today. With Africans’ lack of conscientiousness, this leads to them not being vigilant, careful or thorough. This can be seen with how sloppy they are when they commit crimes. Their ancestral environment wasn’t conducive to conscientiousness, and in turn, higher IQ, so they evolved without the need of conscientiousness, as their societies (for what they are), function ‘well’ in their perception. This is yet another reason why that we cannot live together. Differing evolutionary strategies lead to these causes, yet we still think we can acclimate some peoples into society when their biology says otherwise.

JP Rushton proposed that the GFP (General Factor of Personality) and IQ were linked. It was found that the correlation between the GFP and IQ was -.23. The higher the score, the higher the individual scores on the GFP. He noted that the correlation is so low, possibly due to the restricted range of the sample. Rushton provided an argument for the evolutionary process of cognitive ability and personality evolution. This is clear evidence of the GFP and IQ evolving hand-in-hand.

Lacking a high IQ, and therefore, lack of g, Africans (as well as other colored peoples), on average, have lower g and therefore lower conscientiousness, which then is a huge cause for crime. Increases criminality has been correlated, like I’ve said here before, to a lower verbal intelligence. Though this higher IQ and higher GFP is being taken advantage of. Ever since that fateful day in 1964, white pathological altruism has been taken advantage of. Those with lower conscientiousness know they can take advantage of those with higher IQ and higher conscientiousness as altruism is correlated highly with IQ and conscientiousness.

There is an altruistic personality; the altruist has a high IQ, is conscientious, and altruistic. Those on the opposite end of the spectrum, however, take advantage of that and this can be seen with the political climate around the world in regards to other races’ feelings towards whites.Conversely, those who are r-selected and have a low IQ and GFP tend to be more hostile and commit acts of aggression. This multiculturalism due to the altruistic personality on a large scale is one of the reasons for the mass immigration into Western societies. People, as a whole, become collectively altruistic. Then, those lower IQ, lower GFP, r-selected people then take advantage of the more altruistic people. They then turn into a parasitic entity, sucking the host dry before moving on to their next victim.

This is where a high GFP does not work, in multicultural societies. Of course, this is also due to ethnic dissimilarity, but the other thing I brought up along with that ethnic dissimilarity are all of the negative effects of those that are r selected, which, in their own societies is ‘fine’, but to who are K-selected and have complex societies, those behaviors are archaic.

There is a high correlation between low IQ, low conscientiousness, archaic actions, lack of abstract thought, and lack of society building. We know that those with lower IQs commit more crime on average than those with higher IQs.

This is why allowing non-Western people who are abnormal to our societies  is a bad move, since they don’t share the same evolutionary track, and therefore, due to differing selections due to evolution, evolved differing behaviors to better adapt to the climate, environment, and surroundings.

Since skin color and IQ correlate at -.92, meaning the darker the skin the lower the IQ and vice versa, this is yet another great assessor on whether an individual has a high IQ, and is, therefore, conscientious. This is due to, as I alluded to earlier, the environment in sub-Saharan Africa being conducive to lack of ability to delay gratification. Due to that, we can infer, on average, whether someone will be conscientious or not. Since their ability to delay gratification is impeded due to certain evolutionary pressures not put on Asians and Europeans, they will, therefore, be less conscientious, which is a crucial building block in maintaining a successful society.

To quote Templer from his memorial paper dedicated to Rushton on the different correlates with skin color and different environments/effects:

The research of Templer and Arikawa (2006) supports Rushton’s contention that higher intelligence develops in colder climates. They used 129 countries with primarily indigenous populations (Asia, Africa, and Europe) and correlated culture fair IQ (Lynn & Vanhanen, 2002) with temperature. In addition to temperature, Templer and Arikawa used skin color provided by an anthropology book (Biasutti, 1967). IQ correlated .92 with darker skin color, .76 with winter highs, .66 with winter lows, and .63 with per capita income. Previous research by Meisenberg (2004) reported a correlation of .89 between skin reflectance and IQ in a similar study. Templer (2010b) found a correlation of .96 between skin color measure used by the Templer and Arikawa and the one by Meisenberg’s skin reflectance. Because both measures were independently determined using different methodology, they both can be regarded as highly valid measures of skin color.

