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Blacks Are Less Violent Than Whites?

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I’ve read a lot of crazy things in my life, though this must be the craziest. Someone really believes that “blacks are less violent than whites“. To believe such a claim, you would have to close your eyes to all of the relevant data. From naming outright falsities to obscuring data to fit his narritive, this article will show and refute a distorted reality, one that the Left wishes to show, to one simply looking for the truth to interracial crime.

Don’t be modest, Caucasians. The Holocaust

The Holocaust is really beyond the scope of this blog, but check out the CODOH Library for the truth on this matter.

ethnic cleansing

This is not unique to Europeans. The Rwandan Genocide (which was due to ethnocentrism) and the ethnic cleansing currently occurring in Central Africa aren’t real? Fact of the matter is, is that every ethnicity has participated in ‘ethnic cleansing’, which is really just protecting genetic interests. This is a non-factor as this has gone on before European colonialism.

colonization of Africa and the Caribbean

Colonialism was good for the native inhabitants of Africa. Speaking of the Caribbean, how well did it end for the Haitians after they defeated Napolean?

American slavery

Oh? You mean how a majority of the slaveholders were Sephardic Jews? Or how there are reports from New Orleans from their 1860 census that showed 3000 freed blacks owned slaves, accounting for 28 percent of the city’s population? In 1860 Louisiana, at least 6 blacks owned more than 65 slaves, with the biggest number of slaves being 165 slaves who worked on a sugar plantation. How about the Jews’ role in American slavery? Moreover, at the height of slavery, a paltry 6 percent of Southern whites owned slaves, when combined with the North it was 1.4 percent. An estimated 3000 blacks had about 20000 slaves in 1860. But tall is only about the whites who did slavery, and not about the Arabs and how they started enslaving Africans FIRST, in 650 AD.

Native American Genocide

The Alternative Hypothesis just had a post the other day about the non-genocide of American Indians. Basically, their population was anywhere between 1.5 and 2 million people. Population reduction for the Native Americans was only 0.22 percent!! Doesn’t seem like such a ‘genocide’ to me. If so, that’s the slowest genocide I’ve ever heard of.

Jim Crow

People segregate naturally. We’re more segregated now than we were 50 years ago! Must be those residual effects from Jim Crow huh?

But somehow in the media it’s the black man who is portrayed as the savage.

I wonder why??

It’s just not fair. We white folks are so much better at race-based aggression than our darker complected brothers.

More intelligent than them, that’s why.

Just this Wednesday a white guy walked into a historic African American Church in South Carolina, was accepted as part of the service, stayed for about an hour before shouting a spiteful message and gunning down several parishioners!

Now that’s some hate right there!

One person does something and that means….what exactly?  It shows one person is hateful! Look at averages, not singular events.

Whenever anyone brings up race and violence, the first thing people mention is crime.

Because they are linked to each other. Why wouldn’t the two things be mentioned in the same breath?

There is more black-on-black crime than white-on-black crime, they say. And they’re correct!

According to a 2013 FBI Uniform Crime Report, when it comes to murder, 90 percent of black victims were killed by black offenders.

However, what people fail to mention is that according to the very same report, 83 percent of white victims were killed by white offenders, too.

These numbers don’t show black people are more violent than white people. They show that BOTH white and black people would rather kill within their own race.

Yea they show that both would rather kill within race, however you miss something very important here:  Interracial crime!

First, we find that during the 2012/2013 period, blacks committed an average of 560,600 violent crimes against whites, whereas whites committed only 99,403 such crimes against blacks. This means blacks were the attackers in 84.9 percent of the violent crimes involving blacks and whites. This figure is consistent with reports from 2008, the last year DOJ released similar statistics. Perhaps not coincidentally, that was the year Mr. Obama was elected president.

In terms of raw numbers, black people and white people actually commit about the same number of murders. But you wouldn’t know that from the media.

Not really. Per capita rates are more important than raw numbers, luckily we have data on that!

As of 2008, young black men kill at a rate of 7 times higher than white men.

Homicide Trends in the United States, 1980-2008 Annual Rates for 2009 and 2010 pg 11

Is that the same number of murders?? I’m looking at the same stat in a completely different way than you are.

