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Down-low Bruthas

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There is an epidemic: Down low bruthas. Down low bruthas spread diseases in all of the populations, which also spread them in our normal populations. Because black culture is “manly”, this forces a lot of those gay blacks to be down low. They then have secret relationships with men, who they then get diseases such as AIDS from, then pass it on to their wives or partners. When they lead these secret lives and don’t inform their partners about their real preferences, this then causes these degenerate diseases to come into our populations, and unknowing people may then become infected due to no previous knowledge that the individual has a disease.

A Gallup poll from 2012 shows that blacks represent the biggest part of the ‘LGBT’ community, with 4.6 percent of black Americans identifying with the label. Also noted, was that 4.2 percent of ‘Hispanics’, 4.3 percent of Asians and 3.2 percent of Caucasians identified as ‘LGBT’. They also say that poverty is involved:

the LGBT population has a larger proportion of non-white people and clearly is not overly wealthy,

We know that their IQs are innate and that when black and ‘Latino’ IQs are matched at 100, many racial differences disappear. So we can say, with reason, that if a black or ‘Latino’ is poor, they have a higher chance of being gay than whites.

This phenomenon has been noted in the recent years, and many are not telling their wives, which is having diseases slip into the normal population. Black males are over-represented in all STD cases around the country. “African Americans comprised approximately 6 percent of the population in CA, but represented about 19 percent of chlamydia cases and 28 percent of gonorrhea cases in CA.African American chlamydia rates were more than 5 times higher than those of non-Latino whites. African American gonorrhea rates were more than 6 times higher than those of non-Latino whites. African Americans had more cases of AIDS and syphilis, which affect predominately gay men and other men who have sex with men, than would be expected, based on their population size.These disparities are evident throughout most of the state, regardless of geographical location.” This is due to them not using condoms. OIder black men with HIV have sex more without condoms, which is yet another way these diseases get spread.

A number of blacks who go to prison come out gay. This is proof that it’s environmental, a choice, and not genetic. A meta-study was done on homosexuality, looking over 10,000 papers from 20 years and from both sides of the debate. What was found was, that homosexuality doesn’t have a genetic component, that significant environmental factors are attributed to homosexuality. Twin studies prove that it is environmental, seeing as identical twins share 100 percent of their genes, then if homosexuality were genetic, both twins would be gay 100 percent of the time. This is not the case, seeing as both twins are gay only 11 to 14 percent of the time. Quite the blow to the genetic hypothesis of homosexuality. Seeing as there is no ‘gay gene’, we can pretty much rule out a genetic hypothesis.

Blacks high rate of sexual encounters continues in prison as well. Even when confined to prison, their testosterone still urges them to fulfill their desires, and if there are no white women around to rape/sexually assault, they then do the same to the prisoners on the inside.

Then when they get released, these diseases then come out into the normal population due to the person not telling their wife or girlfriend of their escapades in prison.

“Bruthas” become down low because, in black “culture”, it’s seen as non-masculine to be gay (funny, seeing as they have the highest chance to be gay). Blacks contribute to the proliferation of diseases in two ways: a) by being down low bruthas and b) by sleeping with white women who then unknowingly spread diseases to the white population.

Rushton observed that skin melanin is highly correlated with many variables, HIV/AIDS included. This same pattern continues in America, showing that it’s not only environmental factors that lead to these diseases but that their promiscuity is genetic, as discussed in Race, Evolution and Behavior:

Testosterone may order many of the racial differences, for it has been related to self-concept, temperament, sexuality, aggression, and altruism, in women as well as in men (Baucom, Besch, & Callahan, 1985; Dabbs, Ruback, Frady, Hopper, & Sgoutas, 1988). In a study of 4,462 U.S. male veterans, where extensive archival records were available, Dabbs and Morris (1990) found testosterone correlated with reports of childhood delinquency, adult delinquency, drug use, alcohol abuse, military misconduct, and having many sex partners. Testosterone is also involved in the development of secondary sexual characteristics such as muscularity and depth of voice (Haeberle, 1978; Hudson & Holbrook, 1982) as well as the organization and structure of the brain. (p. 271)

Since these same factors exist anywhere blacks are in the world, as I have spoken about many times before, we chose our environment based on our genetics. Since blacks anywhere in the world have these high rates of disease, it’s obviously due to their sexual promiscuity. Being down low bruthas then further spreads it into the population.

***Always ask a man or woman you speak to if they have ever been with a black man or woman.*** Doing so could save your life as well as many other horrible implications from diseases. Seeing as those with higher IQs can better control sexual urges than those with lower IQs, and those with higher testosterone landed in prison more often, we can see this direct link in regards to testosterone in both IQ and ability to control sexual urges as well as those with higher testosterone going to prison more for crimes of sexual assault and rape.

Down low bruthas are yet another scourge we have to deal with. If it’s not blacks committing crimes, it’s blacks and their other deviant behaviors that then seep into our normal populations due to them not saying what they do on their spare time.

Always pre-screen partners for sex with blacks!!


Evolutionary Reasons for Suicide Bombings

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With all of these suicide bombings in the news recently, I figured I’d talk about some evolutionary reasons for suicide bombings. While reading JP Rushton’s paper Ethnic nationalism, evolutionary psychology and Genetic Similarity Theory, I came across a small part of the paper where he talks about evolutionary reasons for suicide bombings: mainly that it increases inclusive fitness. I know that biology doesn’t tell the whole story, but it tells a lot of it. Today I will argue that mainly, suicide bombings are driven by genetic similarity, as argued by Rushton in his paper. The data is there that this is a possibility and a worthwhile hypothesis to take note of.

Due to how inbred Muslims (Arabs) are, (as well as other Muslim populations, which are also inbred, such as the Chechens), they are more genetically similar to themselves than they are to other groups. The brain hormone oxytocin is conjectured to increase ethnocentrism, seeing as oxytocin is shown to increase in-group cooperation, and at the same time out-group derogation. This is also the case when two genetically distinct cultures meet up and live together. Their biology is so dissimilar, ethnic strife arises due to the far genetic distance between the two groups. So due to this increased genetic similarity, this causes those who are more similar to themselves, to favor those phenotypically similar to themselves, because if the phenotype is similar, more often than not, the genotype is as well. This is the basis for all ethnocentrism. To quote Rushton from the paper mentioned above:

Political issues are especially explosive when survival and reproduction are at stake. Consider the growth of Middle Eastern suicide bombers. Polls conducted among Palestinian adults from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank show that about seventy-five per cent support suicidal attacks, whereas only about twelve per cent are opposed (Margalit 2003). Many families state that they are proud of their kin who become martyrs.

Most analyses of the motives of suicide bombings emphasise unique aspects such as the Palestinian or Iraqi political situation, the teachings of radical Islam, or a popular culture saturated with the glorification of martyrs.

Political issues are especially explosive when survival and reproduction are at stake. Consider the growth of Middle Eastern suicide bombers. Polls conducted among Palestinian adults from the Gaza Strip and the West Bank show that about seventy-five per cent support suicidal attacks, whereas only about twelve per cent are opposed (Margalit 2003). Many families state that they are proud of their kin who become martyrs.

Most analyses of the motives of suicide bombings emphasise unique aspects such as the Palestinian or Iraqi political situation, the teachings of radical Islam, or a popular culture saturated with the glorification of martyrs.

These political factors play an indispensable role but from an evolutionary perspective aspiring to universality, people have evolved a ‘cognitive module’ for altruistic self-sacrifice that benefits their gene pool. In an ultimate rather than proximate sense, suicide bombing can be viewed as a strategy to increase inclusive fitness.

There is “altruistic self-sacrifice” for what suicide bombers do. Rushton then posits, that the self-sacrifice then, in turn, benefits their gene pool and that suicide bombing can be looked at as a strategy to increase inclusive fitness. Many people in the field have come to this conclusion. There is a reason, a genetic reason, for a lot of these suicide bombings. How could suicide bombings increase inclusive fitness if the individual is committing suicide? As I have said numerous times on my blog, evolution selects for genes, not individuals. So with selecting for genes, individuals who share similar genes with others who sacrifice themselves for other, more genetically similar people to themselves are actually increasing the proliferation of their genes. This is, yet again, is another answer to the people who argue that genetic similarity theory, which is predicated on self-sacrifice for those genetically similar to yourself, would select for selfishness, and not ethnic altruism. This is the case because those genes are being preserved. Individuals are basically just organisms to proliferate copies of their genes in to the next generation and nothing more. 