The cause of these two variables being correlated is evolution. They paired well with each other, so over tens of thousands of  years, they got selected for with each other and persisted to today. Since we have modern societies and are much more civil (some of us), we can better see these differences in personality as well as behavior. There are This General Factor of Personality was able to evolve due to evolution in cold climates. The altered intelligence, which then altered personality. This r/K Life History Theory of Rushton’s blend’s beautifully with the GFP and intelligence. Evolution in cold climates along with genetic isolation caused differing evolutionary trajectories for each race/ethnicity which led to differences in crime, IQ, socioeconomic statussexual maturitycultures, and so on. There are clear genetic differences brought on by the environment (due to evolution), which leads to  differing societies based on differing evolutionary trajectories. Conscientiousness and intelligence, the whole General Factor of Personality, evolved in Northern populations since it was more beneficial in that environment, and to survive, this is what done to adapt to the environment through natural selection, which then led to racial differences.

Germany Begins to (Slightly) Wise Up: Will Begin IQ Testing “Migrants”

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Haaretz reported today that Germany was going to begin IQ testing on the ‘migrants’ to assess where talent and what occupational groups that they could put them in. This is a slightly positive change with all of the negativity this past year.

The mean IQ of Arab countries is 84 (Templer, 2010). With around 1.2 million ‘refugees’ coming from land and sea, assuming a SD of 15 (seeing as Arabs are Caucasian, I’ll assume a SD of 15), 50 percent of them fall at or below 84. So 600k at 84 or below. 16 percent fall at 100. 192k fall at 100. 12k at 120 and 1,680 fall at 130. 50 percent fall below 84. In America the average IQ for a repeat criminal is 85. With an IQ of 85, you can see that criminality begins to increase. This is due to lack of abstract thought(linked to verbal ability), which has them not think of the consequences of their actions before they act. At or below 85 is 1 in 6, 68% of the population is within 1 SD of 100, and 2.5% of people are 130 or more.

I can’t find any data on Arab testosterone at the moment, so I’ll just assume that it’s higher than Europeans due to the Arabs’ closer proximity to the equator (someone correct me if I’m wrong), as that’s why African’s testosterone is high. Due to higher average testosterone combined with low IQ, this leads to increased aggression along with increased sex crime, which is a cause for some of the sex assaults on European women by Muslim men. I can’t find anything on terrorist IQ, the closest I can find is how the FBI convinced a man with an IQ of 51 to attempt terrorist acts, though that’s an extreme case. Since low IQ is correlated highly with lack of abstract thought, it was easier for him to become convinced to do it. Like in most organizations, the more intelligent ones are at the top so they tell the lower IQ ones what to do. Though, by administering these tests, they will greatly lower their chances for another terrorist attack, seeing as those actions are correlated with low IQ.

In a study on prison inmates, IQ predicted inmate misconduct. Using a sample of 2500 inmates over 30 institutions from August 2004 to June 2006, it was found that those inmates who had higher IQs were involved in fewer incidents as well as being less likely to commit violent behavior. Verbal intelligence has been posited to be some of the cause for increased crime, seeing as verbal IQ is correlated with delinquent behavior, which is due to lack of abstract thought being correlated with lower IQ. With higher testosterone being correlated with low IQ and increased androgen sensitivity along with higher sperm counts (both are indicators of higher testosterone) being correlated negatively when measured by speed of neuronal transmission which causes a trade-off between g (general intelligence) and neuronal transmission, this shows that increased testosterone means decreased IQ. This is also seen with how higher IQ people have a lower sex drive.

I did say in my article Non-Western People are Abnormal for Our Society, that, as the title says, non-Western people are abnormal for our society due to not sharing our cultural values, which, we know is genetic. Though, higher IQ individuals will be better able to acclimate into society, as well as have a decreased proclivity to commit crime.

Since there are some evoultionary reasons for suicide bombings due to increased inbreeding this increased genetic similarity between them which led to increased altruism due to genetic similarity, by allowing those with higher IQs, this will lead to a greatly increased chance for attacks to happen as higher IQ people are better at controlling impulses.

This is a move I agree with. All countries should implement this procedure (obviously not enough to where it begins to displace the native population). With there being a cut-off limit on IQ, lets say 105 or even 110, that guarantees a high chance of those who are immigrating will be of value to the country and bring something to the table instead of the current situation with the benefits they currently receive (and lets be honest, you know these rules aren’t being followed). So by implementing this policy not only in Germany, but around the world, this would be a great thing for the West, to restrict immigration only to high-skilled workers, with a background check, intelligence test and someone with good credentials. Of course, only in sectors that really need the help. I of course advocate for the natives of any country to have first dibs when it comes to getting a job.

