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Why Are People Afraid of Testosterone?

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The answer to the question of why people are afraid of testosterone is very simple: they do not understand the hormone. People complain about birth rates and spermatogenesis, yet they believe that having high testosterone makes one a ‘savage’ who ‘cannot control their impulses’. However, if you knew anything about the hormone and how it’s vital to normal functioning then you would not say that.

I’ve covered why testosterone does not cause crime by looking at the diurnal variation in the hormone, showing that testosterone levels are highest at 8 am and lowest at 8 pm, while children commit the most crimes at 3 pm and adults at 10 pm. The diurnal variation is key: if testosterone truly did cause crime then rates of crime would be higher in both children and adults in the morning; yet, as can be seen with children, there are increases in amounts of violence committed when they enter school, go to recess, and exit school. This shows why those times are related to the spike in crime in children.

I have wrote a previous article citing a paper by Book et al (2001) in which they meta-analyzed testosterone studies and found that the correlation between testosterone and aggression was .14. However, that estimate is too high since they included 15 studies that should have not been included in the analysis. The true correlation is .08 (Archer, Graham-Kevan, and Davies, 2004). So, clearly, along with the fact that the diurnal variation in testosterone does not correlate with crime spikes, it shows that testosterone has no relationship to the cause of crime; it’s just always at the scene because it prepares the body to deal with a threat. That does not mean that testosterone itself causes crime.

One main reason people fear testosterone and believe that it causes crime and by extension aggressive behavior is because of racial crime disparities. According to the FBI, black Americans by and large commit the most crime, despite being 13 percent of the US population. And since it has been reported that blacks have higher levels of testosterone (Ross et al, 1986; Lynn, 1992; Rushton, 1997; Ellis, 2017), people believe that the supposed higher levels of testosterone that blacks, on average, have circulating in their blood is the ultimate cause of the crime disparities in America between races. Though see above to see why this is not the ultimate cause.

Blacks, contrary to popular belief, don’t have higher levels of testosterone (Gasper et al, 2006; Rohrrman et al, 2007; Lopez et al, 2013; Richard et al, 2014). Even if they did have higher levels, say the 13 percent that is often cited, it would not be the cause of higher rates of crime, nor the cause of higher rates of prostate cancer in blacks compared to whites. What does cause part of the crime differential, in my opinion, is honor culture (Mazur, 2016). The blacks-have-higher-testosterone canard was pushed by Rushton and Lynn to explain both higher rates of prostate cancer and crime in black Americans, however I have shown that high levels of testosterone do not cause prostate cancer (Stattin et al, 2003; Michaud, Billups, and Partin, 2015). Looking to testosterone as a ‘master switch’ as Rushton called it is the wrong thing to research because, clearly, the theories of Lynn, Rushton, and Ellis have been rebutted.

People are scared of testosterone because they do not understand the hormone. Indeed, people complain about lower birth rates and lower sperm counts, yet believe that having high testosterone will cause one to be a high T savage. This is seen in the misconception that injecting anabolic steroids causes higher levels of aggression. One study looked at the criminal histories of men who self-reported drug use and steroid use Lundholm et al (2014) who conclude: “We found a strong association between self-reported lifetime AAS use and violent offending in a population-based sample of more than 10,000 men aged 20-47 years. However, the association decreased substantially and lost statistical significance after adjusting for other substance abuse. This supports the notion that AAS use in the general population occurs as a component of polysubstance abuse, but argues against its purported role as a primary risk factor for interpersonal violence. Further, adjusting for potential individual-level confounders initially attenuated the association, but did not contribute to any substantial change after controlling for polysubstance abuse.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) writes: “In summary, the extent to which steroid abuse contributes to violence and behavioral disorders is unknown. As with the health complications of steroid abuse, the prevalence of extreme cases of violence and behavioral disorders seems to be low, but it may be underreported or underrecognized.” We don’t know whether steroids cause aggression or more aggressive athletes are more likely to use the substance (Freberg, 2009: 424). Clearly, the claims of steroids causing aggressive behavior and crime are overblown and there has yet to be a scientific consensus on the matter. A great documentary on the matter is Bigger, Stronger, Faster, which goes through the myths of testosterone while chronicling the use of illicit drugs in bodybuilding and powerlifting.

People are scared of the hormone testosterone—and by extent anabolic steroids—because they believe the myths of the hulking, high T aggressive man that will fight at the drop of the hat. However, reality is much more nuanced than this simple view and psychosocial factors must also be taken into account. Testosterone is not the ‘master switch’ for crime, nor prostate cancer. This is very simply seen with the diurnal variation of the hormone as well as the peak hours for crime in adolescent and adult populations. The extremely low correlation with aggression and testosterone (.08) shows that aggression is mediated by numerous other variables other than testosterone, and that testosterone alone does not cause aggression, and by extension crime.

People fear things they don’t understand and if people were to truly understand the hormone, I’m sure that these myths pushed by people who are scared of the hormone will no longer persist. Low levels of testosterone are part of the cause of our fertility problems in the West. So does it seem logical to imply that high testosterone is for ‘savages’, when, clearly, high levels of testosterone are needed for spermatogenesis which, in turn, would mean a higher birth rate? Anyone who believes that testosterone causes aggression and crime and that the injection of anabolic steroids causes ‘roid rage’ should do some reading on how the production of the hormone in the body as well as the literature on anabolic steroids. If one wants birth rates to increase in the West, then they must also want testosterone levels to increase as well, since they are intimately linked.

Testosterone does not cause crime and there is no reason to fear the hormone.



  1. EvolutionistX says:

    For that matter, there are probably a lot of people who would benefit from testosterone therapy but are being told they don’t need it because doctors have defined “normal” too low.