Rushton then says:

What reasons do suicide bombers themselves give for their action? Many invoke the rhetoric of Islam while others appeal to political and economic grievances. Mahmoud Ahmed Marmash, a twenty-one-year-old bachelor from Tulkarm who blew himself up near Tel Aviv in May 2001 said in a videocassette recorded before he went on his mission (cited in Margalit, 2003):

I want to avenge the blood of the Palestinians, especially the blood of the women, of the elderly, and of the children, and in particular the blood of the baby girl Iman Hejjo, whose death shook me to the core. Many other national groups have produced suicide warriors. The term ‘zealot’ originates in a Jewish sect that existed for about 70 years in the first century CE. According to the classical historian Flavius Josephus (1981), an extreme revolutionary faction among them assassinated Romans and Jewish colla- borators with daggers; this likely reduced their chances of staying alive. A group of about 1,000 Zealots, including women and children, chose to commit suicide at the fortress of Masada rather than surrender to the Romans. Masada today is one of the Jewish people’s greatest symbols. Israeli soldiers take an oath there: ‘Masada shall not fall again’. Soldier armies – the Japanese kamikaze, or the Iranian basaji – have carried out suicide attacks against enemy combatants. Winston Churchill contemplated the use of suicide bombers against the Germans if they invaded Britain (see Cornwell 2003). Some of the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka, who are Hindus, have killed themselves in attacks on politicians and army installa- tions, and they have done so with utter disregard for the lives of civilians who happened to be around.

It’s clear that ethnic genetic interests were a main motivator for this attack. He also cites the Zealots, a Jewish sect from around 70 Ad, who committed suicide so that the Romans wouldn’t kill them. He cites the Japanese Kamikaze and the Iranian basaji, as well as saying that Churchill contemplated using suicide bombers against Germany if they invaded Britain, all of these examples serve as examples for genetic interests and altruistic self-sacrifice for you kin/co-ethnics. Rushton ends the paper as follows:

Genetic similarity, of course, is only one of many possible influences operating on political alliances. Causation is complex and there is no value in reducing relationships between ethnic groups to a single factor. Fellow ethnics will not always stick together, nor is conflict inevitable between groups any more than it is between genetically distinct individuals. In addition to reproductive success, individuals also work for motives such as economic success. However, as van den Berghe (1981) pointed out, from an evolutionary perspective, the ultimate measure of human success is not production but reproduction. Behavioural outcomes are always mediated by multiple causes. Nonetheless, genetic similarity can be expected to play a clear role in the social behaviour of small groups and even of large ones, both national and international. The hypothesis presented here is that because fellow ethnics carry copies of the same genes, ethnic consciousness is rooted in the biology of altruism and mutual reciprocity. Thus ethnic nationalism, xenophobia and genocide can become the ‘dark side’ of altruism. Moreover, shared genes can govern the degree to which an ideology is adopted (e.g. Rushton 1986 and 1989a). Some genes will replicate better in some cultures than in others. Religious, political and class conflicts become heated because they affect genetic fitness. Karl Marx did not take his analysis far enough: ideology may be the servant of economic interest, but genes influence both. Since individuals have a greater concentration of genetic interest (inclusive fitness) in their own ethnic group than they do in other ethnic groups, they can be expected to adopt ideas that proliferate their genes.

GST is a great argument that suicide bombers want to proliferate the genes of those genetically similar to themselves while at the same time getting rid of genes who didn’t pass kin on to the next generation, as well as getting rid of one individual who takes up resources without copulating kin to the next generation, by doing so this increases the fitness of his or her co-ethnics, and therefore, through altruistic self-sacrifice, spread on their genes in that manner. Because evolution is about reproduction, not production.

In this short paper, Suicide Bombers: Does an Evolutionary Perspective Make a Difference?which is a review of a book called The Myth of Martyrdom, the author argues that suicide bombers have similarities to others who commit suicide as well as murder-suicide, he ends up positing that there is no altruistic self-sacrifice and that suicide bombings are a result of mental health issues and individual crisis. The linked paper expands the author of the book’s idea that suicide bombers are increasing the inclusive fitness of their people. Those who behave in ways to promote the reproductive success of close kin (kin selection), in turn, enhance their inclusive fitness. There is also evolutionary evidence that we humans have been programmed evolutionary history to promote reproductive success of their kin as well as those closely related to them (their co-ethnics). 

Parents who sacrifice themselves for their children are doing so because of evolution. In saving their child, who shares 50 percent of their own genes, they are increasing the evolutionary success of their genes to continue to reproduce other generations. This is because the average similarity between people within a single population is on the magnitude of half-siblings. So co-ethnics are share 25 percent of their genes, on average. This is a cause for ethnocentrism, as I have argued many times here.

If an individual’s reproductive prospects are low, and they are not contributing to the welfare of those genetically similar to themselves, then removing their genes through suicide will not remove genes that already weren’t going to be removed due to not having any kin. The authors of the paper also argue that if the individual is taking up resources that could be better used by other kin to promote their best (ethnic) interests, then prolonging that individuals existence may diminish, rather than enhance, inclusive fitness for that group. Suicide is more common in those who are elderly as well as terminally ill, because those who are elderly or terminally ill have less of a chance of proliferating their genes, so they care less about their individual fitness, and in turn, care about inclusive fitness instead.

In the ASID (Adult Suicide Ideation Questionnaire), which is a 25 question self-report to measure suicide ideation and behavior in adults (Reynolds, 1991 b), those who participated in the study ranked feelings of suicide on a scale of zero to seven which include: “0 = Never had this thought; 1 = I had this thought before, but not in the last month; 2 = About once a month; 3 = Couple of times a month; 4 = About once a week; 5 = Couple of times a week; 6 = Almost every day). The ASIQ has extremely high, almost perfect correlations, .96, .96 and .97 in a sample of college students, community college students and a psychiatric sample using Cronbach’s Alpha Coefficients. Overall, the ASID correlates with depression (r=.60) and with hopelessness (r= .53) in a sample of college students (Reynolds, 1991 a).

There is also a positive correlation between suicide ideation and perceived burden to kin. The relationship was strengthened when participants were added for those with poor health as well as low interpersonal satisfaction, both of which indicate low inclusive fitness.

These reasons also show why Japanese Kamikaze Fighters did their suicide attacks: to protect their kin in their homeland as to better protect those genetically similar to themselves.

Many suicide bombers come from middle-class backgrounds, which further proves the case for genetic interests being the cause for this. The majority of Al-Qaeda members come from educated, middle-class backgroundsEven for Palestinian suicide bombers, none of them were poor, uneducated, simple minded nor depressed. The myth of the suicide bomber being poor and destitute and, therefore, chooses to kill himself for the myth of 72 virgins, which a majority of Muslims don’t believe in and is pushed by the Jews, is just that, a myth. Most are driven for altruistic self-sacrifice for their co-ethnics, as all co-ethnics are around the world.

Satoshi Kanazawa argues that many suicide bombers are driven to suicide due to sexual repression. He also notes that most Western men who are tricked by porn movies, most Muslims are tricked by the Quran, which did not exist in their ancestral environment. He theorizes that in the same way that Western men who watch porn believe they can potentially copulate with the women they see in porn movies, the same reasoning can be said for Muslims who believe they can copulate with the 72 virgins in their Heaven. Kanazawa says:

If you are a likely reproductive loser in the United States, watching porn is your way of meeting women and having sex. If you are a likely reproductive loser in a Muslim society, committing suicide bombing is your ticket.

He also notes how most suicide bombers are slightly more wealthy as well as educated than the population they come from, which I have just referenced above:

Social scientists have recently noted that suicide bombers tend to be slightly more educated and wealthier than the general Muslim population from which they come (Atran, 2003; Berrebi, 2003; Krueger and Maleckova, 2003), in seeming contradiction to my suggestion here, because such men should have more reproductive opportunities on earth than their less educated and poorer competitors. Closer examination of these studies reveals, however, that they are not inconsistent with my evolutionary psychological explanation of suicide bombings. For example, a study of 129 Hezbollah shahids (martyrs), only three of whom were suicide bombers, shows that shahids are significantly more likely to have attended secondary school or higher, and significantly less likely to come from a poor family (Krueger & Maleckova, 2003, pp. 129-135). However, this is entirely because Hezbollah members are more likely to come from Beirut and South Lebanon, characterized by higher level of education and less poverty. Once the geographic origin is controlled, shahids are no more likely (albeit no less likely either) to come from privileged background. (emphasis his)

Though most Muslims don’t believe the hadiths involving 72 virgins, Kanazawa puts forth a great theory, which also goes along with what I’ve been talking about for this whole article: there is a subconscious thing in their brain, which motivates them to suicide bomb as a strategy for inclusive fitness. By doing so, they are not taking up any more resources, so their kin/co-ethnics can better use those resources in order to proliferate their genes to the next generation.

Ashkenazi Jews show the same nepotism as Arabs, but go about their goals in a different way. They are two different sides to ethnic genetic interests and genetic similarity theory, basically polar opposites. Looking into both groups’ motivations through history and learning why they do what they do shows a lot about how the world is today.

Inbreeding was introduced to the Arabs by the Jews around 200 BC near the Levant. With that much inbreeding happening for so long, this led to the aforementioned effect of lowered IQ by 2.5 to 10 points on average and increased clannishness.

Suicide bombings offer yet another window into the reality that is Ethnic Genetic interests, as well as Genetic Similarity Theory and Group-Selection. Without those drivers, suicide bombings would be less in number because a majority of suicide bombings happen to increase inclusive fitness in the group because many of the men/women are childless or terminally ill. So by stopping themselves from taking up resources, they also increase the inclusive fitness of their co-ethnics because they are not taking up any more resources. They are also eliminating their genes, which didn’t copulate more progeny to the next generation. By getting rid of genes that don’t make it to the next generation and strengthening the gene pool of those who reproduce.