All in all, this is good move because a) rapes will be lessened and b) there won’t be as much individuals on welfare because there will be an (assumed) moratorium on those with lower IQs, leaving the higher IQ ones to find jobs and contribute to the economy.

Remember the last time Germany used IQ tests? =^)

Smoking and Race

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From the brands of cigarettes people use to the types of cigars people use, there are variations by race. There are also death rate differences and variations in how peoples of different race and ethnicity. I will explore causes for these points as well.

From the CDC’s Fact Sheet on tobacco use, we can see that Marlboro (41 percent), Newport (12 percent), Camel (8 percent), Pall Mall (8 percent) and Pyramid (2 percent) were the leading cigarette brands.The percentage of those older than 12 years old who smoked menthol was 19.1% black, 3.6% Asian, 7.8% ‘Hispanic’, and 6.5% white. You can see this looking in any majority black area how younger blacks most always smoke menthols, mainly Newport and sometimes Kools.

In my experience, that has been the case. For whites, the main brand was either Marlboro menthol, Marlboro lights or Marlboro Reds. For Asians it was most always Parliament Lights; they sure do love those.

Exposure to Newports in their environments may also be a factor for blacks smoking more menthol cigarettes, such as Newports. I have already written a bit about the media’s involvement in both a positive and negative way that affects behaviors, so by seeing more advertisements for a certain kind of cigarette, they’ll be more likely to smoke the brand that they constantly see, see their parents or siblings smoking (though, controlling for that in the study, they were still able to recognize Newports) smoking or ones that they can take that are lying around. Regardless of race, those students who were able to recognize Newports were more likely to begin at follow up even after controlling for other risk factors. In this sample of 1179 students (this was a longitudinal study), non-recognition of Camel and Marlboro did not predict smoking at follow-up.  These factors also involve what I will discuss below.

Caraballo (1998) found that serum cotinine levels were higher than blacks than they were in whites. That is, blacks have higher levels of the metabolized form of nicotine in their bodies than do whites called ‘cotinine‘. This causes blacks’ bodies to absorb more nicotine than whites due to these biological factors. This may possibly explain why blacks have more cases of lung cancer and are less likely to quit smoking.

Non-‘Hispanic’ blacks also have two times the amount of cotinine than do Mexican and white Americans. This affects how much of the nicotine absorbed into the blood stream as well as the increase in getting cancer.

The differences in cancer disparity between blacks and whites cannot be explained by the preference for a certain brand of cigarette. Though, that study does confirm that those who smoke more mentholated cigarettes take deeper inhales. So in a way, in can be said to be explained by brand preference, since those who smoke menthol cigarettes inhale more deeply than those who smoke a non-mentholated brand.

Ross et al (2016) discovered that blacks take more pulls per cigarette and take deeper, longer pulls than do whites, which is the cause for the disparity in lung cancer between blacks and whites (along with higher cotinine levels in blacks, that’s the cause for more nicotine absorption). Deeper inhales means more nicotine is being absorbed into the body and therefore cotinine levels increase.I could also see personality differences playing a factor in who takes longer pulls and more pulls of a cigarette as well.

Higher testosterone levels may also be correlated with lung cancer. With blacks having more testosterone on average than whites, we can see how these disparities in  hormone levels between the races are the cause for differences in acquisition of disease rate between the races. It seems that all cancers have high correlations with increased testosterone, not just prostate. Higher testosterone is associated with many negative variables, and of course, blacks have some of the most negative health effects. This is a combination of genes x environment. Their environment is more conducive to menthol cigarettes (mostly Newports), blacks also are more extroverted, which means they’re more sociable and therefore can coerce each other to do things, such as smoking (lower IQ also plays a part in coercion).

In teenage populations, whites showed a higher use for tobacco smoking and marijuana usage, but in the 20s, blacks and ‘Hispanics’ are more likely to pick up the habits, while whites drop off. The researchers conclude that we need to better understand why these substance abuse behaviors exist, which differing personality traits (due to testosterone, as well as that being a factor for smoking more) are part of the cause for it in my opinion.

Higher free and total testosterone was found in males, even after stratification of age, BMI, triglycerides and alcohol consumption were controlled for. This shows why more blacks and ‘Hispanics’ are represented more in  the statistics after age 20, as that’s when genetics takes full effect, so they would be over-represented in these cases.

