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Getting Omega 3s in the public diet

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by Scott Jameson

An earlier post established that Omega 3 fatty acids are an important nutrient of which hardly anybody is getting enough, and that this deficiency is making us Westerners a bit dumber and a bit crazier on the whole. Description sometimes obligates prescription, so this post is where I spitball about possible solutions, and welcome you to join me in the comments.

I’m reminded of the gubbermint mandating the lacing of our salt with sorely needed iodine, or the enrichment of white flour with nutrients lost in the removal of the bran and germ as well as the bleaching of the endosperm.

For yourself and your family, fish oil pills are fine- kelp oil if you’re one of those people. But we need solutions that work for nearly everybody, and the brilliance of the examples I listed above is that everybody eats that stuff (bread and salt) and now it’s laced with nutrients they’ve been needing. So we could produce N3s at low cost and legally mandate that certain foods contain them. Chia is a promising source: it’s cheap, it’s loaded with N3s, and it doesn’t taste fishy. Flax also works, but it’s loaded with phytoestrogens. Tons of seeds have those, I think Chia as well, but I’ve been told (incorrectly?) that flax is a particularly bad offender. Anyway, how do we load Chia or a similar seed into people’s diets?

Omega 3 eggs are one way to go. Chickens metabolize plant ALA (such as from chia or flax) into DHA and store both in their eggs. Just as we made use of the auroch and tarpan’s efforts to have a brain, we can hijack the chicken’s futile attempts to provide brain-material for her nonexistent offspring, using her eggs as a vehicle to get N3s into ourselves. It’s as simple as a mandate that a certain percentage of all chicken feed must be N3 rich seeds and/or insects.

Another obvious place to look is the plant oils that go into our food. Check out the table on the Wikipedia page for ALA: soybean and rapeseed oils have a pathetic showing for ALA content, and they’re put in absolutely everything. The State mandates that all gas will be a bit ethanol: why not all soybean and canola be 10, 20% Chia or some comparably high ALA crop?

It’s worth pointing out that you can genetically modify ALA rich vegetable oil to be on a quality closer to par with fish oil, having some of the ALA converted into the more useful EPA. Forget any concerns about GMOs you may have because the oils I’m talking about lacing with GMOs are already themselves GMOs.

We also must mandate that all infant formula be laced with N3s: EPA and DHA in particular, and tested for stuff like mercury if it comes from fish. You probably know at least one person who is autistic because they were bottlefed.

Comment your potential solutions below. I want to hear them. Double points for anyone playing the game on hard mode: free market solutions (libertarians) or animal-free solutions (vegans). If you try both, you’re a masochist and you need help.



  1. RaceRealist says:

    I’m reminded of the gubbermint mandating the lacing of our salt with sorely needed iodine, or the enrichment of white flour with nutrients lost in the removal of the bran and germ as well as the bleaching of the endosperm.

    Food processing is bad. It takes out pertinent nutrients then lower quality ones are added back into it.

    Chia is a promising source: it’s cheap, it’s loaded with N3s

    I use Chia seeds. They’re great. No taste and they mix well into yogurt.

    Plant oils are a no go in my opinion. I’m also on the fence about GMO. Vegetable oils have the bad n3/n6 ratio.

    If we were to change out diets and bring it closer to our ancestral range, then we will become smarter as a country by doing that. N3 is a brain food, and without enough of it deleterious effects occur.


    • ilovehitler says:


      da gubment can, does, and has solved problems which “free enterprise” can’t, doesn’t, and hasn’t.

      why does RR have these mental midgets’ pictures on his blog?

      it’s GROSS.


    • You’re a mental midget and you’re gross. If that’s the standard for removing things then why shouldn’t I delete all your comments and ban you?


    • Enriched white flour is inferior to whole wheat but superior to the white flour we used to have. I go for whole grains but others don’t: I think it’s a good thing to lace their food with nutrients they need.

      I do love Chia, even better than flax. I use it with yogurt and also oatmeal.

      Well, Chia’s a plant oil. Why not lace all the soybean oil that people are already eating with Chia oil? Particularly if it’s EPA enhanced.

      It’s a noble cause, it’s a nonpartisan cause, and it would make all our lives better. Just a matter of convincing the right people, I think.


  2. ilovehitler says:

    how exactly did you and afro collaborate?

    linda gottfredson is UGLY and JEWISH. please delete her picture.


    • Wechsler, Jensen, Herrnstein, Sternberg and countless others were Jewish and played leading roles in developing the field of psychometrics, including elucidating racial differences in IQ. If your ideology includes as one of its tenets the notion that Jews can’t be trusted to discuss IQ then your ideology is just wrong.

      Honestly I suspect you’re just a troll, though.


  3. ian smith says:

    is race realist actually pumpkin person? or did he figure out that all of the commenters on pumpkin person are actually pumpkin person herself?


    • You’ve got an interesting imagination.


    • RaceRealist says:

      No. But you know this already.

      Peepee must not want me to comment on his blog, he’s not approved a comment of mine in weeks. Probably because I’m a huge contrarian and always challenge his little theories. He won’t get into a discussion on general intelligence and physiology with me…. Wonder why…


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