Suicide bombings show yet more reasons for the existence of GST, because if they weren’t so genetically similar due to inbreeding, suicide attacks would be lessened.

Genetic Similarity Theory as a Cause for Ethnocentrism

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Genetic Similarity Theory evolved so we could better spread on shared genes in our immediate population, as well as those closest to ourselves. Meaning those of our race/ethnicity. People say “how could altruism evolve if it’s self-sacrifice, selfishness would win out”. Well, what’s being preserved is not the individual, obviously, but shared genes. To those who say (JayMan) that ethnic genetic interests don’t exist, there is a mountain of evidence that says otherwise.

Rushton and Nicholson (1988), tested predictions from genetic similarity theory and found that spouses select each other on the basis of more genetically influenced cognitive tests. It’s known since The Bell Curve came out in 1994 that spouses select each other based on IQ. What Rushton and Nicholson noted in the study was that estimates of genetic influence calculated on Koreans and Canadians predicted assortative mating in European Americans in Hawaii and California. Americans of mixed ancestry made up for ethnic dissimilarity  by matching up on the more heritable traits, whereas the correlation is lower for those traits that are more influenced by the environment. The observations on genetic selection were weaker but still had a positive correlation, when the factor was taken out of the equation. This suggests that we choose mates based on the general intelligence factor.

In studies on bereavement, it’s noted that those parents who believe their children resembled their side of the family grieved more than if they believed their child resembled the opposite side of their family (Littlefield and Rushton, 1986). This has huge implications for Genetic Similarity Theory.

Henry Harpending showed that against the background of worldwide genetic variance, the average similarity between people in a single population is on the order of magnitude of half siblings.  To quote Rushton:

Political scientist Frank Salter calculated that compared to the Danes, any two random English people have a kinship of 1/32 of a cousin. Two English people become the equivalent of 3/8 of a cousin by comparison with people from the Near East, 1/2 cousin by comparison with people from India, half-siblings by comparison with people from China, and like full-siblings compared with people from sub-Saharan Africa.

Thus, the aggregate of genes people share with co-ethnics dwarfs those shared with extended families. Rather than being a poor relation of family nepotism, ethnic nepotism is virtually a proxy for it.

His conclusion being:

Conclusion: the reason people engage in ethnic nepotism, as well as marry similar others, and like, make friends with, and help the most similar of their neighbors, is that doing so benefits copies of their genes.

The sense of a common ethnicity remains a major focus of identification for individuals today. It is no more likely to diminish in the future than is that of the family.

Genetic similarity theory explains why.

In Rushton’s paper GENE-CULTURE COEVOLUTION AND GENETIC SIMILARITY THEORY: IMPLICATIONS FOR IDEOLOGY, ETHNIC NEPOTISM, AND GEOPOLITICStwo individuals will be, on average, more genetically similar to those of their own ethnicity than to those two from different ethnic groups. Therefore, it will be in the individual’s own self-interest to help one genetically similar to himself, and therefore, derogate the out-group, causing ethnic strife when two genetically dissimilar groups meet up and live together.

Jews that have been separated for thousands of years still show more genetic similarity to each other than to other populations. This shows in how ethnically nepotistic Ashkenazi Jews are to themselves. Jews from Iraq have more in common from a genetic viewpoint than do those 2 groups in comparison to other populations in the world. We can, therefore, expect Jews, as well as all populations in the world, to adopt ideologies that will proliferate their own genes, but come at the expense of derogating out-groups.

Genetic Similarity Theory may also explain how well and with how much tenacity the German military fought in WWII, as well as the lack of morale in the American Army during Vietnam.

He says that if genetic distance measures were calculated, that American liberals will be more genetically distant from the WASP average. The growth of white survivalism is also explained by genetic similarity theory. To quote Rushton:

The growth of “white survivalism” and militant “Christian Identity” groups such as the Aryan Nations, and the Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord, represent a more extreme response to these perceived threats to the AngloSaxon gene pool. If this overall analysis is correct, one might expect similar correlations in deviations from both genetic and ideological norms in other groups. Preserving the “purity” of the ideology might be an attempt at preserving the “purity” of the gene pool. Are ideological “conservatives” typically more genetically homogeneous than the same ideology’s “liberals”?

This can be seen today, no matter where you look in the world. From the Rwandan genocide involving the Tutsis and the Hutus to La Raza in the American Southwest to Black Lives Matter to the KKK and other white interest groups, to even how East Asians and other Asian immigrants basically isolate themselves in areas with those who are culturally, as well as genetically like themselves. Genetic similarity manifests itself in our societies and makes itself evident every day.

We can also view conflicts from other parts of the world to see genetic causes for them as well. We can look at the Northern Ireland conflicts between the Irish Protestants and Catholics to see if it represents a thousand-year-old continuation of the war between the AngloSaxons and the Celts, to the conflict of the Babylonians and the Egyptians which could be manifesting itself today between the Jews and the Arabs, ethnic dissimilarity shows itself in world geopolitics, as well as showing that ethnic dissimilarity is a driving focus in most of our wars and problems.

Rushton then finally asks the question:

If the replication of genetically similar genes is as strong a biological imperative as sociobiological theorizing suggests, why are descendants of North European populations everywhere in the world currently experiencing negative growth, while concurrently allowing extensive immigration from genetically less similar gene pools? Why, at the same time have North European populations adopted an ideology of secular humanism which discourages racist attitudes and encourages antipathies toward religious sentiment proportional to the degree to which those ideologies combat the new orthodoxy?

Cultural and organic evolution are different, yet linked in many ways and may ultimately share certain properties. Both strive to replicate at the expense of other groups, so we can see how ideologies could evolve that dramatically decrease fitness for one group over another. This also goes back centuries. This is seen in classes, and sometimes race. Those at the top, i.e., the more intelligent, have fewer children than the people that they rule over. Then, it’s not too long until the ruled become the rulers and the cycle repeats itself. Rushton says:

There is indeed evidence that this trade off exists at a quite profound level and moreover is related to other characteristics, the whole complex being partly genetic in origin (Rushton, 1985). My own guess is that low fertility may be partly mediated by a psychological process in which the desire to be in control of both oneself and one’s environment is taken to an extreme.

This is one of the many reasons that Europeans today have such a low birth rate. I have written before on how to ameliorate this effect, i.e., positive things shown to women in the media such as being happy with babies. That was shown to increase the birth rate in pre-WWII Germany as well as having a positive benefit on the psyche of the German women seeing other women happy with children. The effects of media socialization, though, go both ways, which is one reason for low European birthrates.

Successful cultures ultimately arise in those that the top of the society limits its reproduction, which, in turn, didn’t give others more genetically similar the chance to replace them. This may be a cause, as Rushton says, for the fall of the Graeco-Roman Empire, stating that the Roman Empire and other similar cultures were, presumably, evolutionary dead ends. He then asks: “If this perspective is accurate, are North Europeans headed for the same fate as the ruling classes of ancient Greece and Rome?”

Rushton ends the paper as follows:

The question is: if that time comes, in whose image will it be shaped? People will differ in their moral prescriptions. The choices they make are likely to reflect both their genetic and their ideological interests.

This is why I say, that, on an individual level, morals are subjective. Society as a whole sets morals, but this says to me that on an individual level that morals are subjective, but that’s for another time.

There are many reasons why altruism and ethnocentrism evolved, as well as many reasons why that same altruism is being used against Europeans, as well as some more environmental factors. This is also seen in Non-Western people who are abnormal to our societies due to differing evolution and culture, which culture is a product of genetics.

It’s clear that we are more altruistic to people who look more phenotypically similar to ourselves, to pass on and benefit copies of our genes. This evolved in spite of the negative impact on behalf of the altruist. The altruist is helping copies of his shared genes survive so that they may be copied into the next generation of progeny. The tendency to favor co-ethnics is the tendency to attempt to help pass on shared genes, as if the phenotype is similar, more often than not, the genotype is as well. This is the basis for ethnocentrism.

Are There Genetic Causes for Obesity?

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We all know about the Healthy At Every Size Movement (HAES) and how they claim that genetics is the cause of them being overweight and or obese and that genetics is the cause that they cannot lose weight as well as other people. I’m not here today to defend that they are right and that’s why they can’t lose weight (because lets be honest, they have no idea what they’re talking about, nor can they reference any type of study that says it), nor am I here today to give any credence to the HAES movement. I’m here today to talk about genetic causes for obesity as well as causalities that people don’t talk about and believe that kcal in and kcal are the only factors in becoming obese (I have never, nor will I ever dispute that kcal in and out has been the biggest factor involving obesity, just there are underlying causes that people do not talk about, which is the a huge cause in keeping people obese). What people don’t understand is that there are underlying factors that no one talks about that lead to obesity.

When people say that there are no genetic underpinnings for obesity, they are speaking on a subject that they are extremely ignorant about. They always say “kcal in and out”. Right, which I have never disputed. Though, those same people cannot say a thing to the studies that I provide, because they cannot adapt to new information and just parrot the same things as if that disproves the studies that I link. Furthermore, obesity and diabetes (which there is a close relationship between the two), are both nowhere near close enough to being understood.

