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Just a Rant on Gould, Lewontin, the IQ gap and Rushton

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1800 words

IQ is the reason why the education gap won’t be closed. We all know that. Even the Marxists know that. But, for some reason because of their egalitarian mindset, they won’t accept the facts. You know damn well that these Marxists KNOW for a FACT that things such as IQ, educational achievement, success and others are a result of genetics, but because of their idiocy, they clamor on about how ‘we are all equal’ and all of this trash. Which is, obviously, simply not true at all. If ‘environment’ is the cause of low IQ, and therefore low educational achievement, among other positive factors involving IQ and successes in life, how come negros raised in white homes don’t score the same as whites? It’s obviously genetic. Idiots like to cite Eyferth (the German study after WW2), which also had 25 percent French North Africans according to Rushton and Jensen, which ended up skewing the sample. They did not test them again at adulthood, and again, according to Rushton and Jensen, the gap in IQ really starts to become noticeable DURING those years that they tested the children at around 11 years of age.

Also, the Tizard study that put blacks, whites and mixed negro/whites in a nursery setting, 85 kids at 2 to 5 years of age, why  do people cite THIS study?! It doesn’t matter in the context that we are speaking of. It’s well known that IQ is more malleable in young kids and that at adulthood that environment doesn’t matter. We also have the Moore study, which tested 25 negros, aged 7 to 10 years old raised in a white family, as well as 23 negros raised in a black family. The ones adopted into a black family scored 104, compared to the ones adopted into white families who scored 117. People may say “Well, they didn’t differ in their environment and not their genes, so, therefore, the B-W IQ gap is 100 percent environmental.” Retarded. Again, the IQ gap HEIGHTENS at this age that they tested them at. Egalitarians really need new ammo if they want to attempt to beat us. Because the facts are on our side.

We also know that educational achievement is genetic as well (60 percent heritable). The studies say nothing about race in the involvement with the achievement gap, but all you have to do is look at  SAT, ACT (here is Kentucky in comparison with Louisiana, Tennessee and Mississippi), ASVAB and other similar test scores to be able to see that minorities (Hispanics and negros) do not score as high as whites or Asians. Then people like to say “Hurrr the black social structure isn’t conducive to learning and being intellectual”. Bullshit. Why may that be? Do you think that one say some negros all of a sudden said: “Let’s just say that being intelligent is stupid and beat up other negros (outliers) because they are smart.” Nah. Doesn’t work like that. At all. It’s, as we all know, genetic.

Let’s talk about Africa. Average IQ 70, due in part to nutrient deficiencies, disease, parasitic load, vitamin b deficiencies, zinc deficiencies, iron and protein deficiencies is part of the reason why their IQ is so low. Richard Lynn states that with proper nutrition, their IQ will be able to jump 13 points (which would only be possible with the white man because they are too stupid to learn HOW to farm as evidenced by Zimbabwe/Rhodesia).  I’m hugely interested in nutrition and what nutrient deficiencies do in individuals and how they affect each individual as well as groups. People like to say the colonialism is the cause for the low HDI in Africa. Lies. Ethiopia was never colonized (it was in WW2 by Italy IIRC), and they still aren’t too well off, though they do have a 71 IQ, 4 points higher than the average according to Richard Lynn, which lines up with HBD, cause being that Ethiopians do have a high amount of Caucasoid ancestry.

So why do we get attacked? And called the buzzword ‘racist’ (which I should rally to change it to ‘ethnocentrist’)? It’s because, even though people may not have the knowledge, nor the intellect to know what we are talking about, they know deep down that we are right. I completely understand (though I fucking hate it) egalitarianism, but it’s a ridiculous concept. It simply will not work at all. Save, CRISPR gene editing. Obviously, once we identify intelligence genes (people like Steve Hsu are actively researching these things), we will be able to effect intelligence with CRISPR genome editing. Though, negros will still be negros. Low IQ isn’t all of it, but it has a lot to do with it, along with other biologic factors such as higher average testosterone (don’t show me that bullshit study about Meccies having higher test, they didn’t test free testosterone), MAOA-L gene, the 2 repeat version, as well as lack of empathy (currently, only Rhodesians were tested for this, but with more tests we know that it will come out that our good friends the African Americans will have the same).

