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Higher IQ Means Longer Life

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I’ve been reading a few articles recently on how intelligence is correlated very highly with life expectancy. Researchers have found that the link between life expectancy and IQ is 95 percent. That makes a lot of sense. Those with higher IQ’s are able to think further into the future and predict outcomes based on previous events that took place, which manifests itself with a longer life expectancy. It also shows the reverse, those with lower IQ’s live shorter lives, which is because of not thinking of future actions due to a lack of abstract thought due to lower IQ, as well as all things that come with a low IQ, such as disease treatment, nutrition, etc.

Many studies have taken a look at this relationship, and each time, the correlation is a positive correlation. Which obviously signifies that IQ (even if we don’t exactly know what IQ tests test), that a higher IQ obviously leads to more favorable outcomes than if that same person were to have a lower IQ.

Looking at some high IQ countries and their life expectancies, we see that the relationship between IQ and life expectancy is very large and worth taking note of.

Taking the top 5 countries in IQ, we have Hong Kong (IQ 108, average life expectancy 83.48 years), Singapore (IQ 108, average life expectancy 82.14 years [though Singapore has a Chinese super majority of 76 percent]), South Korea (IQ 106, average life expectancy 81.37 years), Japan (IQ 105, average life expectancy 83.10 years), Taiwan (IQ 104, average life expectancy 79.84 years), and Italy (IQ 102, average life expectancy 82.94 years).

Now, from the same link in the previous paragraph (ignoring Equatorial Guinea’s numbers, since that was the average IQ of developmentally disabled children in Spain), Saint Lucia (IQ 62, average life expectancy  74 [anomaly here, HUGE anomaly, from some quick searching, I see that a majority of their hospitals are US-owned.]), Mozambique (IQ 64, average life expectancy 49.84 years), Gabon (IQ 64, average life expectancy 52), Cameroon (IQ 64, average life expectancy 54.59 years), and The Gambia (IQ 66, average life expectancy 58.61 years).

Now, the only anomaly was St. Lucia, which is explained by US-owned hospitals. So we can see, from the top as well as bottom 5 countries in IQ, that the trend holds true for the top 5 intelligent, as well as bottom 5.

We know how lower IQ came to be in peoples in the equator, so I won’t even go there.

Of course, with lower average IQ’s, come increased aggression, lack of thought into the future, as well as a myriad of other things negatively correlated with a long life span. That, obviously, like most things in life, is due to evolution and genetics. We see the same impulsivities where ever low IQ peoples go, in whichever countries they choose to live in, proving that it’s not ‘Magic Dirt‘, but genetics and intelligence which dictate life expectancy.

For a lot of those countries (most undeveloped countries I would say), they are nutritionally deprived. Having better nutrition obviously increases IQ (a lack of B vitamins, iron, zinc and protein deficiencies is partly the cause for lower IQ in regions where nutrition is horrible is part of the reason why there is lower IQ in these regions), but obviously, they don’t have the intellect to know, or even learn how to farm to make their standing better. That’s the rut that these peoples in these countries are in. They are too stupid to  learn how to farm, and they can’t learn how to farm because their IQ is depressed due to bad nutrition, which is due in part to their low IQ etc. It comes down to a which causes which, and I say that the climate causes the low IQ, which leads to them not being able to adequately feed themselves to give their brains proper nourishment and development.

For instance, Richard Lynn says that with better nutrition that Africans could go from average 70 IQ to 80 (he says 67 to 80, so a 13 point boost). He also says that blacks in America with no white admixture still have an IQ of 80, so that proves that nutrition is part of the cause of lower IQ in African blacks. He claims the ‘Flynn Effect’ to be driven mainly by nutrition, which I am inclined to agree with him there as I love studying nutrition, and other than race differences, IQ and HBD, I also study that on my free time.

We have many examples, from Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, where the white farmers were kicked out. The more intelligent black farmers knew that without whites there, they wouldn’t be able to survive. So they tried to get the white farmers to teach them how to farm, but Mugabe found out and stopped it.

But now they want the farmers to come back. They know that they can’t survive just on their own, so they are now begging for what they had before they drove out the farmers who gave them their food.

Now for a fun thought experiment. What do you think the average life expectancy of Africa could be with that IQ 80? Let’s look at average life expectancies of countries with that IQ.

Barbados life expectancy, 75.13 years, IQ 80. El Salvador, life expectancy 72.10 years, IQ 80. Sri Lanka life expectancy 74.07 years, IQ 79. It’s clear that those with IQ’s in the 80’s have an average life expectancy of low to mid 70’s.

In this article, which is just an attack on racialist IQ researcher Satoshi Kanazawa, it’s of course just said that “‘ridiculous’ for Kanazawa to blame ill health on low IQ and ‘very irresponsible’ to reach such conclusions using questionable and ‘fragile’ international data on national IQ levels.'”

Kanazawa declined to comment on either War on Want or Atkinson’s allegations about reviving eugenics because, he said, other academics had come up with the national IQ scores that underpinned his analysis of 126 countries. In the paper he cites Ethiopia’s national IQ of 63, the world’s lowest, and the fact that men and women are only expected to live until their mid-40s as an example of his finding that intelligence is the main determinant of someone’s health.

He’s 100 percent right. I love how no rebuttal was put out, and feelings were used in place of a good, solid retort to the facts.

Fragile? Yes, scores that can be duplicated time and time again, and even when retesting of IQ tests have a correlation of .87, it’s still ‘fragile’. Got it.

The Chairman of the Kenyan Society (totally unbiased opinion there) said ‘lack of education was probably one reason why many Kenyans die young. Aids, tuberculosis and malaria were key factors too.’ Yes, lack of education. How educable you are is down to how intelligent you are, not the other way around.

The same person also stated ‘[Kanazawa’s paper is a] misrepresentation of the true causes of ill health in Kenya. It portrays a bad picture of Kenya because not everyone in Kenya has an IQ of 72. If there was more education, Kenyans would be wiser about their health.’

Yes, not everyone in Kenya has an IQ of 72, half fall below it. =^) Again, what do you think you can teach to a person with an IQ of 70? How about in comparison to a person with an IQ of 110?

So, we can see with that boost to African IQ, their life expectancy will increase along with their IQ, further proving the positive correlation between IQ and life expectancy.



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