I have already covered here that ability to delay gratification has a genetic component, and that those with low ability to delay gratification, as noted in my post, had a higher chance of becoming obese than those with a better ability to delay gratification. Some people have said to me that the Marshmallow Experiment didn’t have anything to do with the ability to delay gratification, that it was something else entirely, but alas, the individual obviously said nothing more when I asked him to comment on the post so my readers can read the exchange.

You all know that I covered ethnicity and obesity, but I’m making this post to serve as a something to reference while in discussion with people, as well as educate people who don’t know about these studies.

As noted in my previous article on obesity, there are racial difference in obesity (that pretty much follow Rushton’s Rule). Of course there are socioeconomic factors that are involved there, but to say that there is no genetic component is intellectually dishonest. To believe that there are absolutely no genetic causes for obesity and that environmental factors means everything shows that that person has no idea what they are talking about.

According to a meta-study of twins and families, the heritability of BMI is between .75 and .82. This used mono and dizygotic twins, as well as having over 140 thousand participants.  They observed 12 countries, all with differing racial/ethnic groups and the results were the same.

While in a discussion with someone, I got linked these studies: Obese toddlers have dramatically lowered IQObese toddlers have dramatically lowered IQ 2 and Obesity lowers children’s IQ. This is hilarious. The causalities are completely reversed. I would love to hear the explanation for the physiological mechanism that has obesity lower IQ. Well, Satoshi Kanazawa tackled this in his study back in 2014, that low IQ leads to obesity, obesity doesn’t lead to low IQ.

A few of the highlights include:

  • Cross-sectional studies conclude that obesity lowers IQ, whereas longitudinal studies conclude that those who become obese already have a low IQ since childhood
  • Careful examination of longitudinal studies in Sweden, New Zealand and America clearly show that the casual direction goes from low IQ to obesity, not obesity to low IQ
  • There is NO scientific evidence that shows that obesity leads to lowered IQ. There is, however, ample evidence, both in scientific theory as well as ample amounts of evidence that lower IQ people become obese

Individuals with IQs below 74 at 18 have BMI of 26.59 at 40, whereas those with IQs above 126 have BMI of 25.75 (P < 0.001). Similarly, there is a clear and monotonically negative association between intelligence at 18 and the BMI change from 18 to 40. Individuals with IQs below 74 gain 5.19 in BMI in 22 years, whereas those with IQs above 126 gain 3.73 (P < 0.001). Their conclusion remains identical even when they control for systolic and diastolic blood pressure, resting pulse rate, birth place, birth year, and education at conscription. Their results from a large population sample of Swedish men make it clear that it is adolescent intelligence that influences BMI in middle age, not the other way around

The fact of the matter is this: obesity does not lower IQ. Those with certain agendas would like you to believe that becoming obese drops IQ, whereas ample scientific data shows the opposite. Including this study which states that those in the cohort who became obese didn’t see a drop in IQ from childhood, instead, those individuals who became obese already had a lower IQ since childhood. You already know that I did not get a response to these studies. That’s because showing people that they’re wrong actually makes them believe their wrong beliefs more, especially if they have low self-confidence (how ironic).

There have been genes that have been found that are associated with binge eating. If a young adolescent has this particular variant on the FTO gene, they are 20 to 30 percent more likely to binge eat than those who don’t have the variant. This was observed in girls particularly, who were 30 percent more likely to binge eat if they had the variation.

Dr. Peter Atilla had a TED Talk on how obesity may be hiding an even more insidious problem. To quote from the transcript:

Yet when it came to a disease like diabetes that kills Americans eight times more frequently than melanoma, I never once questioned the conventional wisdom. I actually just assumed the pathologic sequence of events was settled science.

Three years later, I found out how wrong I was. But this time, I was the patient. Despite exercising three or four hours every single day, and following the food pyramid to the letter, I’d gained a lot of weight and developed something called metabolic syndrome. Some of you may have heard of this. I had become insulin-resistant.

Now, most researchers believe obesity is the cause of insulin resistance. Logically, then, if you want to treat insulin resistance, you get people to lose weight, right? You treat the obesity. But what if we have it backwards? What if obesity isn’t the cause of insulin resistance at all? In fact, what if it’s a symptom of a much deeper problem, the tip of a proverbial iceberg? I know it sounds crazy because we’re obviously in the midst of an obesity epidemic, but hear me out. What if obesity is a coping mechanism for a far more sinister problem going on underneath the cell? I’m not suggesting that obesity is benign, but what I am suggesting is it may be the lesser of two metabolic evils.

You can think of insulin resistance as the reduced capacity of our cells to partition fuel, as I alluded to a moment ago, taking those calories that we take in and burning some appropriately and storing some appropriately. When we become insulin-resistant, the homeostasis in that balance deviates from this state. So now, when insulin says to a cell, I want you to burn more energy than the cell considers safe, the cell, in effect, says, “No thanks, I’d actually rather store this energy.” And because fat cells are actually missing most of the complex cellular machinery found in other cells, it’s probably the safest place to store it. So for many of us, about 75 million Americans, the appropriate response to insulin resistance may actually be to store it as fat, not the reverse, getting insulin resistance in response to getting fat.

You can think of insulin as this master hormone that controls what our body does with the foods we eat,whether we burn it or store it. This is called fuel partitioning in the lingo. Now failure to produce enough insulin is incompatible with life. And insulin resistance, as its name suggests, is when your cells get increasingly resistant to the effect of insulin trying to do its job. Once you’re insulin-resistant, you’re on your way to getting diabetes, which is what happens when your pancreas can’t keep up with the resistance and make enough insulin.

But most important, I was left with these three burning questions that wouldn’t go away: How did this happen to me if I was supposedly doing everything right? If the conventional wisdom about nutrition had failed me, was it possible it was failing someone else? And underlying these questions, I became almost maniacally obsessed in trying to understand the real relationship between obesity and insulin resistance.

So what I’m suggesting is maybe we have the cause and effect wrong on obesity and insulin resistance.Maybe we should be asking ourselves, is it possible that insulin resistance causes weight gain and the diseases associated with obesity, at least in most people? What if being obese is just a metabolic response to something much more threatening, an underlying epidemic, the one we ought to be worried about?

Let’s look at some suggestive facts. We know that 30 million obese Americans in the United States don’t have insulin resistance. And by the way, they don’t appear to be at any greater risk of disease than lean people. Conversely, we know that six million lean people in the United States are insulin-resistant, and by the way, they appear to be at even greater risk for those metabolic diseases I mentioned a moment ago than their obese counterparts. Now I don’t know why, but it might be because, in their case, their cells haven’t actually figured out the right thing to do with that excess energy. So if you can be obese and not have insulin resistance, and you can be lean and have it, ******this suggests that obesity may just be a proxy for what’s going on.******

So what if we’re fighting the wrong war, fighting obesity rather than insulin resistance? Even worse, what if blaming the obese means we’re blaming the victims? What if some of our fundamental ideas about obesity are just wrong?

Personally, I can’t afford the luxury of arrogance anymore, let alone the luxury of certainty. I have my own ideas about what could be at the heart of this, but I’m wide open to others. Now, my hypothesis, because everybody always asks me, is this. If you ask yourself, what’s a cell trying to protect itself from when it becomes insulin resistant, the answer probably isn’t too much food. It’s more likely too much glucose: blood sugar. Now, we know that refined grains and starches elevate your blood sugar in the short run,and there’s even reason to believe that sugar may lead to insulin resistance directly. So if you put these physiological processes to work, I’d hypothesize that it might be our increased intake of refined grains, sugars and starches that’s driving this epidemic of obesity and diabetes, but through insulin resistance,you see, and not necessarily through just overeating and under-exercising.

The fact of the matter is this: we need to look at any and all causes to do with obesity. To fully understand this disease is to look at any and all factors involving it. To discard theories and make new ones, or just disregard what was looked at. People who say that we shouldn’t look at these types of things really have no idea what they’re talking about. To fully understand a problem, we need to look at any and all causes that may be underlying.

I’m currently writing a research paper on Prader-Willi’s Syndrome (which I will post here when I’m done with it), and as I was watching the documentary, a few things jumped out at me:

  • They are infantile
  • They clearly have a lack of ability to delay gratification
  • Prader-Willi’s people have an IQ, on average of 70
  • Due to being infantile, they have a lack of ability to delay gratification, so along with that, they have lower IQs which is correlated with lack of abstract thought

To say that these people “can control themselves” and they “just need to eat less” is dishonest, to say the least. Those people with disorders such as these really have no say in the matter.

In a follow-up to the Marshmallow Experiment, studies were done on those individuals they could still find 40 years later. What was found that those who lacked the ability to delay gratification in pre-school ended up becoming obese. We need to identify those children with low ability to delay gratification because it’s clear that those with the lack of ability to delay gratification end up becoming obese in adulthood.