With the higher natural cotinine levels, this causes blacks to absorb more nicotine; they take more pulls per cigarette as well as deeper pulls. Along with smoking cigarettes with more nicotine and more tar in them, this is a cause for the disparity between blacks and whites and how it involves the acquisition of lung cancer. Higher testosterone individuals turn to smoking more than lower testosterone individuals.

I theorize that part of the reason for deeper pulls of a cigarette as well as more pulls is correlated with the amount of testosterone one has, which is then correlated with how extroverted they are. Extroversion leads to being around others more often, which, even with desegregation, there has been less integration, not more. Since they’re more likely to be around each other due to desegregation not ending people segregating by race, they then are exposed to others who are smoking as well as doing other thing that younger children with higher testosterone will be more likely to do, in part because of exposure to the new stimulus along with higher testosterone which leads to more impulsive behavior.. This leads to one of many social and biological variables that lead to blacks having higher rates of lung cancer due to smoking.

Rushton’s Differential K Theory and Intelligence

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This is my 50th post. I plan to cover altruism and ethnocentrism much more extensively, intelligence and race, psycological disease and race, personality and race and so on. A JayMan refutation on his belief of Ethnic Genetic Interests and Group Selection is coming soon.

Differential K Theory explains human behavior on countless variables. Rushton was one the first scientist to use r/K selection theory to explain human behavior. Albeit, it’s on a much smaller scale than what r/K selection theory is used for, it still greatly applies to human populations. On over 6o variables, Blacks (r selected) fall at one end of the continuum, whereas Orientals (K selected) fall at the other end, with Caucasians falling in the middle, consistently on over 60 variables.

Rushton’s theory, which of course is extremely controversial, drew the ire of many researchers because he chose to use r/K selection theory in regards to explaining differences between isolated human populations. But, what they don’t get is this: even if Rushton is wrong with his Differential K theory, you’d still need a way to explain how and why these 3 populations who evolved in genetic isolation came to have such stark and consistent differences between them no matter where in the world you look. Between IQ (Asians 103-4; Europeans 100 and African-Americans 85), rates of 2-egg twinning (Asians 4 for every 1000, Europeans 8 for every 1000, and Africans 16 for every 1000 [I wrote about some evolutionary causes for earlier menstration in black girls with leptin being the cause last week, it also explains how and why blacks have more rates of 2-egg twinning, because the life expectancy is so low it lead to evolutionary pressurses in which Africans evolved mechanisms that have them have more kids and earlier menstral cycle.]), average age of first walk (blacks one week before whites who are one week before Asians) and so on and so forth.

The more intelligent the woman, the less kids she will want to have, on average. One SD increase in childhood IQ leads to a 21-25 percent decrease in a woman’s odds to have children. This is a clear k strategy. Have less kids, but show more care for them. Conversely, blacks have more kids, but show less paternal involvement. This still continues today in America, even though we have an industrial society. The things involved in this discussion are, at its core, evolution in its process, but we don’t see it that way because of the society we live in. With intelligent women not having children, while the less intelligent, r selected women having more children, this will lead to an eventual dysgenisis and the average IQ in America will drop immensely. The birth rate for whites in America was 1.75 in 20132.0 for blacks, 2.4 for Hispanics and 1.77 for Asians. The r/K selection theory perfectly explains this. It’s an evolutionary process that occurs as adaptations to the environment that their ancestors evolved in.

The more K selected peoples had to have less children in their ancestral environment due to food being scarce. This is where the higher intelligence evolved as well as high amounts of altruism, which I theorize that Europeans have a higher amount of the brain hormone oxytocin, which leads to more altruism, but is being taken advantage of by non-Western people who are abnormal to our societies and eventually leads to increased ethnocentrism.

Rushton postulates that Differential K Theory is a cause for group differences in intelligence. With the K selected having less children and the r selected having more, we can see this in birth trends as well as IQ trends in the country. More intelligent women can see that it’d be better to wait to have children as to be more financially able to take care of the baby. While the less intelligent women have more kids due to not thinking into the future and only thinking in the now, wanting their pleasure immediately. This is causing a dysgenic effect on America. The more the average intelligence drops, the more we can expect to see conditions begin to deteriorate, as a country is only as good as the majority of its population, as we can see looking at the average living conditions around the world.