The FBI is charged under the Hate Crime Statistics Act with compiling statistics on spite-based legal transgressions. In its most recent report, for 2013, hate crimes based on race are far more numerous than any other kind.

  1. The FBI is biased towards blacks and ‘hate crimes’. How about all of the countless times we here about blacks attacking whites using racial epithets during the attack? Too many to count. They are, however, not counted as hate crimes by the FBI because it doesn’t fit their narritive.
  2. I wonder how those numbers would look if actual hate crimes were included in this data (black on white included).

According to the FBI statistics, 54.5 percent of the reported single-bias hate crimes that were racially motivated in 2013 targeted blacks. Only 16.3% target whites.

Want to talk bias? The amount of black on white hate crimes that are NOT categorized as such. This skews the statistics considerably.

Would our economy really have been so robust without the free labor of all those slaves?

Yes. Whites could have done it, but getting blacks to do it was cheaper and more efficient. Using brains to get ahead is what life is all about. Whites build great societies anywhere. Our economy would have been as robust as it is now without America never having a history of slavery.

Heck! Would we even have a country at all if we hadn’t murdered all those indigenous peoples in the first place?

Is a population decline of 0.22 percent per year ‘murdering all those indigenous peoples’?

So let’s put it to rest. When it comes to hate crimes, white folks kill! But don’t feel too bad, black folks. There are things you’re good at, too. Like nonviolent resistance.

This guy is delusional. Just because MLK preached non-violence doesn’t mean that blacks as a whole are non-violent. Look at crime stats from anywhere in the world.

After all this time, black people have very rarely used violence as a means to achieve their ends, to try to secure the rights and freedoms white America guards so jealously.

Is this guy living in the same America as I am?

In just the past year or so, unarmed black folks have been assaulted or killed for holding toy guns

Go ahead and pick out the real one, then do it from a distance when you get a phone call that there is a kid walking around while waving a gun.

being suspected of selling loose cigarettes

He died due to asthma, obesity, and heart disease, that’s why he couldn’t breathe; he was 350 pounds. He also did not comply with the officers’ orders, which is why he needed to be taken down in such a fashion.

listening to music at a gas station

Dunn did say that Davis said he was going to kill him with a shotgun and that’s when he grabbed his gun out of his glove box.

asking for help after a car accident

Freak accidents happen that get blown up? Damn, that proves whites are more violent huh!?!?

wearing hoodies

Yea, people still believe that Trayvon got killed for ‘wearing a hoody’. We have jurys for a reason. We have trials for a reason. We have laws like Stand Your Ground for a reason. Trayvon was killed because if Zimmerman hadn’t of protected his life, he would be dead. All of these people complaining about the verdict, if you were put into that same situation, would you allow yourself to be killed for fear of being called ‘racist’?

wearing bikinis

Listen to police when they tell you to do something. Especially during an investigation. This shouldn’t even need to be said.


1) The Baltimore Six are going to get off for it. They caused no harm. 2) He threw himself around in the back of the van causing his own death.

and now just going to church!

Right. They were killed just for going to Church. eyeroll

And the response from the black community has been pretty darn nonviolent. Yeah there’s been some shouting and looting, but very little beating or killing.

‘Pretty darn non-violent. Which is why immediately after, blacks began false flagging Church burnings in an attempt to pin them on whites. So ‘peaceful’, right?

White folks, can you imagine having to undergo such indignity on a daily basis and NOT responding in kind!?

Can’t tell if serious. Just recently, a beta Trump supporter was thrown down on the ground by a ‘young black male’ and did not retaliate.

No wonder a blonde white girl from a Christian fundamentalist home darkened her skin, curled her hair and tried to pass as black! Sometimes – often really – it’s darn embarrassing to be white! Black folks have the moral high ground.

Because Dolezal is a moron.  Blacks have the moral high ground? Please show me where this occurs.

Somehow they live in an American society that heaps hatred on their every move and they respond with dignity and perseverance.

There’s no reason at all for this right? Just good old fashioned ‘racism’?

So why are black people so nonviolent?

They aren’t. See the whole of sub-Saharan Africa to see how ‘non-violent’ they are.

Damned if I know! But I wish us white folks would take a lesson from them.