This is a favorite of mine. People may say “Fat shaming is good!!! It leads to people thinking about what they’re doing and, in turn, they will lose weight!!!” How wrong that is. Present research indicates that in addition to poorer mental health outcomes, weight discrimination has implications for obesity. ******Rather than motivating people to lose weight, weight discrimination increases the risk for obesity.****** Why people think that making fun of people will lead to weight loss is beyond me.


Interestingly, a slightly different pattern emerged when the analyses were based on measured BMI. When the sample with measured weight and height was limited to participants who were overweight at baseline, the risk of obesity was a little stronger but essentially the same (OR = 2.18, 95% CI = 1.04–4.45). In contrast, when this sample was limited to normal weight participants at baseline, there was not enough data for the analysis: of the 14 participants in the normal weight category who reported weight discrimination, none became obese

Similar to weight gain, weight discrimination was associated with remaining obese over the period between the two assessments (see Table 1). That is, those who experienced discrimination based on their weight were over three times more likely to remain obese at follow-up, rather than drop below the obesity threshold, than those who did not experience such discrimination.

The evidence is clear: weight discrimination actually increases the problem that people actually laugh at and make fun of people for. How ironic is that?

In conclusion (I will add to this post as new research comes out), to say that there are no underlying causes of obesity is intellectually dishonest. There are clear underlying causes to this obesity epidemic, which we need to look at any and all of these causes to fully understand obesity better (which we are nowhere close to understanding this problem).

The Evolution of Jewish Nepotism and High IQ

1300 words

(I touched on the connection between Ashkenazi Jews and Italians. This will be about evolution of Jewish nepotism as well as another part of the puzzle to the high Jewish IQ.)

Ashkenazi Jews are over-represented in many facets in America, as well as around the world. What is the cause of Jewish nepotism? What makes them stick together so much while derogating other ethnicities?

The evolution of nepotism in Ashkenazi Jewish communities goes back a few thousand years. They constantly got kicked out of nations, 109 times to be exact, so therefore, they needed to be more clannish, which comes with increased genetic similarity. They needed to stick together and always have each other’s backs. This is due to inbreeding, which as noted above leads to increased genetic similarity and therefore, individuals who inbreed closely become more related to one another than non-co-ethnics. When two groups who are so genetically distant live in one society together, strife happens. Which is going on in Europe at the moment. But with Jews, it’s different. They are more in the background, so to speak. They hide in the shadows while giving more favoritism to their own kind, ethnic nepotism.

Ethnic nepotism in the Jewish community evolved due to persecution over the thousands of years by non-Jews on Jews for things such as usury, which is defined as the illegal action of borrowing money at extremely high interest rates. In the middle ages in Europe, the Catholic Church forbade money lending. This is where the Jews came in and became bankers, lending money to the populace of the countries. Abnormal amounts of interest were given to the people in the country. In turn, the Jews got driven out due to preying on the populace of the country and taking advantage of them.

So when they got driven out, they had to stick together. As I noted in the linked article on the connection between Ashkenazi Jews and Southern Italians, male Jews migrated from the Levant to Rome during Greco-Roman times, which mass conversions led to 6 million ( =^) Roman women who then began to practice Judaism. The genetic proximity of Ashkenazi Jews and Syrian Jews to Northern Italians, Sardinians and French populations suggest that there is non-Semitic ancestry in Ashkenazi Jews. The findings also say that any theories of Ashkenazi Jews having ancestry in Khazaria or from Slavs are incompatible with genetic studies. The close genetic similarity of Ashkenazi Jews and Southern Europeans has been noted in many studies. Any theories of Ashkenazi Jews being converts from the Khazar empire got put to rest by this paper. Anyway, that’s part of the reason for their higher average IQ, breeding with beautiful Roman women a few thousand years ago.

Combined with selection pressures selecting against those less smart Jews, as brought up by Cochran, Hardy and Harpending, this led to those less intelligent Jews to be culled from the population. Due to this, this led to them only being in occupations in which they had to have high intellect. Therefore, those less intelligent Jews couldn’t make the money needed to survive, and, therefore, their genes got taken out of the gene pool. The more intelligent Jews, in turn, then had more kids, increasing the chances for more genetic mutations to positively affect IQ. So because those rich Jews in the middle ages had more kids, this led to even more selection for higher IQs in the Ashkenazi population. So because those more intelligent Jews had more money, and obviously more intelligence, they could be more nepotistic to others in their in-group while derogating those in the out-group.

In Rushton’s paper, Ethnic nationalism, evolutionary psychology and Genetic Similarity Theoryhe posits that since ethnic groups are repositories of shared genes, xenophobia, as well as out-group derogation, is the “dark side of human altruism”. Which makes sense. If you care more for your own group than for others, that will make for a better chance for individuals, as well as groups, to pass on shared genes. Due to very close inbreeding. All Ashkenazi Jews are 30th cousins. So with that increased genetic similarity, this leads to increased altruism as well as a higher chance to shun others not in the ethnic group. This is a sound evolutionary strategy to keep the close genetic similarities. Though, with whites, as I have alluded to a few times on this blog, that doesn’t happen due to media socialization (owned BY the Jews).

So because the individual is the carrier of the genes, the close relatedness (Rushton says in the paper linked above the co-ethnics from around the world are related to each other on the order of first cousins!), we can see that how we protect our close family and want nothing bad to happen to them as well as favor them over other peoples/groups, the same holds true for those ethnicities that are extremely genetically  close due to inbreeding.

The close inbreeding, however, leads to an increased chance for recessive genes to be given to the child. Therefore, genetic diseases developed. In their paper, Cochran, Hardy and Harpending say that Gaucher, Tay-Sach’s and  Niemann-Pick heterozygotes lead to increased IQ. To quote from the paper:

We do have strong but indirect evidence that one of these, Gaucher disease, does indeed increase IQ. Professor Ari Zimran, who heads the Gaucher Clinic at the Shaare Zedek Medical Centre in Jerusalem, furnished us a list of occupations of 302 Gaucher patients. Because of the Israeli medical care system, these are essentially all the Gaucher patients in the country. Of the 255 patients who are not retired and not students, 81 are in occupations that ordinarily average IQ’s greater than 120. There are 13 academics, 23 engineers, 14 scientists, and 31 in other high IQ occupations like accountants, physicians, or lawyers. The government of Israel states that 1.35% of Israeli’s working age population are engineers or scientists, while in the Gaucher patient sample 37/255 or 15% are engineers or scientists. Since Ashkenazim make up 60% of the workforce in Israel, a conservative base rate for engineers and scientists among Ashkenazim is 2.25% assuming that all engineers and scientists are Ashkenazim. With this rate, we expect 6 in our sample and we observe 37. The probability of 37 or more scientists and engineers in our sample, given a base rate of 2.25%, is approximately 4 x 10-19 . There are 5 physicists in the sample, while there is an equal number, 5, of unskilled workers. In the United States the fraction of people with undergraduate or higher degrees in physics is about one in one thousand. If this fraction applies even approximately to Israel the expected number of physicists in our sample is 0.25 while we observe 5. Gaucher patients are clearly a very high IQ subsample of the general population

So those certain genetic diseases, which came about due to such close inbreeding, have negative effects on Ashkenazi health, but clearly not their intellect.

The reasons for high Ashkenazi nepotism are persecutions for the past few thousand years (which led to them needing to stick together more), the need for them to go in to high IQ occupations such as banking, which led to the culling of those Jews who weren’t as intelligent, therefore leading to the culling of those genes out of the gene pool, and finally genetic diseases most likely, with some pretty solid evidence that there is a rise in a few IQ points due to certain diseases they have. The biggest reason for Jewish nepotism is, of course, increased genetic similarity due to such close inbreeding for thousands of years which basically make Ashkenazi Jews 30th cousins.

Just a Rant on Gould, Lewontin, the IQ gap and Rushton

1800 words

IQ is the reason why the education gap won’t be closed. We all know that. Even the Marxists know that. But, for some reason because of their egalitarian mindset, they won’t accept the facts. You know damn well that these Marxists KNOW for a FACT that things such as IQ, educational achievement, success and others are a result of genetics, but because of their idiocy, they clamor on about how ‘we are all equal’ and all of this trash. Which is, obviously, simply not true at all. If ‘environment’ is the cause of low IQ, and therefore low educational achievement, among other positive factors involving IQ and successes in life, how come negros raised in white homes don’t score the same as whites? It’s obviously genetic. Idiots like to cite Eyferth (the German study after WW2), which also had 25 percent French North Africans according to Rushton and Jensen, which ended up skewing the sample. They did not test them again at adulthood, and again, according to Rushton and Jensen, the gap in IQ really starts to become noticeable DURING those years that they tested the children at around 11 years of age.

Also, the Tizard study that put blacks, whites and mixed negro/whites in a nursery setting, 85 kids at 2 to 5 years of age, why  do people cite THIS study?! It doesn’t matter in the context that we are speaking of. It’s well known that IQ is more malleable in young kids and that at adulthood that environment doesn’t matter. We also have the Moore study, which tested 25 negros, aged 7 to 10 years old raised in a white family, as well as 23 negros raised in a black family. The ones adopted into a black family scored 104, compared to the ones adopted into white families who scored 117. People may say “Well, they didn’t differ in their environment and not their genes, so, therefore, the B-W IQ gap is 100 percent environmental.” Retarded. Again, the IQ gap HEIGHTENS at this age that they tested them at. Egalitarians really need new ammo if they want to attempt to beat us. Because the facts are on our side.

