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Rushton’s Differential K Theory and Intelligence

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This is my 50th post. I plan to cover altruism and ethnocentrism much more extensively, intelligence and race, psycological disease and race, personality and race and so on. A JayMan refutation on his belief of Ethnic Genetic Interests and Group Selection is coming soon.

Differential K Theory explains human behavior on countless variables. Rushton was one the first scientist to use r/K selection theory to explain human behavior. Albeit, it’s on a much smaller scale than what r/K selection theory is used for, it still greatly applies to human populations. On over 6o variables, Blacks (r selected) fall at one end of the continuum, whereas Orientals (K selected) fall at the other end, with Caucasians falling in the middle, consistently on over 60 variables.

Rushton’s theory, which of course is extremely controversial, drew the ire of many researchers because he chose to use r/K selection theory in regards to explaining differences between isolated human populations. But, what they don’t get is this: even if Rushton is wrong with his Differential K theory, you’d still need a way to explain how and why these 3 populations who evolved in genetic isolation came to have such stark and consistent differences between them no matter where in the world you look. Between IQ (Asians 103-4; Europeans 100 and African-Americans 85), rates of 2-egg twinning (Asians 4 for every 1000, Europeans 8 for every 1000, and Africans 16 for every 1000 [I wrote about some evolutionary causes for earlier menstration in black girls with leptin being the cause last week, it also explains how and why blacks have more rates of 2-egg twinning, because the life expectancy is so low it lead to evolutionary pressurses in which Africans evolved mechanisms that have them have more kids and earlier menstral cycle.]), average age of first walk (blacks one week before whites who are one week before Asians) and so on and so forth.

The more intelligent the woman, the less kids she will want to have, on average. One SD increase in childhood IQ leads to a 21-25 percent decrease in a woman’s odds to have children. This is a clear k strategy. Have less kids, but show more care for them. Conversely, blacks have more kids, but show less paternal involvement. This still continues today in America, even though we have an industrial society. The things involved in this discussion are, at its core, evolution in its process, but we don’t see it that way because of the society we live in. With intelligent women not having children, while the less intelligent, r selected women having more children, this will lead to an eventual dysgenisis and the average IQ in America will drop immensely. The birth rate for whites in America was 1.75 in 20132.0 for blacks, 2.4 for Hispanics and 1.77 for Asians. The r/K selection theory perfectly explains this. It’s an evolutionary process that occurs as adaptations to the environment that their ancestors evolved in.

The more K selected peoples had to have less children in their ancestral environment due to food being scarce. This is where the higher intelligence evolved as well as high amounts of altruism, which I theorize that Europeans have a higher amount of the brain hormone oxytocin, which leads to more altruism, but is being taken advantage of by non-Western people who are abnormal to our societies and eventually leads to increased ethnocentrism.

Rushton postulates that Differential K Theory is a cause for group differences in intelligence. With the K selected having less children and the r selected having more, we can see this in birth trends as well as IQ trends in the country. More intelligent women can see that it’d be better to wait to have children as to be more financially able to take care of the baby. While the less intelligent women have more kids due to not thinking into the future and only thinking in the now, wanting their pleasure immediately. This is causing a dysgenic effect on America. The more the average intelligence drops, the more we can expect to see conditions begin to deteriorate, as a country is only as good as the majority of its population, as we can see looking at the average living conditions around the world.

With altruistic behavior being highly correlated with race due to evolution for tens of thousands of  years, we can see that more intelligent people will be more law abiding, more altruistic, commit less crime, have less children, more cooperative and so on. Whereas less intelligent people will be less law abiding, less altruistic, commit more crime, have more children and be less cooperative. This is modeled in communities all over America in their crime rates, graduation rates, IQ scores and so on. One of the most noticeable r selected traits is criminality. This is due to lack of ability to delay gratification and higher testosterone. The reverse is true for lower testosterone Eurasians, as well as numerous other differing physiological factors between the races.

With differing crime rates no matter where you look, the racial disparities are all the same. This is no coincidence; social factors do not account for these differences. Evolution, does, though. Evolution is also the cause for the social factors that do arise within and between populations. Over time, these selection pressures caused these positive traits you see in those who evolved in the Northern, harsher, colder climates and the more negative traits in the more Southerly, hotter climates.

This is why importing more people from differing societies into our countries will not end well. They have differing evolutionary goals different evolutionary reasons for them. They are not normal for our societies; ethnic dissimilarity causes more strife between people due to genetic distance. The more r selected peoples are less intelligent and are also prone to higher rates of criminality as well due to higher testosterone.

These differing evolutionary goals would be fine; if not for forced mass immigrations into Western countries. Since birth rates never remain stable, a lower white birth rate would have been able to rebound eventually. With the introduction of mass immigration into Western Societies, this is causing the birth rate to continue to fall percentage wise, even if the birth rate increases due to the introduction of more r selected peoples. The more educated that women get, the less kids they have. It works in two ways: going for higher degrees and wanting success in life first, some women may be around their mid 30s before deciding to have children and when deciding to have children they then can’t have any due to being too old. Whereas those with lower intelligence and no career prospects would have been having more kids due to their r selected strategy and lack of foresight into the future due to lower intelligence.

Looking at things from an evolutionary lens will make what’s going on around the world clear. Everything you see is evolution in action, though you won’t see its effects and they won’t be noticeable for tens of thousands of years, it’s evolution on a macro level. Negative birth trends always do reverse, as they never remain stable. As more women get educated (and this holds for all women of every age, race, religion and ethnic group), birth rates drop due to less time in the fertile years attempting to get pregnant. If we’d only look at things in an evolutionary scientific way, we’d be better able to understand how and why human populations differ behaviorally cognitively, and a whole multitude of other factors. We’d also better understand how to, on average, deal with the average criminalistic personality. It would make the job for police easier if these evolutionary factors were known and life would be safer in America as a whole.



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