With altruistic behavior being highly correlated with race due to evolution for tens of thousands of  years, we can see that more intelligent people will be more law abiding, more altruistic, commit less crime, have less children, more cooperative and so on. Whereas less intelligent people will be less law abiding, less altruistic, commit more crime, have more children and be less cooperative. This is modeled in communities all over America in their crime rates, graduation rates, IQ scores and so on. One of the most noticeable r selected traits is criminality. This is due to lack of ability to delay gratification and higher testosterone. The reverse is true for lower testosterone Eurasians, as well as numerous other differing physiological factors between the races.

With differing crime rates no matter where you look, the racial disparities are all the same. This is no coincidence; social factors do not account for these differences. Evolution, does, though. Evolution is also the cause for the social factors that do arise within and between populations. Over time, these selection pressures caused these positive traits you see in those who evolved in the Northern, harsher, colder climates and the more negative traits in the more Southerly, hotter climates.

This is why importing more people from differing societies into our countries will not end well. They have differing evolutionary goals different evolutionary reasons for them. They are not normal for our societies; ethnic dissimilarity causes more strife between people due to genetic distance. The more r selected peoples are less intelligent and are also prone to higher rates of criminality as well due to higher testosterone.

These differing evolutionary goals would be fine; if not for forced mass immigrations into Western countries. Since birth rates never remain stable, a lower white birth rate would have been able to rebound eventually. With the introduction of mass immigration into Western Societies, this is causing the birth rate to continue to fall percentage wise, even if the birth rate increases due to the introduction of more r selected peoples. The more educated that women get, the less kids they have. It works in two ways: going for higher degrees and wanting success in life first, some women may be around their mid 30s before deciding to have children and when deciding to have children they then can’t have any due to being too old. Whereas those with lower intelligence and no career prospects would have been having more kids due to their r selected strategy and lack of foresight into the future due to lower intelligence.

Looking at things from an evolutionary lens will make what’s going on around the world clear. Everything you see is evolution in action, though you won’t see its effects and they won’t be noticeable for tens of thousands of years, it’s evolution on a macro level. Negative birth trends always do reverse, as they never remain stable. As more women get educated (and this holds for all women of every age, race, religion and ethnic group), birth rates drop due to less time in the fertile years attempting to get pregnant. If we’d only look at things in an evolutionary scientific way, we’d be better able to understand how and why human populations differ behaviorally cognitively, and a whole multitude of other factors. We’d also better understand how to, on average, deal with the average criminalistic personality. It would make the job for police easier if these evolutionary factors were known and life would be safer in America as a whole.

Leptin and its Role in the Sexual Maturity of Black Girls

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There are differences between the races in regards to sexual maturity. I’ve recently discovered that leptin plays a role in black female teenagers and how they reach puberty earlier than that of white women. This is one out of many variables that prove Rushton’s three-way rule; that the races all differ on certain variables, on average.

Buried in the middle of this article on black and white differences in body composition, it is observed that the mean concentration of leptin was significantly greater in black girls than that of white girls. The authors conclude that leptin may play an important role in the accelerated growth and sexual maturation of black girls:

In one study, the mean leptin concentration was significantly (P < 0.01) higher in 57 black girls (15.0 ± 10.1 μg/L) than in 79 white girls (8.4 ± 11.1 μg/L) aged 8–17 y (58). The authors concluded that this difference might play an important role in the accelerated growth and sexual maturation of black girls. Likewise, Nicklas et al (57) reported a strong correlation between leptin and %BF for both black (r = 0.71, P < 0.0001) and white (r = 0.61, P < 0.001) obese postmenopausal women, but a significant racial difference in leptin concentration (36.0 ± 4.8 compared with 45.8 ± 3.5 μg/L; P < 0.05), respectively. Additionally, leptin correlated with resting energy expenditure in black women (r = 0.58, P < 0.001) but not in white women (r = 0.08).

Also noticed, was that leptin correlated with REE (resting energy expenditure) in black women but not in white women.

Wong et al (1998), state that because African-American girls tend to be heavier and mature faster than white girls, then there must be a leptin difference between the 2 groups. He measured serum leptin concentrations in 12 hour fasted blood samples of 57 black and 79 white girls. Body comp was measured by x-ray absorptiometry, sexual maturity by doctor examination and physical fitness by treadmill testing. What was found was the serum leptin levels were positively correlated with body fat, maturation and insulin were higher in the black girls after controlling for age. Differences remained, but lessened, after controlling for differences in fat mass, maturation, and physical fitness. This is more proof that leptin is a cause for the role in earlier sexual maturity in black girls.