We also know that educational achievement is genetic as well (60 percent heritable). The studies say nothing about race in the involvement with the achievement gap, but all you have to do is look at  SAT, ACT (here is Kentucky in comparison with Louisiana, Tennessee and Mississippi), ASVAB and other similar test scores to be able to see that minorities (Hispanics and negros) do not score as high as whites or Asians. Then people like to say “Hurrr the black social structure isn’t conducive to learning and being intellectual”. Bullshit. Why may that be? Do you think that one say some negros all of a sudden said: “Let’s just say that being intelligent is stupid and beat up other negros (outliers) because they are smart.” Nah. Doesn’t work like that. At all. It’s, as we all know, genetic.

Let’s talk about Africa. Average IQ 70, due in part to nutrient deficiencies, disease, parasitic load, vitamin b deficiencies, zinc deficiencies, iron and protein deficiencies is part of the reason why their IQ is so low. Richard Lynn states that with proper nutrition, their IQ will be able to jump 13 points (which would only be possible with the white man because they are too stupid to learn HOW to farm as evidenced by Zimbabwe/Rhodesia).  I’m hugely interested in nutrition and what nutrient deficiencies do in individuals and how they affect each individual as well as groups. People like to say the colonialism is the cause for the low HDI in Africa. Lies. Ethiopia was never colonized (it was in WW2 by Italy IIRC), and they still aren’t too well off, though they do have a 71 IQ, 4 points higher than the average according to Richard Lynn, which lines up with HBD, cause being that Ethiopians do have a high amount of Caucasoid ancestry.

So why do we get attacked? And called the buzzword ‘racist’ (which I should rally to change it to ‘ethnocentrist’)? It’s because, even though people may not have the knowledge, nor the intellect to know what we are talking about, they know deep down that we are right. I completely understand (though I fucking hate it) egalitarianism, but it’s a ridiculous concept. It simply will not work at all. Save, CRISPR gene editing. Obviously, once we identify intelligence genes (people like Steve Hsu are actively researching these things), we will be able to effect intelligence with CRISPR genome editing. Though, negros will still be negros. Low IQ isn’t all of it, but it has a lot to do with it, along with other biologic factors such as higher average testosterone (don’t show me that bullshit study about Meccies having higher test, they didn’t test free testosterone), MAOA-L gene, the 2 repeat version, as well as lack of empathy (currently, only Rhodesians were tested for this, but with more tests we know that it will come out that our good friends the African Americans will have the same).

Not even just normal people with everyday lives get heckled into not speaking out, but academics such as Rushton and Jensen and Herrnstein and Wilson had to cancel lectures because they got threats. People said, “Wilson, Hernnstein you can’t hide, you believe in genocide”.Why are they so scared about academic scholars, researchers and psychologists speaking to a group who wants to hear them speak? You have things like the Rushton/Suzuki debate, where Suzuki just threw ad hominems at Rushton, meanwhile, Rushton stayed calm, cool and collected, and stated the facts while Suzuki just gave character attacks and ad hominems saying TAKE HIS FUNDING AND FIRE HIM. Why is he so scared? He, as a geneticist, should KNOW about the genetic difference in IQ between individuals as well as group differences, but, he is a Marxist, such as Lewontin and Gould (who I will get to later). Rushton completely DESTROYED HIM in this debate.

We have Jews like Lewontin who say “The genetic distance in ethnicity is more than that of the genetic distance BETWEEN groups. Yes, this is true. But that doesn’t invalidate the ACTUALITY of race. We are 98.5 percent the same genetically to chimps, so obviously that small difference is enough to bring HUGE changes between us. It’s also not just the differences in the DNA between us, BUT HOW THE GENES ARE EXPRESSED that give the differences between the 2 species. So, with that being said, the so-called ‘small genetic distance between races’ DOES STILL MATTER, because it’s HOW THOSE DIFFERENCES IN GENES ARE EXPRESSED, and NOT the differences between them. Lewontin is also a self-professed Marxist, like our other friend, Steven Gould.

We all know that Gould is a liar. We all know that he deliberately fudged the data on Morton’s skulls. Why it took THIRTY YEARS to unveil the fraud that he did on a dead man, Samuel Morton, is beyond me. Him, along with Lewontin, put their political ideology of MARXISM before actual SCIENCE. He also lied about the data in The Bell Curve, as well as sex differences in intelligence, brain size, early IQ testing, the reality of the g factor, race and IQ, race and brain size, natural born criminals, between-group heritabilities, and evolutionary selection. Rushton destroys his ‘book’ The Mismeasure of Man. People have said to me “Don’t talk about a man who isn’t here to defend his views and what he wrote”. OH, YOU MEAN LIKE HOW HE TRIED TO SAY THAT MORTON’S SKULL DATA WAS WRONG??!?!?!? For some irony, here is such an ironic quote I saw while reading his book the other day:

May I end up next to Judas Iscariot, Brutus, and Cassius in the devil’s mouth at the center of hell if I ever fail to present my most honest assessment and best judgment of evidence for empirical truth. (pg 39, The Mismeasure of Man)

Now to get to Flynn (I really need to make a comprehensive post on this, will put it in the backlog). The man who continues to cite the Eyferth study, despite it being having nothing to do with this conversation as they didn’t retest the kids at adulthood. The term ‘Flynn Effect’ was termed by Murray and Herrnstein in The Bell Curve (which was also noticed by Richard Lynn in the 70s. Rushton calls it the “Lynn-Flynn Effect”). But, the ‘Flynn Effect’ is hogwash. Yea, IQ has been growing at a rate of 3 points per decade, in every country you look at since the 30s. But, the gap STILL persists. In 1945, the average white IQ was 85, right at the black average today. Richard Lynn stated that the ‘Flynn Effect’ is due to better nutrition, which I am inclined to agree with him there. So, even with the 3 points of increase over the past 70 years, the gap STILL PERSISTS, proving that it’s GENETIC IN ORIGIN. Yea, blacks are getting more intelligent (though, at the present time, blacks are showing a sharper dysgenic decline than whites) but whites are as well, and even with this 3 points jump in IQ per decade, the gap is still there. It IS genetic.

You have OTHER Marxists like Jared Diamond (do you see a trend? =^) ) that say that group differences come from the environment that they live in and evolved in. For instance that it’s harder to farm in Africa, domesticatable animals, according to him, only 13 animals have been domesticated. He even says that New Guineans MAY be more intelligent than Europeans (RIDICULOUS), did he admit that ENVIRONMENT CAUSE INTELLIGENCE DIFFERENCES DUE TO ENVIRONMENT?!?!??! He says that he got these views when one of his New Guinean friends said “Why do you have more cargo (physical possessions) than us? It’s clear that his Marxist egalitarian views PUSHED HIM to write his shitty ass book. Has been discredited by Rushton here.

We are on the verge of a paradigm shift. The longer the BL(don’t)M keeps up with their nonsense and non-arguments, as well as all of these other negros who call for a race war and to kill KKKops, the more that the sensible, high IQ American people will come to our side. Paradigms don’t stay the same way forever. Ever since the 60s we have been in an ever growing dystopia of Marxism and other leftist positions, which clearly don’t work.

WE WILL WIN THIS CULTURE WAR. This war isn’t physical, it’s a battle of minds, sources and intellect, which we clearly have. It’s up to people like us to defend the work of Rushton, Jensen and Herrnstein. They did what they could to get the truth out. They risked their safety, livelihood and academic credence to get this data out, despite what the egalitarian Marxists believed.

Non-Western People are Abnormal to Our Societies

1600 words

Abnormal psychology is a facet of psychology that studies abnormalities in people compared to the average of the population. Abnormal psychology, therefore, has “the 4 d’s”, which are:

Deviance, dysfunction, distress and danger.

All 4 of those things that are involved with abnormal psych have to do with  the mass immigration into all Western societies around the world. Their behavior is abnormal in the sense that it’s not normal for our societies. In this post today, I will explain how and why mass immigration falls under the umbrella of “the 4 d’s” of abnormal psychology and its consequences for our societies as a whole.

Now I will define the term “Western culture”, which is defined as:

Western culture, sometimes equated with Western civilization, Western lifestyle or European civilization, is a term used very broadly to refer to a heritage of social norms, ethical values, traditional customs, belief systems, political systems, and specific artifacts and technologies that have some origin or association with Europe.

The first “d” of abnormality is “deviance”. Deviance is defined as deviation from the norm. Different, extreme, unusual or bizarre.

A) Thoughts, behaviors and emotions are different from what is considered normal in a specific time or place by people. What I will describe below is how non-Western immigrants have thoughts, behaviors and emotions that are different from what is considered normal in our time, place and by our people.

B) the individual deviates from social norms which are stated and unstated rules for proper conduct in a given society or culture. Deviation from societal norms, i.e., sex with a minor is one major thing that these non-Western immigrants do. They deviate from our societal norms. Most non-Western immigrants do things such as this, along with more, but this is the easiest example to give for this.

