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IQ/”Intelligence” in Cultural Context

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TVs have “IQs” now—found in Best Buy

I was in Best Buy a few months ago looking at TVs and something caught my eye. Looking at the descriptions and features of certain TVs, I observed that certain TVs were being described as “intelligent” with “IQs.” This is one way how IQ-ism has seeped into mainstream culture and its evidence how IQ and intelligence are conflated.

The Bravia XR was heralded asThe world’s first TV with cognitive intelligence.” Though it seems that this phrase wasn’t thought through by their marketing department before they released the ad, since cognition is an action and “intelligence” is cognition. In any case, this TV is said tohave the power of the human brain.” The phrasing here implies that the human brain can be replicated in a machine. The “power” of the human brain is that it is a necessary pre-condition for our minds, and so the implication here is that this TV has the ability for mindedness. But implicit in the claim is that the mind is a collection of parts, that a collection of physical parts can count as a mind. The arguments below refute the claim that TVs are “intelligent” and can even one day be seen as “intelligent.”

Bravia states that the TV “in a sense” thinks like a human brain (nevermind the mereological fallacy here) and this cognitive intelligence allows the TV to do this.

I cannot imagine a complex, purely physical object having consciousness. So purely physical objects cannot have minds. Therefore my brain cannot possibly be my mind.

Individual physical particles are mindless. No collection of mindless things counts as a mind. Therefore a mind cannot be an arrangement of physical particles.

A mind is a single sphere of consciousness, it is not a complicated arrangement of mental parts. Though physical systems are always complicated arrangements of different parts and subsystems. Therefore the mind is nonphysical, and not a physical system.

Physical parts of the natural world lack intentionality, meaning they are not “about” anything in the same way thoughts are. No arrangement of intentionality-less parts will ever count as having intentionality. Therefore a mind cannot be an arrangement of physical parts.

The arguments given above conclude that mind cannot be an arrangement of physical parts, a (purely) physical object cannot have a mind, physical systems are arrangements of different parts, and that physical parts lack intentionality which is a mark of the mental. Thus, TVs cannot have “cognition” or “intelligence” as machines cannot be conscious.

Smart TVs are basically a mixture of computers, media players, and a TV. They can connect to the internet and do a whole slew of things that regular TVs cannot do since they lack the processing power. The “smartness” (the ability to hook-up to the internet, the ability to play media and use applications not found on regular TVs) runs through me—the TV only does what I tell it to do with the remote, though the TV has to have the ability to have apps, media, etc, it is but a passive machine that does nothing until I tell it to do something. (This is just like how genes work, they do nothing on their own until activated by and for the physiological system, the TV does nothing in its own until it’s activated by me.)

Just because a TV can be said to be “smart” or with “cognitive intelligence” does not mean that it is true. Indeed, the power of our TVs have increased since I was a kid. But this does not license the claim that TVs can do anything on their own—the human needs to tell the TV what to do; the human needs to be conscious of what they are doing to be able to tell the TV what to do.

People want “smart” TVs due to what they can do and so calling these TVs these certain descriptors will probably increase sales since people conflate IQ with intelligence. The TV is but a passive machine that awaits instruction from the human; it does not take initiative and do things without input from the human; therefore TVs are not—and cannot be due to what is argued above—intelligent.

Calling TVs “intelligent” is nothing more than a marketing campaign to sell more TVs. Sure, the TVs are nice and they have a whole lot packed into it making it better for the consumer to have one machine that does many things, but the claim that these machines are “intelligent” or have “IQs” fails, as it is (logically) impossible for machines to have those properties since machines are fully physical.

Seeing how TVs are even said to have “cognitive intelligence” and “IQs”—even if these terms are used in a specific manner—just speaks to how seeped in the IQ=intelligence claim is in our daily life, our daily discourse, and what we buy. This shows how IQ exists in a cultural context and how it is basically with us in our everyday lives. Machines cannot be intelligent, cognize, or have minds because machines are purely physical and what allows cognition (mind) is immaterial.



  1. tachyon says:

    I kind of admire that you were one of the few people in the internet openly changing your mind on your worldview. I think you should put a note on your old posts though, a lot of people seem to comment there thinking you still hold those old views.

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  2. let's go desantis! says:

    everyone wishes they were italian…including southern italians!

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  3. potato diet says:


    With recent attention to the CIM (123), numerous reviews claim to have “falsified” the model, or otherwise challenged its validity (7, 124–135). However, specific criticisms are based on weak or misleading evidence, leading to the following misinterpretations.

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  4. the bells of st marrtin's says:

    again: what has caused the obesity pandemic? what is it about “the western diet”?

    mugabe answers: it is carbs…of a certain type, the high GI, GF, II, IF carbs…that is NOT your beloved pasta…

    other high II but low carb foods.

    the med diet is low II. except for the yogurt.

    “insulin shock therapy” used to be used on schizos.

    but here’s another refutation of taubes et al iirc: a study in iran found an insignificant correlation between dietary insulin index and obesity.
    but what range was that?

    mugabe predicts: a low GI, GF, II, IFs the most effective diet for fat pipo over the LONG term…it is the easiest to adhere to…

    BUT one could adhere to this diet by becoming a sever alcoholic OR by eating nothing but bacon.

    but who would do that?


  5. never impersonated. says:

    you said you were going to appear on the “bo swineguard” podcast. or that’s what afro called him. but i could never find it.


  6. animals are the LAST minority. but they have no voice. says:

    saying animals don’t have minds means what?

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  7. such a disappointment for a girl. says:

    try harder mein herr.


  8. it's NOT about arguments dude. says:

    it’s NOT about arguments dude.


  9. have fun being dumb. says:

    you seem like a sincere fake person. but because thou art peepee i will spue thee out of my mouth.

    God commanded…

    neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.


  10. a city upon a hill cannot be hid. says:

    how many years will i have to serve in purgatory for that pearl?

    all of the world’s religions are just different routes up the same mountain.


  11. making peepee sad. says:

    chinapipo are inefficient. peepee’s theory is disproved.

    apparently their “work ethic” is necessary because they’re so inefficient. sad.

    italy is more efficient than any chinapipo country. imagine how efficient northern italians must be.

    1 Ireland
    2 Norway
    3 Switzerland
    4 Luxembourg
    5 Denmark
    6 United States
    7 Netherlands
    8 Germany
    9 France
    10 Belgium
    11 Sweden
    12 Austria
    13 Iceland
    14 Australia
    15 Finland
    16 Canada
    17 Spain
    18 Italy
    19 Singapore
    20 United Kingdom
    21 Hong Kong
    22 Taiwan

    23 New Zealand
    24 Turkey
    25 Japan
    26 Slovenia
    27 Cyprus
    28 Czech Republic
    29 Israel
    30 South Korea


  12. wow! rr is a mossad agent. sad. says:

    this is a very short but very good book:

    but from an anal perspective it may sound like so much “illogical” bs.

    i admit one must’ve tried to hegel and heidegger and have read lots of upanishads…

    for it not to sound like total bs.


  13. Erichthonius says:



  14. oprah says:

    rr only does twitter because testies shrank from steroids.///


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