Kaplowitz (2008) observed in his paper Link Between Body Fat and the Timing of Puberty that several studies have shown that the increase in earlier sexual maturation may indeed be linked to the obesity epidemic which started to rise around 50 to 60 years ago when fat was demonized as “being the cause for fat gain”, all the while carbs were championed as a better macro over fat. Of course, we now know that’s not true, but the implications of this lie that we’ve been told are now coming out in the light 50 years later.

Kaplowitz states that the evidence currently out points to obesity being a cause for earlier puberty in girls, rather than earlier puberty causing an increase in body fat (hmmm.. where have I heard confusing one cause for another before? Oh yeah, the IQ/obesity cause).Many studies have come out that show, in both rats and humans, that leptin may be the critical link between body fat and earlier puberty. Both mice and humans who were deficient in leptin both failed to reach puberty unless leptin was administered. Though he says that leptin may end up playing a permissive, rather than a critical metabolic signal that initiates puberty. But with the data of black girls having higher leptin levels, leptin being correlated highly with body fat, and both being highly correlated with increased sexual maturation show the reason why black girls are a) more sexually active at a younger age and b) why black girls mature faster than white girls. He finally concludes that it makes evolutionary sense that body fat and reproduction in girls evolved as a mechanism to ensure that pregnancy won’t occur unless adequate levels of body fat are had.

This is yet more biological evidence for physiological differences between the races.

When fat mass increases, so do leptin levels. When leptin levels increase, puberty happens earlier. Black girls have higher rates of  leptin, which correlates highly with body fat and sexual maturity, so it’s no surprise that we see these factors here.

What are evolutionary causes for this? Well, seeing Africa’s life expectancy, the rate of parasitic load as well as disease in Africa, and Rushton’s r/K Life History Theory, which states that those more r selected will have more children and show less care for them whereas those more k selected will have less progeny, but show more care, we can easily see how such a mechanism evolved. With IQ being highly correlated with life expectancy (at .95), we can see part of the reason why, for instance, black women evolved to have higher rates of 2 egg twinning in comparison to whites (16 per 1000 for blacks, 8 per 1000 for whites and 4 per 1000 for Orientals). To quote Rushton from Race, Evolution, and Behavior:

Black women, compared to white women, average a shorter period of ovulation and produce more eggs per ovulation in addition to all the other characteristics in Table 1.1. As mentioned, the rate of dizygotic twinning, a direct index of egg production, is less than 4 per 1,000 births among Mongoloids, 8 per 1,000 among Caucasoids, and 16 or greater per 1,000 among Negroids. (pg. 6)

This is a clear evolutionary strategy. Have more children where it’s less hospitable and there is a higher mortality rate, especially for young children and have fewer children where it is more stable and less environmental dangers are around.

Even more evidence to bolster my claim is how 82 percent of black women are overweight or obese (Ogden et al, 2014). Genes related to obesity have also been found in African-Americans, as well as European-Americans, which also bolster the claim seeing as the genes were found to do the same things in both populations. To quote myself from the above article:

In a study published back in 2013, researchers were looking for obesity genes in African Americans. The study, which involved more than 70,000 men and women of African descent, they were able to identify 3 SNPs that were associated with obesity and BMI in the sample population. What was also found, was that those same genetic sequences also heighten rates of obesity in peoples with no African ancestry, all of the genetic variants associated with obesity were also found in European populations. The same genes found in African populations did the same in European populations, and vice versa.

To quote the paper:

We provide evidence for a shared genetic influence on BMI across populations, as we found directionally consistent associations with the majority of known BMI risk variants. This observation suggests that bioloically functional alleles are ancient and probably arose before migrations out of Africa. In addition, we were able to refine the window of association of some of the previously established BMI loci, which may eventually help identify the biologically functional variant(s).

BMI is also between .75 and .82 heritable. These factors show yet another cause for black women’s high obesity rates, of course with eating garbage food all of the time, but I’m talking about evolutionary reasons.

There are reasons why black girls mature faster than white girls, it’s because of leptin, which precedes an increase in body fat to prepare for eventual menstruation and higher body fat helps to protect the baby in vitro. R/K Life History Theory then shows the evolutionary reasons why earlier sexual maturity happens for black girls over white girls: lower life expectancy.