Not even just normal people with everyday lives get heckled into not speaking out, but academics such as Rushton and Jensen and Herrnstein and Wilson had to cancel lectures because they got threats. People said, “Wilson, Hernnstein you can’t hide, you believe in genocide”.Why are they so scared about academic scholars, researchers and psychologists speaking to a group who wants to hear them speak? You have things like the Rushton/Suzuki debate, where Suzuki just threw ad hominems at Rushton, meanwhile, Rushton stayed calm, cool and collected, and stated the facts while Suzuki just gave character attacks and ad hominems saying TAKE HIS FUNDING AND FIRE HIM. Why is he so scared? He, as a geneticist, should KNOW about the genetic difference in IQ between individuals as well as group differences, but, he is a Marxist, such as Lewontin and Gould (who I will get to later). Rushton completely DESTROYED HIM in this debate.

We have Jews like Lewontin who say “The genetic distance in ethnicity is more than that of the genetic distance BETWEEN groups. Yes, this is true. But that doesn’t invalidate the ACTUALITY of race. We are 98.5 percent the same genetically to chimps, so obviously that small difference is enough to bring HUGE changes between us. It’s also not just the differences in the DNA between us, BUT HOW THE GENES ARE EXPRESSED that give the differences between the 2 species. So, with that being said, the so-called ‘small genetic distance between races’ DOES STILL MATTER, because it’s HOW THOSE DIFFERENCES IN GENES ARE EXPRESSED, and NOT the differences between them. Lewontin is also a self-professed Marxist, like our other friend, Steven Gould.

We all know that Gould is a liar. We all know that he deliberately fudged the data on Morton’s skulls. Why it took THIRTY YEARS to unveil the fraud that he did on a dead man, Samuel Morton, is beyond me. Him, along with Lewontin, put their political ideology of MARXISM before actual SCIENCE. He also lied about the data in The Bell Curve, as well as sex differences in intelligence, brain size, early IQ testing, the reality of the g factor, race and IQ, race and brain size, natural born criminals, between-group heritabilities, and evolutionary selection. Rushton destroys his ‘book’ The Mismeasure of Man. People have said to me “Don’t talk about a man who isn’t here to defend his views and what he wrote”. OH, YOU MEAN LIKE HOW HE TRIED TO SAY THAT MORTON’S SKULL DATA WAS WRONG??!?!?!? For some irony, here is such an ironic quote I saw while reading his book the other day:

May I end up next to Judas Iscariot, Brutus, and Cassius in the devil’s mouth at the center of hell if I ever fail to present my most honest assessment and best judgment of evidence for empirical truth. (pg 39, The Mismeasure of Man)

Now to get to Flynn (I really need to make a comprehensive post on this, will put it in the backlog). The man who continues to cite the Eyferth study, despite it being having nothing to do with this conversation as they didn’t retest the kids at adulthood. The term ‘Flynn Effect’ was termed by Murray and Herrnstein in The Bell Curve (which was also noticed by Richard Lynn in the 70s. Rushton calls it the “Lynn-Flynn Effect”). But, the ‘Flynn Effect’ is hogwash. Yea, IQ has been growing at a rate of 3 points per decade, in every country you look at since the 30s. But, the gap STILL persists. In 1945, the average white IQ was 85, right at the black average today. Richard Lynn stated that the ‘Flynn Effect’ is due to better nutrition, which I am inclined to agree with him there. So, even with the 3 points of increase over the past 70 years, the gap STILL PERSISTS, proving that it’s GENETIC IN ORIGIN. Yea, blacks are getting more intelligent (though, at the present time, blacks are showing a sharper dysgenic decline than whites) but whites are as well, and even with this 3 points jump in IQ per decade, the gap is still there. It IS genetic.

