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Kim Kardashian Perfectly Personifies Lassek and Gaulin’s WHR Theory

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800 words

Note: This post is half serious/half troll. Pumpkinperson claims to be so obsessed with Oprah since her ‘big head’ is the ’cause’ of her success. Afrosapiens gave me the idea for this post, as I am a proponent of Lassek and Gaulin’s (2008) theory that women with low WHR birth more intelligent children and are more intelligent themselves; so to further push this theory (albeit, part jokingly), I will argue that Kim Kardashian is the “perfect personification” of Lassek and Gaulin’s theory, the same way PumpkinPerson argues that Oprah’s large brain size “causes” her success.


Up until 2015, Kim Kardashian had a WHR closest to the golden ratio of 1.618 with it being 1.558 to the golden ratio (her ratio being 96.3 percent accurate), being beaten out by Scarlett Johanssen with her ratio being 1.56, making her body 96.4 percent accurate to the golden ratio. The golden ratio has signified beauty for over 2000 years, starting with the ancient Greeks. The golden ratio has been considered to be most pleasing to the eye, so it’s no wonder why people with bodily proportions close to the ratio are seen to be more attractive than people with ratios lower or higher.

Kim’s WHR is the cause of her success! Coming in second place, having a figure 96.3 percent similar to the golden ratio, this proves that Kim’s success is her WHR! Men are drawn to her WHR, which then has women emulate how they look in an attempt to look like Kim. Kim influences how young American women dress because of her personality and looks. Kim is an inspiration to all Armenian-Americans, showing them that they can succeed too if they put their mind to it!

There are evolutionary reasons why we find these ratios/proportions attractive: it signifies higher fertility, better health, more intelligence and the women will birth more intelligent children. This is due to stores of gluteofemoral fat in the hips legs and buttocks (Lassek and Gaulin, 2008). So the fact that these body types are seen as attractive today, and a lot of successful female entertainers have proportions close to the golden ratio signifies what was good for us, evolutionarily speaking in the past, as we are selected for past environments, not any possible future ones. Women with WHR less than .8, between .6 and .7, are more intelligent and birth more intelligent children due to the stores of gluteofemoral fat in the body. This is why people like Kim are so successful; their WHR causes their success. 

There is also a golden ratio for men called the Adonis index. For instance, a man with a 28-inch waist and 45-inch shoulders will have the Adonis index—the golden ratio. Greek and Roman sculptors integrated the golden ratio into their work:






It’s no wonder why we strive to mold our bodies in an attempt to be in proportion to the golden ratio. It has both historical and evolutionary significance. Indeed, the golden ratio is seen all over nature, including in hurricanes, flower petals, DNA molecules, seed heads, pine cones, tree branches, shells, spiral galaxies, fingers and animal bodies, to name a few. So clearly there is significance to what we find attractive and why.

The golden ratio is even seen in which faces we find the most attractive. This, largely, defines beauty. Beauty is a good health indicator (Kanazawa, 2004), so women who have facial proportions and a WHR closer to the golden ratio are more likely to be successful, healthy, intelligent, birth more intelligent children (and more female children [Miller and Kanazawa, 2008])and overall have a higher quality of life.

Humans are no different, and a part of nature. Thus, since the golden ratio is so prevalent in nature, and human bodies being close to this number of ‘perfection’ are seen as more attractive with numerous health and fertility markers attesting to this, there is no wonder why these proportions are seen as so attractive. So people with these proportions are more likely to be successful, which is exactly what we see.

In sum, Kim’s WHR, just like Oprah’s brain size (!) literally causes her success in life. However, unlike unverifiable estimates from PP, there is direct measurable evidence of Kim’s WHR and bodily proportions, which directly lead to her sucesss in life. This is due to the golden ratio, which is found all over nature and has signified beauty for over 2000 years. Greek and Roman sculptors sculpted statues in proportion with the golden ratio, along with buildings like the Parthenon. We notice and find these ratios attractive, in regards to the human body and buildings for instance, because it was an evolutionary advantage to these proportions attractive, as they signify health and fertility.

The cause of Kim’s success is her waist-to-hip ratio! She’s so smart and intelligent, just like Oprah’s big brain is the cause for her success, Kim’s waist-to-hip ratio is the cause for her success!



  1. I can’t tell which bits are serious and which aren’t so forgive me if this was a joke part:
    if the golden ratio is seen in things like plants and non human stuff, is that not an indicator that its attractive because it exploits a sensory bias (like many traits in the animal kingdom) rather than having any adaptive value?


    • RaceRealist says:

      if the golden ratio is seen in things like plants and non human stuff, is that not an indicator that its attractive because it exploits a sensory bias (like many traits in the animal kingdom) rather than having any adaptive value?

      Anything is possible. But it just so happens that for humans, the golden ratio correlates with a lot of positive health markers. It’s clearly engrained in the human psyche. For instance, the human body can have proportions close to the ratio, and they will be more attractive, making that individual more fecund. Women with a lower waist-to-hip ratio (more likely to be closer to the golden ratio) will have more stores of gluteofemoral fat which will be beneficial to the baby. They birth more intelligent children and are more intelligent themselves.


  2. Afrosapiens says:

    Good post. I saw double yesterday but I quickly read and just laughed my ass off in the middle of a party.


    • RaceRealist says:

      This was just the beginning. Kim is so smart and strong and pretty and that (along with her WHR) causes her success!

      Unlike with PP’s Oprah contention, we can literally see (and measure) Kim’s WHR, and we can definitely say that her WHR is the cause of her success. I’ll probably write another like this is the future.


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