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Through Race Realist’s Lens: Comparing and Contrasting Race Realists to Leftists

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What are the differences in the world views of us race realists compared to leftists? They are numerous, I will only touch on a few today. Denial of crime statistics, denial of basic biology and finally denial of evolution when it doesn’t fit their agenda.

First off, leftists claim to be so “into science”, yet when you bring up the biological reality of race, they shout you down and say that “it’s a social construct”. They say that identifying race differences will allow those ‘evil Nazis’ to come back into the fold by utilizing eugenics to create “the perfect human”.

The thing is, yes it is a social construct, everything is. It’s just how we describe things that we physically see. The Universe is a social construct. We describe it as we see it. We define it as a word. Therefore, it is a social construct. Does that mean the Universe doesn’t exist? Since everything is socially constructed, then with their logic, nothing exists because it all is socially constructed.

I do get what they say when they say that “race is a social construct”. But, the thing is, we can call all of the races/ethnicities different things than we do now. That STILL won’t change the biological reality of race and ethnicity because no matter if we change what we call these population clusters which cluster differently on the PCA graph, the biological reality is still there. If we change the term “European” to the term “hub li mix”, yes the social construction is changed, but the underlying biology stays the same. Just because we change the name of what we call something doesn’t change the underlying nature of the biological reality of race. Just because we call it something different doesn’t mean that those clusters on the PCA graph will all of a sudden disappear.

Yes, the word “race” was recently invented. Therefore, people say that it’s a useless construct. But, with the advent of the HGP, we see that even though we’re 99.9 percent the same (12 percent of DNA varies amongst race and populations, which came out after comparing copy number variations (CNVs) across those from different racial populations), we see that even though what we call a “social construct” has all of this biological data to back it up, people still deny it.

We race realists see any and all genetic variation and we draw the correct, logical and intelligent conclusions from them, we don’t attempt to silence any of our detractors like they do us, because we have the truth on our side. Those with the truth on their sides don’t need to censor contrary opinions because the truth always wins out in the end.

Another one of my favorites is the denial of crime statistics. With FBI Table 43, people say that there is a bias against blacks and other minorities that make the so-called racist police arrest them because they’re racially biased. They aren’t. With the NCVS (National Crime and Victimization Survey), we can see that those who were interviewed about their attacks lined up with a number of arrests that the police did. There is NO racial bias in police arrests.

On that same note, they may say that the judges and courts are biased against them as well. That once they see a black man in the courtroom, the always throw the book at him. Well, there is no evidence of discrimination in criminal justice processing. The racial disparity was completely accounted for by including covariates for self-reported lifetime violence and IQ. Meaning, those with lower IQs are more likely to be criminals, which I have touched on here.

Finally, the Left claims to be all in to science, yet when it’s shown that race is a biological reality, they don’t like it, call  it racist and then show a study with many wrong things, including methodologies and other factors.

The thing is, if evolution didn’t cause the diversity we see in humanity, what did? What other force could be so powerful to select for these huge differences that are based on the environment that population evolved in, if not for evolution/natural selection? I’ve yet to hear of a good response to this, most likely because they don’t have one. They may use a creationist argument, but those are easily disproven.

It boggles my mind how those who are supposedly so pro-science will deny evolution as being the cause for the differing races, what else could make those changes? No other theory that has been postulated has made more sense than Darwin’s (1859) theory of evolution.

The difference between us race realists and leftists is that when we see things that we don’t like, yet are backed by solid science, we don’t disregard the data or try to explain it away. We accept it and move on. Though, those on the left don’t accept it and attempt to use mental gymnastics in order to not accept the reality that they just saw. That’s a great example, in and of itself, that shows that they only like science when it agrees with their worldview.

The same left that attempted to drive James Watson out of science, which proves that they only like and speak about science when it says things that agree with their world views. That is solid science. Yes, 64 percent of psychology studies cannot be replicated, that holds true for all studies in psychology, except for IQ.

So, the left who denies all of our facts and data do so because they cannot accept the reality that their worldview is wrong. I used to be that way. Then I read many studies and read differing views on the matter before drawing my own conclusions, which should be obvious to you by now.

They claim to love science and studies, yet disregard when it shows that race is real; there is no racial bias in sentencing by judges; that all psychology studies cannot be replicated, save for IQ; and they claim that FBI Table 43 is skewed and racist despite the fact that victim surveys line up with police arrests.

The left says we don’t live in the real world, it’s them who do not live in the real world. With how much they love to deny reality, that point should be very clear.


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