You have OTHER Marxists like Jared Diamond (do you see a trend? =^) ) that say that group differences come from the environment that they live in and evolved in. For instance that it’s harder to farm in Africa, domesticatable animals, according to him, only 13 animals have been domesticated. He even says that New Guineans MAY be more intelligent than Europeans (RIDICULOUS), did he admit that ENVIRONMENT CAUSE INTELLIGENCE DIFFERENCES DUE TO ENVIRONMENT?!?!??! He says that he got these views when one of his New Guinean friends said “Why do you have more cargo (physical possessions) than us? It’s clear that his Marxist egalitarian views PUSHED HIM to write his shitty ass book. Has been discredited by Rushton here.

We are on the verge of a paradigm shift. The longer the BL(don’t)M keeps up with their nonsense and non-arguments, as well as all of these other negros who call for a race war and to kill KKKops, the more that the sensible, high IQ American people will come to our side. Paradigms don’t stay the same way forever. Ever since the 60s we have been in an ever growing dystopia of Marxism and other leftist positions, which clearly don’t work.

WE WILL WIN THIS CULTURE WAR. This war isn’t physical, it’s a battle of minds, sources and intellect, which we clearly have. It’s up to people like us to defend the work of Rushton, Jensen and Herrnstein. They did what they could to get the truth out. They risked their safety, livelihood and academic credence to get this data out, despite what the egalitarian Marxists believed.



  1. panjoomby says:

    i read an otherwise well researched recent book by TJ Stiles on Custer (Custer’s Trials, Oct. 2015). Stiles, the ever PC historian, cribbed from Gould’s (debunked) Mismeasure of Man, re: Morton’s “racist” science & how it probably influenced Custer’s views. Stiles clearly did not know (or care) that Morton was a good scientist — & Gould a good liar. It was appalling that Stiles (unknowingly?) glommed on to the debunked Gould-ian view b/c that fit with Stiles’s PC views. Stiles did not know Morton’s measurements have been vindicated!

    Stiles also constantly dismissed “boots on the ground/first-hand material” as “racist” – no black person could possibly ever be “lazy” or “stupid”- no matter what anyone from 1860 said. The book was overwhelmingly PC — but his screed on Morton really took the cake!

    It would be nice if historians could accept that people often do what they do b/c of their genes, rather than inventing an environmental/parental reason for any behavior. & also if they could see the importance of intelligence as an explanation for many things. Grrr:)


    • RaceRealist says:

      What is extremely funny about this is that Gould was convinced that Morton was a biased scientist, yet he was extremely biased AGAINST Morton since he thought Morton to be “racist”.

      If I remember correctly, Gould didn’t even remeasure the skulls; he just redid measurements.

      Lewis et al 2013 definitively showed what Rushton spoke about in his review of Gould’s Misemeasure of Man review. Why this took 30 years to debunk is beyond me.

      However, this paper just came out at the end of last year defending Gould.

      Click to access KAPGOM.pdf

      Except no matter what people say, Morton’s credibility WAS restored after that.

      Even funnier (not) is that this trash was pushed in colleges for years. He says how “Spearman created Factor Analysis explicitly for IQ testing” something along those lines, I haven’t read the passage in the book for a while. Talking about the “reification of g”. I must admit that his book is extremely well-written, though he used his high intelligence and verbal IQ to attempt to denigrate a whole field of study, which we now know that in this replicability crisis in psychology that IQ tests are the one of the only things that get consistent measurements.

      Click to access KAPGOM.pdf

      This quote from Gould’s book says it all, really:

      May I end up next to Judas Iscariot, Brutus, and Cassius in the devil’s mouth at the center of hell if I ever fail to present my most honest assessment and best judgment of evidence for empirical truth. (pg 39, The Mismeasure of Man)


  2. Adolf says:

    “Idiots like to cite Eyferth (the German study after WW2)”

    American and some anglo idiots cannot accept that such intelligence disparities only exist in the united states.


  3. Zeus2895 says:

    Hmm, good article, though it was hard not noticing the culture war politics within it (obviously). Is it really fair to say Africans are too stupid to know how to farm? Especially if we consider that most African people are subsistence farmers and have done so for centuries pre European contact. I’d argue that low IQ, short sightedness, and corruption in African societies when it comes to managing modern nations hampers productive output (like agriculture). The incompetence of most African “leaders” would suffice as evidence. Outside of that, is there any good news on CRISPR IQ enhancement?


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