C) judgments of abnormality vary from society to society as norms grow from a particular culture. So they depend on circumstance. This is true. Those actions that are considered deviant in our society are not deviant in other societies due to differing cultural norms (which culture is defined by IQ).

The average non-Western immigrant is deviant in comparison to our societal norms. Their morals and way of life differ from that of the average of our societies.

Some good examples are the mass immigration to Europe from Western Asia, as well as mass immigration to America from the South of the border. They bring their cultural values to our countries, then their deviant cultural values start to permeate our society as more and more of them come and they have more and more kids.

Both of those cultures do things that are huge taboos in our own Western societies: mainly courting and having sex with young children, as old as 12 years old.

Ages of consent differ in comparison to which society you look at. For instance in Egypt it’s 18, Northern Ireland is 17, Namibia is 16, Sweden is 15, Canada is 14, Korea is 13 (this is a contradictory law, with the AoC being 19) and Mexico is 12. These are all differing societies with differing racial populations with differing social norms for age of consent.

So those from the South of the border come here, and they bring their cultural values here with them. They then attempt to court and have sex with those same young girls where it would be legal where they come from, but it’s illegal in the US due to our societal norms. Therefore, it is deviant behavior as it goes away from the norm.

The average global age of consent is 16. Though, in those Muslim-Western Asian countries, the AoC is either 16 to 18 or you have to be married. This means they are not following the laws of their home countries when they attempt to court younger women.

This also has to do with their social structure and religion which marries child brides. They bring their culture and ways of life to Europe/America (the same as those from South of the American border), which in turn with more of them coming in, as well as their current birth rates (current birth rates never remain stable, so, to guesstimate what birth rates and trends will look like in 20 to 30 years isn’t good) if they become the majority in our countries, they will, in turn, make their current deviant behavior non-deviant because they then made themselves the majority and, in turn, making their actions the norm and not deviant. This, along with so many more reasons is why we cannot have mass non-Western immigration in to our countries. Their cultural values don’t line up with ours.

Seeing as IQ defines culture, culture doesn’t define IQ, we can see that, on average, those countries with cultures closer to ours have higher average IQs, whereas those countries with cultures further away from our own have lower IQs.

The second “d of abnormality” is dysfunction. Dysfunction is defined as the interference in a person’s ability to conduct daily activities. Their behavior interferes with their ability to conduct day to day activities, because their biology, from which their social structure derives from, doesn’t allow them to function without the dysfunction to be good citizens of our societies. For the behavior to be abnormal, it must be deviant, as well as cause dysfunction.

A) abnormal behavior leads to interference in daily functions. Culture and play a big role. Some examples of dysfunction are as follows:

Social isolation, fear, less sleep, increased appetite, not eating, depression, down mood, self-conscious, hygiene, thinking too much, joy, paranoia, hyperactivity, decrease in motor functions. Those non-Western immigrants are dysfunctional in our societies, due to how they evolved in their own area, which in turn led to their cultural values we see today. A lot of those definitions for “dysfunction” fit most immigrants in to our countries.

The third “d of abnormality” is distress. Distress is defined as being unpleasant or upsetting to the person.

A) according to clinical theorists, behaviors, thoughts, and ideas have to cause distress before they’re considered abnormal. Other theorists may not believe this. I agree with the clinical theorists. Behaviors are abnormal when behaviors, thoughts and ideas cause distress, which of course this distress is deviation from the norm due to their actions.

The non-Western immigrants cause distress by rape, assault, sexual assault, murder, etc. They (Arabs/Muslims) do so because they are so inbred, which in turn leads to them being more genetically similar to their own, which is the cause of strife and distress when they meet up with other ethnic groups when they migrate to other countries that don’t share their cultural norms.

So, behaviors are deviant when they cause distress and move away from societal norms, which then cause dysfunction.

The fourth and final “d of abnormality” is danger. Danger is defined as a person posing risk or harm to others or themselves.

A) abnormal behaviors become dangerous to one’s self or others – behaviors may become careless, hostile or even confused

B) dangerousness tends to be exception rather than rule

The average behavior of those non-Western immigrants is dangerous to us in the West. Their behavior is deviant, which leads to dysfunction, which in turn leads to distress of the people in the area and finally it is dangerous to the population.

They are dangerous to us because they don’t know how to live in our Western societies, they don’t know how to handle themselves around beautiful Western women (because their women are covered up from head to toe all day), so therefore when the average Western Asian sees the average Western woman, they cannot control their urges due to 1) low IQ and 2) higher testosterone. Those with lower IQs cannot control their urges like those with higher IQs. As seen here, those with higher IQs lost their virginity later than those with lower IQs, showing that the higher your IQ, the more you can hold back your urges to have sex.

That’s not to say that all non-Western immigrants act like this. As always, I’m talking about averages. There are those on the right side of The Bell Curve, who are not a representative of their population, so they can assimilate into our culture. But for the vast majority of those people, they cannot assimilate due to lower average IQ as well as their average behavioral patterns for their ethnic group, which causes the “4 d’s of abnormality” as I have listed above.

The same can be said for Negros in America as well. They are deviant, dysfunctional, they cause distress in our country and finally, they pose a danger to us, our families and societies as a whole. Just like those immigrants we have come into our countries who cannot assimilate because it’s not in their biology.

The “4 d’s of abnormality” and how they relate to our culture and the current culture/biology of those non-Western immigrants coming into our country is extremely telling. It’s clear that those people cannot assimilate into our societies because of differing biology and differing locations in which they evolved in. We chose our environments based on our biologyEnvironment increasingly depends on their genes, rather than being the cause of their exogenous behavior. That says it all. We chose the environments we put ourselves in based on our biology. I will now end with this Douglas Whitman quote, which I have heard called “Whitman’s Law” (great name):

Race is not a social construct. Society is a racial construct. Society and culture derive from race/biology

Through Race Realist’s Lens: Comparing and Contrasting Race Realists to Leftists

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What are the differences in the world views of us race realists compared to leftists? They are numerous, I will only touch on a few today. Denial of crime statistics, denial of basic biology and finally denial of evolution when it doesn’t fit their agenda.

First off, leftists claim to be so “into science”, yet when you bring up the biological reality of race, they shout you down and say that “it’s a social construct”. They say that identifying race differences will allow those ‘evil Nazis’ to come back into the fold by utilizing eugenics to create “the perfect human”.

The thing is, yes it is a social construct, everything is. It’s just how we describe things that we physically see. The Universe is a social construct. We describe it as we see it. We define it as a word. Therefore, it is a social construct. Does that mean the Universe doesn’t exist? Since everything is socially constructed, then with their logic, nothing exists because it all is socially constructed.

I do get what they say when they say that “race is a social construct”. But, the thing is, we can call all of the races/ethnicities different things than we do now. That STILL won’t change the biological reality of race and ethnicity because no matter if we change what we call these population clusters which cluster differently on the PCA graph, the biological reality is still there. If we change the term “European” to the term “hub li mix”, yes the social construction is changed, but the underlying biology stays the same. Just because we change the name of what we call something doesn’t change the underlying nature of the biological reality of race. Just because we call it something different doesn’t mean that those clusters on the PCA graph will all of a sudden disappear.

Yes, the word “race” was recently invented. Therefore, people say that it’s a useless construct. But, with the advent of the HGP, we see that even though we’re 99.9 percent the same (12 percent of DNA varies amongst race and populations, which came out after comparing copy number variations (CNVs) across those from different racial populations), we see that even though what we call a “social construct” has all of this biological data to back it up, people still deny it.

We race realists see any and all genetic variation and we draw the correct, logical and intelligent conclusions from them, we don’t attempt to silence any of our detractors like they do us, because we have the truth on our side. Those with the truth on their sides don’t need to censor contrary opinions because the truth always wins out in the end.

Another one of my favorites is the denial of crime statistics. With FBI Table 43, people say that there is a bias against blacks and other minorities that make the so-called racist police arrest them because they’re racially biased. They aren’t. With the NCVS (National Crime and Victimization Survey), we can see that those who were interviewed about their attacks lined up with a number of arrests that the police did. There is NO racial bias in police arrests.

On that same note, they may say that the judges and courts are biased against them as well. That once they see a black man in the courtroom, the always throw the book at him. Well, there is no evidence of discrimination in criminal justice processing. The racial disparity was completely accounted for by including covariates for self-reported lifetime violence and IQ. Meaning, those with lower IQs are more likely to be criminals, which I have touched on here.

Finally, the Left claims to be all in to science, yet when it’s shown that race is a biological reality, they don’t like it, call  it racist and then show a study with many wrong things, including methodologies and other factors.

The thing is, if evolution didn’t cause the diversity we see in humanity, what did? What other force could be so powerful to select for these huge differences that are based on the environment that population evolved in, if not for evolution/natural selection? I’ve yet to hear of a good response to this, most likely because they don’t have one. They may use a creationist argument, but those are easily disproven.