Yes!! The white man has tons to learn from the criminal black man! Much to learn about taking welfare and not working!!

Blacks have 2.5 to 4.9 percent higher testosterone than whites, which is causes more violence and crime. Beaver (2014) states that blacks who have the MAOA-L 2 repeat allele have significantly highier chances of being shot, stabbed or reporting shootings and stabbings than other genotypes. Blacks also have the highest rate of the 3 repeat allele (53 percent compared to 37 percent for whites) and 2 repeat allele (5 percent compared to .1 percent for whites). Moreover, he didn’t speak about how black violent crime is genetic in nature. This is mirrored in the crime rate and how violent blacks really are.

This is the age of the Internet where we have amassed tons of human knowledge which is readily available with a few hits of a few buttons. If people still want to be ignorant spewing falsities, it’s on them. But the truth is out there for those who seek it.

Blacks are not ‘non-violent’. Go to the nearest ghetto and see how ‘non-violent’ blacks are.



  1. quisp65 says:

    If my memory is right…Japanese also have high testosterone too but don’t have the noted aggression. This makes me think it’s a combination of factors with hormones.


    • RaceRealist says:

      If Japanese had higher testosterone they would have higher rates of prostate cancer, however, the level of prostate cancer acquisition is lower than for other countries. Blacks have a higher chance to get prostate cancer due to higher average testosterone.

      Of course it’s not just testosterone that causes crime, but average testosterone levels show how likely a group is to commit crime.

      Who do Japanese have higher testosterone than? We would see this manifest itself in other factors if the Japanese really had higher average testosterone.


    • quisp65 says:

      To refresh my memory… I went and looked up a response I got back when I made a similar claim about testosterone and aggression. I have since changed my claim and just state a differences in hormones could be the cause for differences in temperament and thus aggression between populations and don’t get specific about testosterone. I’m not that studious and haven’t really researched it much, I’m just providing the link for HBD refinement and to learn 🙂

      Click to access ethnic-testosterone1.pdf


    • RaceRealist says:

      Thanks for the link. That is a great pdf.

      Of course how the races fall on r and K traits matter as well. Also keep in mind that peoples with higher intelligence are able to hold back their urges better than lower intelligence people.

      The r and K selection theory explains this. K selected peoples are more intelligent and r selected less intelligent. They they have differing reproductive strategies, as well as differing ways of child rearing (r selected more kids less attention, K selected less kids more attention).

      As shown in the link at the end of my article, those with higher testosterone are more likely to commit violent crimes as well as sex crimes than those with testosterone. The same holds true for men with higher and lower intelligence in the prison system and how many disciplinary infractions they get. It’s all predictable with testosterone levels.

      I’m not that studious and haven’t really researched it much, I’m just providing the link for HBD refinement and to learn

      I have some good information here. Check my blog roll too. This is very interesting research. I want to understand how and why we are the way we are. Evolution is a fascinating concept and I want to understand it more in regards to Homo Sapiens.

      If you have any questions feel free to ask.


  2. L says:

    While this is an excellent debunking of an absurd posting, I suspect you were in a rush to write it and skipped the proofreading phase. PLEASE, don’t give idiots like this the opportunity to say “Ha, this guy can’t even use proper English so why should we listen to him?”. Yes, it’s an absurd logical fallacy, but it works. I would recommend taking some time to iron out the many little errors in spelling and grammar to make it more professional and thus more persuasive.


    • RaceRealist says:

      Thanks. Done. I thought I grabbed all of the errors. Always a favorite of mine when grammar and spelling mistakes get pointed out during discussion, because they’re meaningless. The data is what matters, as you know and that’s what I would say.


  3. M1ch says:

    “Always a favorite of mine when grammar and spelling mistakes get pointed out during discussion, because they’re meaningless. The data is what matters, as you know and that’s what I would say.”

    If you like the times when our civilization was in its heyday, you have certainly noticed their worship of form, and how their writing was leagues above today’s.
    Form and content are the two halves of meaning, and if there is something which mirrors the results of the last 100 or 150 dysgenic years is how the writing of scholars has changed.


    • RaceRealist says:

      I agree with you. But spelling mistakes on a blog can be changed in a few minutes.

      Great observation. That’s another tell that intelligence has dropped.


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