    • RaceRealist says:

      Well if people are showing signs of low testosterone like low energy, difficulty getting and maintaining an erection, trouble orgasming, genital numbness, testicular shrinkage, low sperm volume, irritability, hair loss, loss of muscle mass, increased body fat, decreased bone mass, mood changes, and drastic changes in cholesterol metabolism, they will be administered TRT (testosterone replacement therapy).

      Doctors themselves didn’t lower the range, that was the range seen in a large sample. This is, in my opinion, caused by higher obesity rates in the West due to higher rates of obesity. Low carb diets increase testosterone due to the higher saturated fat content due to increased fat consumption, while Western diets (high carb diets) decrease testosterone (Silva, 2014).

      Numerous people can benefit from TRT, and if they show the symptoms then they will get it, no matter if their levels are out of the new lower range which is due to increased obesity rates or not.


  2. Name says:

    Have you ever went on a farm? Castrating bulls was done since ever here, and I remember since little the answer my father gave me when I asked him why: Low testosterone make the male fat, soft, scared, weak, controllable, they don’t jump on cows to mate, they don’t fight among themselves, they are nothing.
    It’s just like one of the meanings of the word Goyim.
    It’s extremely important for the establishment to keep lowering the bar, to keep normalizing low testosterone, to keep demonizing it, to keep castrating the bulls.


    • RaceRealist says:

      It’s extremely important for the establishment to keep lowering the bar

      The “establishment” didn’t “lower the bar”, the bar lowered due to differing lifestyle changes in the American population. Another reason is because, in my opinion, American men haven’t been as dominant and so testosterone has decreased due to that. The environment strongly influences testosterone and other hormonal variables.

      It’s not about “normalizing low testosterone”, the new study people are (wrongly) freaking out about was very sound. I covered it in this article (also read my article on lowered sperm count in the West). Give it a read and get back to me because the fear mongering over the comparison between then 2017 study and 2012 study is a joke and shows that people don’t know how to read scientific papers.


    • Name says:

      You rule out completely what modernity, and modern lifestyle consequently, entails. Who’s pushing it?
      People will blindly follow what the establishment tells them.
      Let them ingest phytoestrogens, use plastic everywhere and get their senses numbed by overingesting carbohydrates, let them apply oestrogenic products in their skin, get less under the sun in closed cubicles and sleep little.
      Then call it normal and have bloggers defend it.


    • RaceRealist says:

      You rule out completely what modernity, and modern lifestyle consequently, entails. Who’s pushing it?

      I literally just said that modernity is the cause of the testosterone decrease. There are no “genes for” testosterone. It’s indirectly produced by DNA. Who’s pushing it? Jews? The government?

      Let them ingest phytoestrogens, use plastic everywhere

      From Saladin (2010):

      The pollutants implicated in this trend include a wide array of common herbicides, inseciticides, industrial chemicals, and breakdown products of materials ranging from plastics to dishwashing detergents. Some authorities think these chemicals act by mimicking estrogens by blocking the action of testosterone by binding to its receptors. Other scientists, however, question the data and feel the issue may be overstated. While the debate continues, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is screening thousands of industrial chemicals for endocrine effects.

      It’s not conclusive yet, so to draw broad generalizations about those chemicals in the endocrine system, that’s not warranted.

      senses numbed by overingesting carbohydrates

      This lowers testosterone (see above reference in my other comment).

      let them apply oestrogenic products in their skin, get less under the sun in closed cubicles and sleep little.

      So you agree this is largely environmental. Good. But there is scant evidence that phytoestrogens and the like disrupt the endocrine system and bind to our receptors causing a decrease in the hormone. That’s currently being studied. Less vitamin D production does lower test, as does getting little sleep. These things are things that American men can easily change.

      Then call it normal and have bloggers defend it.

      It is the “new normal” because that’s what they saw in their sample. That’s not too hard to grasp. As I said above, even if your testosterone levels are low, like in the new study, and you show the symptoms you’ll get TRT. I “defend it” because I know what I’m talking about here, you can’t toss away results you don’t like. You should take your time to read the old reference ranges, because the objections brought up by ignorant people that have no idea what they’re talking about make no sense with the sample of men in the old reference sample (Bhasin et al, 2011) and read my article covering the new study.

      I understand the hormone testosterone, do you? Do you understand its production?

      1) DNA codes for mRNA; 2) mRNA codes for the synthesis of an enzyme in the cytoplasm; 3) luteinizing hormone stimulates the production of another messenger in the cell when testosterone is needed; 4) this second messenger activates the enzyme; 5) the enzyme then converts cholesterol to testosterone (Leydig cells produce testosterone in the presence of luteinizing hormone).


  3. Kat says:

    I noticed you asking about french army surgeon’s identity. Here is a copy & paste from my evernote clippings.

    As I’ve pointed out before, rather than representing any “averaging” of “the ethnographic data”, these numbers appear to be drawn directly from a single 19th-century book, supposedly containing the observations of a lone “French Army Surgeon” [11]. Detractors of Rushton at one point dismissed this book as “nineteenth-century anthroporn”. As it turns out, they were probably more right than they knew (on this point, if not necessarily on much else). The pseudonymous French author “Jacobus X” seems to have been not a surgeon but a lawyer (Louis Jacolliot, who was apparently more prominent as an occult fantasist) and the English publisher, Charles Carrington, was in fact a literal pornographer. So Untrodden fields of anthropology is not a credible source even as concerns one observer.

    There is more proof in historical race literature and newspaper clippings. 1) From the 1800s until Rushton, there was much discussion about Mongoloid cranial sizes but none on genital sizes. Zero. 2) There was however much kerfuffle on young (Anglo) white girls choosing Chinese men in UK, Australia, and the United States. Whereas black men were feared for raping white women, Asian men were feared because young, pretty, white girls married and had children with them.


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