It boggles my mind how those who are supposedly so pro-science will deny evolution as being the cause for the differing races, what else could make those changes? No other theory that has been postulated has made more sense than Darwin’s (1859) theory of evolution.

The difference between us race realists and leftists is that when we see things that we don’t like, yet are backed by solid science, we don’t disregard the data or try to explain it away. We accept it and move on. Though, those on the left don’t accept it and attempt to use mental gymnastics in order to not accept the reality that they just saw. That’s a great example, in and of itself, that shows that they only like science when it agrees with their worldview.

The same left that attempted to drive James Watson out of science, which proves that they only like and speak about science when it says things that agree with their world views. That is solid science. Yes, 64 percent of psychology studies cannot be replicated, that holds true for all studies in psychology, except for IQ.

So, the left who denies all of our facts and data do so because they cannot accept the reality that their worldview is wrong. I used to be that way. Then I read many studies and read differing views on the matter before drawing my own conclusions, which should be obvious to you by now.

They claim to love science and studies, yet disregard when it shows that race is real; there is no racial bias in sentencing by judges; that all psychology studies cannot be replicated, save for IQ; and they claim that FBI Table 43 is skewed and racist despite the fact that victim surveys line up with police arrests.

The left says we don’t live in the real world, it’s them who do not live in the real world. With how much they love to deny reality, that point should be very clear.

“7 Reasons Why The Concept Of IQ Test Is Flawed”: Yet Another IQ denialist Refutation

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Yet another article from the camp of the IQ denialists that “IQ tests are flawed“. The past 100 years in psychometrics say otherwise. If IQ tests were so flawed, then it wouldn’t be illegal for employers to administer IQ tests to their applicants. If IQ tests were so flawed, then the Army and other branches of the US military wouldn’t use the ASVAB, and other similar tests like it, to see where to put people who join the military.

1. Criticism by Prof. Stephen Jay Gould of Harvard

Stephen Jay Gould, an evolutionary biologist, paleontologist, and a historian of science, had spent a considerable amount of time as a professor at Harvard, denied the accuracy of IQ test in his book, The Mismeasure of Man (1981). According to the arguments put forward by Gould, the human intelligence is not just a single entity which could be measured in terms of mathematical number or be graded according to score.

It’s 2016, and people are STILL citing Steven Jay Gould? Yes, he may have denied the accuracy of IQ tests in his book The Mismeasure of Man, but he put forth ideas that Rushton refuted, and Jensen did as well. He attempted to assassinate the character of Samuel Morton saying that Morton fudged the data on his skull collection (which took 30  years to be officially debunked). Rushton refuted that point in his paper I linked above, 15  years before Lewis et al showed that Gould did show huge biases when remeasuring Morton’s skull collection (biased by his political views [Marxism]). By the time of Morton’s death, 867 skulls were collected. This quote says it all, really:

Having never bothered to check Morton’s measurements, Gould allowed his own perception—that Morton was a racist and therefore a suspect scientist—to influence his own analysis of Morton’s science! (emphasis mine)

2. Various factors may affect the performance in the test

An IQ test measures the intelligence of a person based on the result of the performance of the person on a particular day. The very next, the person may not perform well and there could be various reasons behind it such as emotional or health conditions or even the atmosphere of the test room.

Also, a person who is not educated will not be able to take the test the same way as an educated person.

Seeing as the correlation for retakes on IQ tests is .86, this claim is unfounded.

Let’s take a look at the link this person linked:

Socioeconomic status (SES)

Children who are raised in poverty are severely limited in their intellectual potential by their environment (Turkheimer, Haley, Waldron, D’Onofrio, & Gottesman, 2003).

IQ is the cause for SES.

Turkheimer did find gene x environment interactions that made genetic influences weaker and shared environment stronger for those from poorer homes in comparison to those from more affluent homes. Though most studies show no interaction effects, or interactions vary significantly. Rushton and Jensen have this to say about it:

The Turkheimer et al. study that Nisbett cites is an outlier. In Britain, the exact opposite of Turkheimer’s result was found in over 2,000 pairs of 4-year-old twins (N = 4,446 children), with greater heritability observed in high-risk environments. A re-analysis of the Hawaii Family Study of Cognition also found contrary results to Turkeimer’s. Nagoshi and Johnson found no reduction in the relationship between parental cognitive ability and offspring performance in families of lower as opposed to upper levels of socioeconomic status. In the 1,349 families they studied, the relationship remained the same across tests, ethnicity, and sex of offspring. (emphasis mine)

Heritabilities are the same, within or between race and ethnicity.


Opponents of this view argue that scores on intelligence tests can be influenced by many nonintellectual factors, such as years of schooling, SES, and familiarity with the culture for whom the test was written. Researchers have in fact shown that when any one of these factors is manipulated, IQ changes (Grissmer, Williamson, Kirby, & Berends, 1998).

Not at all. How are years of schooling a nonintellectual factor? “Familiarity with the culture for whom the test was written” is not true. Hundreds of years of IQ testing attest to this. SES, well yes. On average if you test those from high SES homes, they will have higher IQs than those from lower SES homes as IQ is one of the best predictors of whether or not you’ll be high or low SES.

3. There is no such thing as a fixed IQ – the thing about Flynn Effect

Even if the results of an IQ test are considered as a means to measure a person’s intelligence, the IQ may not remain the same throughout his life. With some practice, the same person who has scored poorly now can score really well the next time he or she appears for the test.

However, the “standardized score” does consider the expected amount of improvement over time and discounts it in the next attempt.

Of course “IQ may not remain the same throughout his life”. Seeing as how at age 5, genetics accounts for only 22 percent of the variance, 40 percent at age 7 and 82 percent at age 18 (many more studies have shown heritabilities to be as high as .9 at adulthood).

The “Flynn Effect” does not occur on g and is unrelated to race differences.

“With some practice”, that will take away the loadings, effectively making the IQ test useless because it doesn’t test true general intelligence.

4. Predicting the success of person on the basis of the IQ Test

Several institutions use the IQ test as a tool to gauge the capabilities of a student and how he or she is going to do later in life. However, in reality, an IQ test is not a very good indicator of vocational and socioeconomic success.

IQ is a great predictor of socioeconomic success. The correlation between IQ and monetary attainment is .33. With that much variation, of course you’ll have those who have low IQs who are rich and those with high IQs who are poor. But as I alluded to earlier, if IQ tests weren’t a good indicator of vocational success, the US government wouldn’t have made it illegal to test perspective employees for IQ, as well as the US military screening perspective soldiers for IQ to put them in the right job based on their IQ (the first Army aptitude tests were developed from IQ tests). Such a bad indicator, right?

5. The subjects are not enough to measure one’s intelligence

According to The University of South Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Social Studies, IQ tests fails to include many subjects which are crucial aspects of intelligence in a human being.

While subjects like mathematicians, comprehension, series and limits are important, an individual’s intelligence depends largely on creativity, social skills, and mechanics which are not included in the test.

These are personality traits.

6. It is detrimental to one’s growth

Not only is the test based on arbitrary standards, but representing the entire magnitude of a person’s intelligence into just a number is too simplistic. In many cases, assigning a number to a person’s intelligence can limit his or her aspirations.

I wouldn’t say that it’s “detrimental to one’s growth”, but there is a reason why children are never told their IQ score. No, the number is not “too simplistic”. IQ correlates with many positives as well as many negatives. Their own IQ limits their aspirations, telling them the truth doesn’t hurt them.

7. The role of cultural bias

Apparently, the IQ test is designed in a manner that  emphasizes on skills that are important to certain societies. For instance, Australian Aboriginal children, raised in the deserts scored well on a test meant to assess visual memory but not in the IQ test.

Visual memory is more important for these people than anything else as they need to find their ways through the desert.

Galton first measured the IQs of Australian Aborigines in 1869, estimated at 68.8. Even if there was a “cultural bias” with the tests, the slow reaction times of Aborigines shows that they have lower IQ, as IQ and reaction time correlate highly, as well as showing the same 3-way racial pattern. (pg 244-245)

Australian Aborigines actually have a higher visio-spatial IQ than do Europeans. (Lynn, 2006, pg 72) Yes that’s how it evolved, to navigate the desert. The same with the Yup’ik children who had an extremely good memory to be able to navigate their surroundings. The same also holds true for the Eskimos as well as the Inuit. Perfectly natural, seeing the conditions all 3 groups evolved in.

The intelligence quotient test is based on arbitrary standards set by man and is not written in stone.

Sure it’s “set by man”, but sorry to burst your bubble, it pretty much is written in stone, save a lack of good nutrition along with an increase of disease and parasitic load and isolation, those are some of the only variables that can decrease intelligence.

When are people going to learn not to cite people who’s legacies have been tarnished to get their biases out, only to have them refuted 30 years later? While in debates about Gould and Morton, people have said to me “Gould isn’t here to defend himself, stop defaming him”. Oh, you mean like how Gould attempted to assassinate Samuel Morton’s character saying he fudged the data on his skull collection?

IQ tests are not biased. If people say they are, they’re either uneducated on the matter or have political as well as personal biases (see Gould and Lewontin) to depress the truth about IQ, IQ tests and what they mean for our societies as a whole.